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So for this week’s Maji Friday…we have more art /o/

Last Wednesday on twitter, 48andtheconceptofbreathing decided to randomly shower me with a arsenal of one-line mjsk3 tweet fics. I told her I’d draw some of them out…no matter how craycray some of them were XD

Yup, so this was the first of many crappy sketch/coloured art thingies.

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♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ *Annin x Nobunaga theme song starts playing* ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Annin: Oh shit! The Prison be playin’ our song. *gets up to look for Nobunaga*

*on the prowl*

Annin: NobuBB…where are you? I need to….release some tension. 

*hears lover calling*

*foreplay commence*

Nobu: …I’m totally feelin’ this song right now. *gameface*

Annin: Then how about we……





*back at Annin’s pad*

Annin: I’m ready….give me everything you’ve got.

Nobu: For you, I won’t hold back…




*uber-glittery passionate eye seks commence*






*2 hours later*

Annin: Shiiiiit…

Annin: ….I need a cigarette.



Guys…’s Sunday morning and my feels for these two are on overdrive. (krunchie! I’ve run out of lovely gifs ;___;)

I think they’re making me ♥ frustrated♥….I don’t even kno… OTL *heads off to write some AnninNaga smut*


ノブナガ+アンニン 【Undisclosed Desires】 (720P) #Nobuannin #ノブアンニン #Anninnaga #アンニンナガ #Mjsk3

Anninnaga Happy Family Story #3

after being depressed by her Papa’s behavior, Sakura feels that it’s impossible to change her Papa’s cheating vice.

So, she tried hard to admit it…

and received Mayuyu as her stepmother…

because Mayuyu actually has become Juju-Papa gf since high school- Long time before He met Mama Annin in the prison. Furthermore Juju and mayuyu are bond in magical-witch relationship, and it’s unbreakable.


“No matter what, I’ll love you papa…”

In another place…

Ranran: That rat…!

Anninnaga Happy Family Story #4 : The Ugly Truth

I am bored. >.<

just wanna making trolls again. lolololool

The story happened 14 years ago, When Acchan met her old friend in junior high school to commemorate their graduation. She found Yuko was pregnant *by unknown man. She asked Yuko about her child name.

years passed, Yuko’s daughter grown up. She loved her daughter so much. Still, she didn’t know who is the real father of her daughter.

yup, because Yuko worked in night club since she was young. she hide her real age there and has a lot of customer.

remember this?

OK, continue.

Then, she suddenly came. The long haired man  girl with pale white skin, using pink blazer with tartan skirt. He talked a much with Yuko. Yuko shared her private life that happened on her; her difficult condition, working in night club, being single parent, and must raise her only daughter.

“Ah, your life is very tough” said that pale girl.

“ You know, I’m always hoping to experience a real life. but it’s impossible for me”

“ Why not?” yuko said

“ Because I am imprisoned, in the dark deep prison of Majisuka

“ Gosh, what crime that you have made? and LOL. Why are you hanging around here?” asked Yuko

“ My crime is killing so many people heart by my kiss. I’m hanging around for stealing it from someone else. When I’m bored in the prison I’ll annoy everyone there and no one can’t stop me hitting them.  so, the warden allows me to go out sometimes…”

As meets with baloon, Yuko caught in deep fear. Suddenly she ran away from that girl and left her child behind. After that, she’s never come back.

So, That girl bring that child to the prison… there. She met with her dovey Annin and told her…


# How should I continue this story???

Anninnaga Happy Family Story #2

One day, Annin hung out with her friends: Ranran, Daasu (btw, they have out of the prison too) and some 12th gen members to cheer herself . When they were chatting *fangirling*, Annin started to loss her focus and made a weird movement. 

Ranran immediately recognized that Annin was being unusual lately. Her way was very different than when she life in the prison. So, as Annin’s ex-accomplice, she asked her…


Annin, Why do you look different nowadays?

Having asked by Ranran, Annin began to shed into tears. She started to experess her anxiety after getting married to Nobunaga. * Being a poor lady * Dont know what to do

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Last night, I re-watching all the episodes of this season and this random clip stuck out in my mind. It’s so quiet and peaceful…

I mean, lookit Annin’s sheer disappointment when Miyu leaves. She just wants her NobuBB back.

Annin can no has NobuBB?!(;ノ ̄д ̄)ノ <( son, I am disappoint )

Sure season 3 may be lacking in the deliciously bloody violence of past seasons…but it’s various scenes like this that (for some reason) make me love it so much. :X

I may or may not be pining for tomorrows episode. >__>