anniversaire !

Just so everyone knows, on this day 10 years ago (Jan 11 2007) JK Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Take a minute and appreciate how far we’ve come!

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I was expecting to get an “Always” gif and this popped up instead so here you go.

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JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE ICY!! Passe une excellente journée 😘 (sorry about the french Nora but.. It's for Icy. Also I agree they should reveal themselves)


some really cool fun facts about fma:b french dub that i wanna share:

- roy has a very, very emotional voice actor which is, to be fair, very apt

- pinako rockbell calls ed frequently “Mon garçon” which can be translated to, “My son” (ep. 20 in particular)

- when havoc and mustang lit lust on fire (just before havoc gets fricking impaled by lust) by throwing havoc’s lighter into the room, havoc yells: ”Bon anniversaire” which means “Happy Birthday” and god i had to pause bc what a sick burn man

- al calls ed “Frérot” which means “Little/Small brother”???!!! this is SO COOL, bc ed goes w it and this fits them so well

- i want to thank lin yao’s voice actor who can go from a sneaky little shit to Intense/Sombre Deluxe, imma post an audio if tumblr lets me

- in ep. 21. roy says to riza: “comme mon séconde, garde la tête froide” which can be translated to “as my second, you have to keep your head cool” which implies that a) roy is super!conscious of being a sentimental hothead in intense situations b) as :))) my :)))) second :)))))))))

Garçon manqué // Tomboy

« Oui je joue mon dernier jour de petite fille…
Et pour mon anniversaire
On me donnera demain un beau sabre de corsaire
Une boîte de Meccano
Un vrai camion de pompiers, une tenue de Zorro
Des soldats d'Napoléon
Adieu les sales poupées, les jupes et les jupons !
La perpétuelle punition, la cruelle contrefaçon,
L'erreur de fabrication ! »

(“Garçon manqué”, Juliette)