There’s only a handful of occasions where Dan gets all gussied up in an actual grown-up man suit, and one such occasion is a wedding!  

As it happens, this was Dan, three years ago at Suzy and Arin’s wedding, all dolled up and looking like a handsome handsome!


Remembering Maureen O’Hara on the first anniversary of her death.

(August 17th 1920 — October 24th 2015)

Above all else, deep in my soul, I’m a tough Irishwoman.” 


Had a lovely one year anniversary with my boyfriend yesterday. Neither of our bodies were behaving so it was tough to be active. But I threw on some comfy clothes and we went to Longwood gardens which was gorgeous. It was such an amazing display of fall beauty. After, we made an amazing dinner of steak, fingerling potatoes, and fresh mushrooms. I made adorable carrot cake cupcakes for dessert. It was a special day that fit us as a couple so well. I can’t believe how lucky I am to find such an amazing partner. 💚💚


Why Do YOU Love Red and Kitty?

Response from @those70scomics / @thestupidhelmet

Thank You so much for your response and for the incredible and amazing support you’ve given me and this blog right from the very beginning! *many, many, many hugs*

Celebrating one year of that70sshowgoldencouple, send in your reasons here

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Are you going to make another set of drawings put to music like you did for the 23rd and 24th anniversary? They were lovely and I'm sure everyone would love to see more.

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Ya bet I’m gonna do another one >:] I started the storyboard this summer though the final product will most likely be ready only next year! For the last panels I wanted to put some Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017 material and since those games are yet to be released…so will be this songcomic XD I made a tiny one about PS2017 so to fill this year somehow.

And thank you very much anon!;u; <3

1st Anniversary!

Hello everyone!
I’m a bit ashamed to say I’ve missed the blog’s first anniversary which was on 16th ^^’ There’s so much I want to say but I’ll try to keep it short.

This whole project was just a fun ‘imagine if’ in late 2012. EXO’s superpowers were begging for a game and we thought, action RPG with elements of hack n slash would be perfect. The thoughts kept coming back till first concepts about the character division, countries and roles were made in summer 2013. Then many conincidences such as this one happened and it was pretty clear me and my sister are haunted by all of this and there’s no escape.

2014 wasn’t an ideal year in many ways and we were a little bit shaken by the number of EXO’s members decreasing. Not only by the fact that it was happening but it also had impact on this project - all 12 members are needed to create the perfect balance.

2015 wasn’t much better with continual unfortunate events and also with a change in EXO’s concepts. But even so it was still there - the Pathcodes, the side tracks, the concerts… And we thought, we can’t give up just yet!

So here we are. It’s just the start but we’ve already come a long way - forming an amazing team, making a system for communication and organization, preparing all concepts to be actually executable, dipped our toes into something we’ve never done and always dreamed about. Learning everything along the way is indeed an adventure and we’ve come too far to turn back.

I want to thank everyone - all the precious team members and those of you who support and follow us. Thank you so much, you are the absolutely best!

Yay, I Finally Got The New 3DS XL New Galaxy Style & The New Gold Pikachu Hard Cover Case! 💜 They Both Look Really Amazing Together!😍 I’m So Ready For Pokémon Sun & Moon! I Can’t Wait! 😊

Jennifer Connelly Reminisces Further About David Bowie

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More reminiscences from Jennifer Connelly:

““[Bowie] was so kind to everyone who worked on that movie,” she recalls, her blue-grey eyes glistening. “He set such a wonderful example for me. He became a hero of mine.”

She also happens to be a huge fan of his music. “We play this game in our house called the Blind Test where we play a little bit of music and the first person to guess the artist (wins),” she says.

“My daughter, who is 5, likes to play, but the only two artists that she knows are Damon Albarn and David Bowie. Just to show you how much we actually still listen to David Bowie.””

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