“Are you FUCKING kidding me?”

Wow. It’s like Bucky is narrating Clint’s internal monologue. He finally conquered the Dog Cops season finale just as the sun was coming up, and now whatever the fuck the yardarm is the sun is for certain not over it and Clint’s being woken by a shrieking assassin. He groans and considers burying his head under the pillow, but Bucky’s swearing is getting progressively more distressed, and for reasons beyond him Clint kind of cares about that.

He rolls over, blinks up at the ceiling for a second, blindly fumbles for his aids and blearily hooks them in. Then he flops onto his side, places a supportive hand on Bucky’s knee, and aims his sleepy groan in the vague direction of sympathetic.

“I told ‘em Hawkeye,” Bucky says, shaking his tablet angrily but belied by the disappointment in his tone. “How did they fuck up this bad?”

Clint caterpillar wriggles up against the pillows, blinks until the screen comes into focus.

CUPID’S ARROW THAWS WINTER SOLDIER! The headline screams, and under that is a picture of - oh, shit - of Bucky laughing with Katie.

Clint snorts, somewhere messy between hysterical and appalled, and claps a hand over his eyes like anything less than brain bleach will work at this point.

“Shit, Clint,” Bucky says, “I’m sorry, I thought we could finally wear our rings out, I didn’t mean to -”

“This is the best thing I have ever seen,” Clint says, still half muffled under his hand, “holy fuck I can’t wait to tell our future kids.”

“Our -?” Bucky’s voice is kinda faint, and when Clint finally lowers his hand, his gobsmacked face matches it.

“Like we’re not gonna,” Clint says.

“Our -?” Bucky repeats, still kinda lost, but this time with a slow dawning smile.

“Happy anniversary,” Clint says, “best anniversary present ever.” And maybe the kiss he presses to Bucky’s lips is a little distracted, what with picturing the look on Katie-Kate’s face when she sees this shit, but he’s got a lifetime to improve on it.


This time last year…
didn’t we to 100 % know how things would turn out. The feeling that this day last year could have been our last anniversary together did most likely hurt more than just me. But those few words Yoseob said “ Don’t worry, we won’t break” somehow made me sure that they wanted to make this journey together, and they did it. They didn’t break.

These five boys made something not many groups actually have done. With a brave, wise and strong heart and mind, did they create their own Around US entertainment. With their teamwork and friendship are they now standing here still together, together with us, and I’m so so thankful.
I love these boys so much. How professional they are, and still so young at heart and being so kindhearted in everything they do, is more than inspiring.

I would like to say, thank you. Thank you boys for fighting and not giving up. But also to us, the fans, thank you guys for believing. We all have been so so strong. Both us and the boys.

Thanks to our burning lionhearts and strong bond, are we here today, as Highlight and Lights, to celebrate 8 years. Happy anniversary, our amazing kings ♥