Majisuka Gakuen 3: Majisuka Prison Fanfiction

Annin x Nobunaga (Iriyama Anna x Matsui Jurina)

A/N: This is the second installment of my AnninNaga drabbles so humor me for a while. I think they’re a bit OOC for this one but I tried.=) My AnninNaga feels are on overdrive. GOD. 


She ran past the rows of pine trees and oaks deep into the forest, where no one else could hear and no else could see. Dancing shadows from outstretched branches obscured the sun that only fractures of light seeped through the dome of leaves. Dusk was falling; her feet guided her as if by instinct toward the heart of the woods. When all her breath was spent and her knees about to give in, she stopped, gasping for air. Her slender fingers traced the creases on the decaying trunk.

Is she running in vain? 

How much longer should she chase that back?

“Today’s the day.” She murmured barely audible, eyes sharpening at the sight of her sought ‘prey’. The tall figure cloaked in animal fur was merely a few meters ahead from where she stood behind the acacia. Annin took light, almost soundless steps forward, hands fisting on each of her side. No matter how much she tried to calm herself, to reason with her anxiety and revert back to the cold-blooded fighter she was supposed to be…her heart was beating wildly.

She sighed deeply, closing her eyes in the attempt to drown out the heartbeat almost choking her breath. We settle this…now. Adrenaline spiked up the highest she could ever remember to feel. But before she could even utter a word or gain footing for a fighting stance, the figure turned to her as if already knowledgeable of her presence long before.

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~ “Slam your lips into mine, not your fists.” ~

So for this week’s Maji Friday…we have more art /o/

Last Wednesday on twitter, 48andtheconceptofbreathing decided to randomly shower me with a arsenal of one-line mjsk3 tweet fics. I told her I’d draw some of them out…no matter how craycray some of them were XD

Yup, so this was the first of many crappy sketch/coloured art thingies.

Anninnaga Happy Family Story #5 : Jovijovich-monkey

for the sake of my beloved readers, I’ll keep this trollfict trolling >.< If I found an idea, it just poping-up in my mind :D

After long time journey with SKE members, Nobu finally get back home to. However, suddenly Annin bragged her.

Annin :

Nobu, please explain me. How could this be?

Nobu :

Hey, calm down. What’s the matter? I just back from fukuoka, and I am tired now.

Annin :

I’ve read it. your blog. could you explain it?

Nobu :

Yes, That’s right. Somehow, I found interest in fukuoka, so, when she begged me. I just can’t say no.

Annin :

I should have known it early. she was renegaded me in mangoose.

Nobu :

What’s wrong?

Annin :

I fight paruru for team mangoose sake and for you too… I bet my life to make at least one of us to be top of majisuka.

but when we were not around, she renegaded us, took our members. created gui-gui senbatsu, and definitely, she is the center of it.

She make paruru escaped from majisuka, and took majisuka top without let us knowing it.


center- become majisuka top: Jovijovich-monkey

senbatsu member : two little hillarious jovijovich lil sister, mie, Abemari, shokkaku, sudachi, bunker, (rumor said that Oba daasu follow her too become gui-gui senbatsu), and the latest member is Nobunaga

Nobu :

So, what’s wrong if Jovijovich become majisuka top?

Annin :

the one who deserve to get it is me. you know how frustated I am to reach it?

Nobu :

Well, finally you get it, right? CENTER, you lemon-woman.*mock

Annin :

Stop eet, I hate it. I hate being lemon-woman. I need life, I need money. the 5000 yen you gave me is not sufficient enough. 

You know how hard my works to get it? but finally, Ohtapro and okamura give me the way. 

Nobu :

So, you seduced AKI-P to get it?

A! finally i know… It was you that AKI-P mailed me about having new secret lover next to me.

Annin :

I never do such dirty thing, you ramen girl!!!

Nobu :

Wait… Ramen girl. lolololol

I prefer to be witch instead that crappy hot ramen- girl.

Annin :

Majisuka top is important. someday paruru will come again and sure, she will come with the bigger power to take it.

Nobu :

LOL, I am witch. I can fight and defend majisuka with my hand. plus, I can  ask mayuyu too to fight together. 

I want to have more resting time, that’s why I am out to be Majisuka top. When she (monkey) come,  she is too cute. I support her.

I don’t know that you are still so obviously chasing majisuka top after we were living together.

Annin :

I tell you….

Paruru now is learning magic in mariko-witches school. She will have big magical power in next several months. that monkey have no power except making troll. she will easily defeated.

I don’t want paruru back.

in addition,  Majisuka top is mine. always.