A Special Day

A trail of roses. 

Odd, he thought, as he walked out of his music room and into the hallway. A littering of roses, lying haphazardly in his path as they led to another room further up the corridor. Red the colour of dark crimson blood, but not only that, white, as soft as the snow Erik saw in the cemetery only days before. Amused, he decided to follow the roses, picking his steps carefully so that he wouldn’t crush any of the soft petals underfoot. They led to the door of the dining room. 

Softly opening the door, Erik peeked in and any breath that he had in him at that moment quickly escaped from his mouth. The table, which normally remained bare bar from the silver candelabra dripping with wax, had been laid. A crisp, white table cloth had been adorned and in the centre in a crystal vase sat more roses. The yellowed candles were alight, and there by the head of the table, was Christine, fussing around with the placement of some cutlery. 

“My love?” Erik said, making Christine jump at his sudden voice. She looked up and smiled, drifting over to wrap her arms around him. He returned the embrace before pulling away and gestured to the table. “What on earth is this?” Christine looked over her shoulder, still smiling.

“Well… Today is the day that we were married three years ago… And you’ve already treated me today so this is my gift to you. I made us dinner!” She laughed then, a delicate little thing, and squeezed his arms, “I hope you like it. I almost burnt the biscuits earlier when you… distracted me.” Erik had the decency to blush at the last comment which only made her laugh more.

“I had no idea…” Christine led him to his seat and bade him to sit down.

“You know, for someone who is so very clever, you can be quite obtuse.” Erik shrugged, fingering the silver cutlery that gleamed like phosphorescent pearls in the light.

“It’s wonderful.” He murmured, his throat thick as he still got a little choked from gifts of love such as this. Christine, knowing her husband well, knew what was going through his mind and kissed him on his forehead. The mask was never worn in her presence and remained in a box in their bedroom for safekeeping.

“I would give you the whole world on a plate if I could, but I’m afraid dinner will have to suffice.” 

“You already have.” Erik smiled, placing a hand on his wife’s stomach, marvelling that soon a creation of them both would soon be in this world. Christine smiled sweetly at that and laid her hand atop of his.

“To many more years of us against the world. You, me and… The baby.” He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her knuckles.

“I cannot wait.” 


My first yoi fanart ^__^ It’s been exactly one year since I drew Yura and Victor for the very first time. They look so strange for me now, lol xD 

The trailer of the anime impressed me so much… and so early! It’s like I already knew somehow that I would love it! Though I couldn’t imagine how strong this love would be <3 

P.S. I didn’t mean these two pictures to look like I was going to ship Victor and Yura. I just liked these jackets. And wanted to take them off, yeah. As I always do :D 

I just wanted to doodle a little thing for the Undertale anniversary ♫♪
Drawing so much UT characters made me nostalgic ♥ I’ll prolly replay the game a little.

This game bring me so much, and still bring me a lot. Thank you Toby Fox and everyone who made this game possible. o/