October 17: The heroic operation

Following the assassination of General Secretary Comrade Abu Ali Mustafa on August 29, 2001, the fighters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine sought an effective and daring response. The response decided upon was difficult and full of danger, but the fighters had a strong will in their hearts and a dedication and willingness to sacrifice for Abu Ali Mustafa and the Palestinian revolution.

Yesterday, on December 18th 2014, it’s been exactly 10 years since I wore my first cosplay costume.

It’s crazy how quickly time passes by, how many costumes I made within these ten years, how many amazing people I met and how many even more amazing friends I have found.

Cosplay is a great hobby and art form and I would recommend everybody who loves being creative to engage in it. Many thanks to all the people in these pictures I got to cosplay with and - of course - twice as many thanks to all the photographers who took and edited this pictures of me! Cosplay wouldn’t be the same without you!

Now onwards to the next 10 years!

IT’S 12 AM!
Today is the 1st anniversary of elsword-confessions!
When first making this blog, I didn’t think I’d get this far.
Each of the mods here work hard on the confessions we get everyday, with breaks inbetween. We get so many over the week that I can’t imagine running this alone.
I love our small team of mods very much, and thank them for working hard when they can!
We also have over 2,000 of you following this blog! Thank you for following us. We wouldn’t be here without you all. After all, you all are the ones submitting the confessions we do.

This whole post is a big thank you. I love being apart of this blog and hope for many more memories with this blog.

Thank you all.


November 7-9, 1917: Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies

On October 25 [November 7], 1917, soldiers and workers were storming the Winter Palace, renouncing the Provisional Government that for eight months had not met their demands of an immediate end to the war and nationalisation of the land. The government had been broken apart once already in April, and reformed into a Dual power. This coupling was unable to advance the demands of the masses, but only tied itself up into bureaucratic dead-lock. In July the masses swelled again pressing their demands for peace and land, this time not finding any “compromise”, but bullets, mass arrests and deporations. On October 24, 1917, the masses took to the streets again, under the leadership of the Bolshevik party, and resolved not to give up until victory was one.

Throughout the day of October 25, Lenin was in the streets and barracks directing the revolutionary forces. The Second Congress of Soviets had been convened by the Petrograd Central Excecutive Committee, and initial cuacases were going on throughout the day; though without the Bolsheviks present: they were on the streets. By nightfall however, Delegates swarmed into the Smolny Institute, and the Congress saw the tide rise to an overwhelming majority of boisterous and sweating Bolsheviks; elected to the Congress by Soviets throughout the country. Minority leaders took the floor first, putting forward plans of concilliation and backpedalling of the revolutionary tide, explaining that the masses ought to lay down their weapons and plaqards, and enter into negotiations with the Provisional Government. The Congress hall, packed with men and women in every place conceivable, let up an enourmous roar at the suggestion: it was time for power to go into the hands of the Soviets, into the hands of the people.

“Lenin, whom the Congress has not yet seen, is given the floor for a report on peace. His appearance in the tribune evokes a tumultuous greeting. The trench delegates gaze with all their eyes at this mysterious being whom they had been taught to hate and whom they have learned without seeing him to love.

"Now Lenin, gripping the edges of the reading-stand, let little winking eyes travel over the crowd as he stood there waiting, apparently oblivious to the long-rolling ovation, which lasted several minutes. When it finished, he said simply, ‘We shall now proceed to construct the socialist order.’”


Record label, radio show and global music platform, Soulection, celebrates 2 years of life! Partnering LA’s own Mochilla, this 2 year celebration will showcase 18+ Soulection artists and affiliates as well as some of LA’s top forward thinking music makers for 8 hours straight in the heart of the LA’s east side.

• $10 limited presales
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• $20 after 11 pm during the event

Presales available at:

Soulection’s All-Star Lineup

Flaunt Edwards
Joe Kay
Andre Power
Yung Satan
Sasha Marie

Evening Host: AZUL 213*

Sound system provided by Turbosound

21 & Wiser | Doors open at 8 pm
**Early arrival suggested (Music starts at 8 pm)

106 N. Ave 56
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Google Maps:


Plenty of free parking

34 and Now

Thirty four years ago, I imagined her to be as held together as the droplets of rain splatting against my window. Anxiety ridden, pacing the floor with heavy breaths containing endless doubts and insecurities.  In iridescent white, her gown would graze the floor, collecting heaven’s tears between their fibers. 

How could she be so sure? 

Their love was easy, but life was complicated. And she was complicated. They’ve lived countless miles apart for five years.

To be away from the one you love feels like being hollowed out with a melon baler, leaving room for nothing new. The worst part about being empty is the inability to replace hollowness with something equally as meaningful. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder. In fact, absence made her heart grow weak and gnarled, molding itself into different shapes to wrench out the last drops of love she had received from him. Even her heart could not remember all the livid details of their short time together, but absence made it possible for her to hunger for more. 

So there she was, walking to down the isle with the energy of a storm empowering her. At the front, they exchanged vows. A heavy downpour ensued, drops tumbling fiercely to kiss the parched earth. 

 It was raining today, just like the day they got married. But thunder has since subsided to peaceful night, mirrored perhaps, of the feeling she had after saying, “I do”. 

Between 34 and now, lots have changed. Maybe my version of my parents’ wedding was a bit…dramatized. But between 34 and now  that relief still lives on. And I know she is reminded of that sweet release every time it rains.