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Random Japanese Thing

So for anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve been learning Japanese for about 2 years. Not consistently since I’m still a beginner lol

But today I learned some of the family members, the verb “to have”, and how to count people. So I thought, “Why not put it with my favorite show?” So here we go.

兄弟 (kyoudai)- Siblings or Brothers
姉妹 (shimai)- Sisters
兄 (ani)- Older brother
姉 (ane)- Older sister
弟 (otouto)- Younger brother
妹 (imouto)- Younger sister

(Watashi wa imouto ga futari arimasu.)
I have 2 younger sisters.

Here’s some sentences using characters from TLH:

(Rinkān wa shimai ga juu-nin arimasu.)
Lincoln has 10 sisters.

(Rori wa imouto ga kyuu-nin to otouto ga hitori arimasu.)
Lori has 9 younger sisters and 1 younger brother.

Reblog If U Support/love Troye &/or enjoy his music, I will personally write your url in a spare notebook just to prove my mother wrong for generalizing and being an ass about having an opinion

so yesterday I was in the car with my mom and sister ans youth started to play on the radio and i started fangirling (cuz I love Troye and I’m really proud of him) and then my mom asked my sister what I was overreacting about and she was saying that oh he is a gay youtuber and my mom then asked me “is there boys that you like that aren’t gay?” (because she also calls d+p gay) and then i listed some straight people and she was like well I don’t like him and his choices and his music sucks I am so infuriated right now that if you reblog this i will personally write your  url in a spare note book I have just to show her how much people love and support Troye and enjoy his music 

Let us not be assholes please...

    Okay I’m just putting this out there, Karren wants to live as a woman but couldn’t because she wanted to sustained the family name, basically bring honor to her family and a very twisted system. Mutsuki wants to live as a man from a personal choice, not an obligation to the family or some twisted sense of honor/ideals society has put up. 

    And the parallels are very well done, seeing as how putting up a fake persona in order to please the masses has destroyed Karren’s life, tragically ending with that fact her happiest moments was being freed from her “duties” as living as a man. While Mutsuki is quiet happy living as a man, instead of letting his desires be control by society/masses. And we can clearly see how uncomfortable Tooru was being a woman. Like come on guys, saying that Karren was a man despite the fact she wanted to live as a woman, is just as bad as saying Mutsuki is not a man because he was born a woman. 

Dear Brothers ans Sisters

…earlier in the week, I received a massage from one of our brothers, you might all be familiar with him, JX AND THE BADWELLS, he posts a lot on body positivity, and crulteafree, he’s also a fellow musician, well on Friday, he has a new album being released, he’s posted some of the music, here “Dream come true”, “because cocaine”, , as a manager of a band, I can tell you, producing an album isn’t a walk in the park, and takes many hours of hard work and a ton of money…

.So he’s hoping to get some support, from us, for a successful launch, if you have any spells, sigils, for success, please post them with JX AND THE BADWELLS, attached to the spell, so that their band has a successful launch for their album….when you post, please give a shout out for his band and his music, its..JX AND THE BADWELLS,

May the Goddess, smile on you JX, and bless you with a successful launch….