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“If you’re gonna hit it, hit it until it breaks..”

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Summary: What happens when Yoongi’s muse gets taken away from him?

Genre: Smut/Fluff/Slight angst

Word Count: 4089

WARNING: SMUT. AND MIN YOONGI OFC bc he needs a warning of his own.

A/N: This is my… uhh—3rd fic of the series, so we’re halfway through? anyway, hope you like it guys and happy 3rd anniversary ofc. I’d like to thank my sweet and lovable Hydrangea, a brilliant beta reader and dear close friend ♥. If you liked it let me know ;)

“Yoongi, I got a boyfriend!”, you exclaim cheerfully unaware of Yoongi’s reaction at the other side of the call.

“Oh”, he felt how the air left his lungs and the pen that was now motionless between his fingers, “that’s.. that’s nice, I guess”, he said in a leveled voice, not giving away the sad feeling that was now crippling it’s way through his heart. You didn’t noticed though, rambling on and on about your new little boyfriend that Yoongi was slowly starting to hate.

Yoongi was a man of few words and you liked to talk a lot, he liked to photograph stuff and certain people, you were one of them, he loved to make music and you loved to hear him babbling about it and definitely hear it. So why weren’t you together?

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Happy One Year Anniversary Jurassic World! 

Well holy crap… it’s been a year already? Hunh! Go fig. Been havin’ so much fun I didn’t even notice~ Thanks~ How ‘bout we celebrate with a treat~? ♥♥♥

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HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSAY, YOU BIG BUTTHEAD! And thank you so very very much to all our followers! I can’t believe we’ve come this far in just a year. 916 followers in just a year! Amazing! Thank you thank you all so much! Enjoy the celebratory… cake. Yes.


So who wants to blow that out~? Hehehehe ♥ ))


I don’t know about you, but today is the day I choose to observe that most surprising date, Flatember the fourth.

Happy Flatember the fourth everyone!

Now I just have to wait for 8 B.C. to roll around again…

(originally posted on Flatember the fourth 2013)

Confused didn’t come close to how Fenris felt when Hawke knocked on their door at 3 in the morning. “Fenris! I had to look everywhere for this, so sorry about the time.” He raised an eyebrow. Realising how lost their lover was, Hawke reached into their bag and pulled a potted plant out, giving it to him.

The cacti were a bright green that matched Fenris’s eyes, and atop each head were vibrant little flowers. “I got them for you, dear. They remind me of you,” Hawke confessed. Fenris heaved out a sigh before allowing himself to grin as he remembered what day it was. “Happy anniversary, dear.“

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Sorry if this sounds stupid, but can you explain what “weep for Pilfrey” means? Is is something to do with Gallifrey?

(as asked by peixiaa yesterday)

I have to ask, is this question from Gallifrey?  Because it is perfectly timed!  The last time I posted this scene was *exactly* one year ago today, only now I have much better gifs.

WEEP FOR PILFREY is just Pilfrey being himself.  His totally normal self!  Which actually when I think about it doesn’t entirely preclude him being a space alien – in fact it may be the only logical explanation for him – but I have to admit that is an interpretation that requires some let’s say imaginative extrapolation from the subtext of a show that on the surface at least is about GPs in Wimbledon.

Really though, probably the best and only way to actually understand Pilfrey is to see him in action in Fortysomething.  You can start with episode 1, or you can go right to episode 3 if you want to see to see Pilfrey reach (and then immediately fall off of) the very summit of his utter Pilfreyness.

I can honestly say episode 3 will either explain everything or it will explain nothing.  Pilfrey is like that.