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AoEx Casts’ Flowers!

(As Gifted by Shiemi Moriyama!) 

Rin Okumura - Delphinium!

(big-hearted, fun, ardent attachment, etc.)

Yukio Okumura - Heather! 

(Lavender - admiration, solitude, beauty)

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - Hyacinth! 

(playfulness, sporty attitude, extreme rashness, etc)

Shima Renzou - Hydrangea! 

(heartfelt emotions, heartlessness, frigidity, gratitude for being understood)

Kinzou Shima - Coreopsis! 

(always cheerful) 

Juuzou Shima - Snapdragon! 

(graciousness, strength, etc) 

Yaozo Shima - Dahlia!

(elegance & dignity) 

Uwabami Hojo - Cornflower! 

(refinement & delicacy) 

Hojo Sisters - King Protea! 

(daring & resourcefulness, diversity & courage, etc) 

Tatsuma Suguro - Apple Blossom! 

(good fortune, harbinger of better things, a strong liking) 

Torako Suguro - Lily of the Valley! 

(sweetness & purity) 

Konekomaru Miwa - Iris! 

(eloquence, (purple - wisdom & compliments))

Shiemi Moriyama - Sunflower! 

(pure thoughts, adoration, dedication, etc) 

Izumo Kamiki - Calla Lily! 

(magnificence & beauty) 

Noriko Paku - Sweet Pea! 

(delicate pleasure, departure after having a good time) 

Shura Kirigakure - Carnation! 

(pride & beauty) 

Nemu Takara - Begonia! 


Lewin Light - Camellia! 

(admiration, good luck, etc) 

Arthur Auguste Angel - Daffodils! 

(regard & chivalry, etc) 

Amaimon - Orchid! 

(exotic beauty, refinement, mature charm, proud, etc) 

Mephisto Pheles - Larkspur! 

(levity, lightness, fickleness, haughtiness) 

Father Shiro Fujimoto - Gladiolus! 

(strength of character, faithfulness, honor, remembrance) 

Yuri Egin - Buttercup! 

(riches, childishness) 

Lucifer - Oleander! 


Satan - Queen Anne’s Lace! 


Sleep Cuddle

Reader: 16

Going over over to Jody’s house was not a uncommon occurrence. Your brothers would go for a nearby hunt or just for special occasions. (And because she forced them)

Dean immediately went to work when he finished eating, Reading a lore book that Sam had brought with him. You ate and played a bit of video games with her adopted daughter, Sleep starting to drip over your body. You walk into the living room, Hoping to find Sam or Dean. Soft snores are heard from the far off couch, And you notice Dean flopped onto the couch. He had the book in his lap, His hand resting on it.

“Dean?” Waltzing toward him, You lightly shake him. His neck must be aching from the angle it’s in.

When you get no answer, You decide to lay next to him and snuggle up to his warmth. It was the middle of Autumn and a cabin in the woods didn’t help with the cold.

You snuggled up to him, resting your head of his bicep and curling your legs so you can get more comfortable. He doesn’t move, his soft breaths and his beating heart lull you to sleep.

“(Y/n) We’re back!” Sam announces while walking inside the cabin.

It was oddly quiet since his brother ans sister were always the loudest. He raises an eyebrow and walks to the living room, A smile immediately adorned his face when he looks at the scene in front of him.

“Sam? What are we-” Jody stops in her tracks, Smiling. “Guess they got tired huh?” She walks toward them and drapes a blanket over them both.

Dean had his arms over her shoulder, Snuggling her closer to him. Her head was in his chest and both were snoring away. Dean’s head was laying on top of hers, The book slipping from his grasp.

“Guess we should let them sleep. Even though they’ll both have sore necks later” Jody chuckles, Walking away from the adorable scene.

Sam immediately took out his cell phone and snapped a few pictures. This is too adorable to pass by. Maybe he’ll even use it to blackmail both of you.

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anonymous asked:

If chuuya's mother is kouyou and kyouka's current parental figure is kouyou does that make chuuya and kyouka (step) siblings ??? P.s. I love your blog !!

- It does actually.

- Chuuya was salty when Kyouka joined and stole Kouyou’s attention but then he warmed up to her eventually because she is tiny and cute and despite what he says he likes things that are tiny and cute.

- But because he was a soon-to-be-mafia-executive-suck-it-Dazai-I’ll-be-there-soon at his prime 17 Year Old Of Unrivaled Chuunibyouness he didn’t really show it.

- Instead he bought her sweets and cute phone straps and put it in her room at night. She knew it was him but she didn’t say anything because Chuu-nii’s teenage pride is fragile and she’s not Dazai.

- He got her nice kimonos and did her hair occasionally too because “Ane-san will lose face if you show up all sloppy in front of other people”, but the truth is he’s just a really doting onii-chan who also happens to be really lame.

- When she joins the ADA Dazai’s phone starts buzzing like crazy because “If you mofos don’t let Kyouka eat breakfast at precisely 8:30 AM I will personally come and toast your asses with a nonstick frying pan. P/s. Not that I care.”

- When Dazai proposes to Chuuya and Chuuya finally says yes, Kyouka comes up to Dazai and says in the smallest, gentlest voice “If you hurt him I will [censored] [censored] [censored] everything you love. I wish you happiness.” 

- Then she walks away and starts eating crepes because clearly that’s what you do after threatening your soon-to-be brother in laws’ entire existence.     

I just need to get this all of my chest, it’s not a positive post so please ignore me if you want:

When we got all the news about this reunion I was thrilled, I was excited, and I thought I would be jumping up and down after watching it, even planing a party to celebrate their love for each other. But that was not the case. Though, if you think this episode showed me that this ship is over and that their are just really good friends, or bother ans sister or whatever, you couldn’t be more wrong. It proved to me how deep is their feelings, and how important they are to each other. So I couldn’t really understand why I was feeling gutted and with this urge to bawl my eyes out after the episode, until I saw all these gifsets paralleling their reunion hugs from S5 and now.

As much as their second hug on New Best Friends made me sense a real desire between them, like they coudn’t live without each other, that they were just trying to breath each other in, and this makes me see them as a real romantic couple more than ever and more clearly than anything else in this show, their hug on No Sanctuary is still my favorite one, because to see the sadness in their eyes during that whole encounter made me completly miserable, you could see that they were both heart broken even though they were glad to finally see each other again. I was not able to let myself feel happy seeing that they weren’t happy. The main reason why I ship them it’s because they have a healthy relationship, they are good for each other, they can make each other feel/say/do things nobody else in that show can. And I’m tired of seeing them miserable like that, I’m tired that even a thing that it was suposed to be a good think for them (like, for example, Carol getting a romantic interest, Tobin) did not make them happy at all. And God, they deserve so much to be happy. I’m just emotional exhausted to watch them getting emotionally beaten up over and over again.

So, as much as that second hug made me happy as a shipper, made it very clear to me that they are in love and are endgame, it made me completly miserable as a fan of both characters (and a human being with emotions and compassion tbh). It’s sickening to see what both of them have been trought, it’s exhausting and emotionally draining. I just wish Gimple and whoever else is responsable for this could see that emotional abuse it’s not something to be proud of, that make someone emotional invested on a show and/or it’s characthers and then abuse them emotionally over and over it’s not doing a good job as a writer. And that’s not something that affects shippers, but anyone who loves and admire these characthers.

Anyway, Caryl on, guys! Let’s hope they get to be happy once again.

The Names~!

First Imperial Princess, Selvia

Well, Sirius called her “Ane-ue” (Older Sister, in a very formal way), so without a doubt, she is the First Princess.

Fourth Imperial Princess, Myuuze (Myze?)

Seventh Imperial Princess, Feline

She introduced herself as “The Seventh Imperial Princess” in the beginning of GQ. She gave Selvia’s heirloom to Berdette.

The rest, you know already.

I will make a new entry of Bariura Royalties after I finished the GQ~! ^^

Let us not be assholes please...

    Okay I’m just putting this out there, Karren wants to live as a woman but couldn’t because she wanted to sustained the family name, basically bring honor to her family and a very twisted system. Mutsuki wants to live as a man from a personal choice, not an obligation to the family or some twisted sense of honor/ideals society has put up. 

    And the parallels are very well done, seeing as how putting up a fake persona in order to please the masses has destroyed Karren’s life, tragically ending with that fact her happiest moments was being freed from her “duties” as living as a man. While Mutsuki is quiet happy living as a man, instead of letting his desires be control by society/masses. And we can clearly see how uncomfortable Tooru was being a woman. Like come on guys, saying that Karren was a man despite the fact she wanted to live as a woman, is just as bad as saying Mutsuki is not a man because he was born a woman. 

Tbh I’m rly surprised this site hardly mentions (if not never mentions AT ALL) Jacqueline Wilson

For those who don’t know, she’s a British author for books such as The Illustrated Mum, My Sister Jodie ans the Tracy Beaker series. Her books often revolve around, as her Google page says, ‘themes of adoption, divorce and mental illness’ and is thus very controversial. I for one am on the side who thinks her books are fantastic and a great portrayal of real life problems.

Even though I haven’t finished reading it yet, one of my favourite books by her so far is The Diamond Girls. The story (from the little bit I’ve read and heard of so far) is about a young girl called Dixie, who lives with her mum, who’s very sort of ‘spiritual’ and believes in tarot cards, as well as her three other sisters WHO ALL CAME FROM DIFFERENT FATHERS. Each have a different personality and their own problems and they end up moving to another house because the mother is about to have another baby and it’s just a really good portrayal of (in this case, slightly) broken families and divorce and mental illness (I believe Dixie has some form of autism honestly)

Anyway, what I wanna say is that Jacqueline Wilson is a very smart and talented writer who delves into the darker and more realistic side of life and she portrays them wonderfully. She’s 71 right now so I don’t know if she’s still writing, but I highly recommend you guys give her books a read if you’re in a tough situation involving divorce or mental illnesses right now.

anime roles/nicknames/names you hear often

馬鹿 (baka) - idiot
あほ (aho) - idiot
受け (uke) - the taker
攻め (seme) - the giver
兄貴 (aniki) - older brother, male leader of delinquents
(ane) - older sister, female leader of delinquents 
英雄 (eiyuu) - hero
仲間 (nakama) - ally
(hime) - princess
美少年 (bishounen) - pretty boy
美少女 (bishoujo) - pretty girl
彼氏 (kareshi) - boyfriend
彼女 (kanojo) - girlfriend
会長 (kaichou) - president
ガキ (gaki) - brat
(shimobe) - servant
幼馴染 (osananajimi) - childhood friend
男子 (danshi) - boy
変態 (hentai) - pervert
兵長 (heichou) - lance coporal
巨人 (kyojin) - titan
高校生 (koukousei) - high school student
先輩 (senpai) - upperclassmen 
後輩 (kouhai) - underclassmen 

Reblog If U Support/love Troye &/or enjoy his music, I will personally write your url in a spare notebook just to prove my mother wrong for generalizing and being an ass about having an opinion

so yesterday I was in the car with my mom and sister ans youth started to play on the radio and i started fangirling (cuz I love Troye and I’m really proud of him) and then my mom asked my sister what I was overreacting about and she was saying that oh he is a gay youtuber and my mom then asked me “is there boys that you like that aren’t gay?” (because she also calls d+p gay) and then i listed some straight people and she was like well I don’t like him and his choices and his music sucks I am so infuriated right now that if you reblog this i will personally write your  url in a spare note book I have just to show her how much people love and support Troye and enjoy his music 


THE LION KING Australia: Cast Sings Circle of Life on Flight Home from Brisbane


Satogiku-dayuu 1910s.  It was customary for a tayuu (Japanese courtesan) to have two kamuro (child attendants) of about the same age and size, with names that matched in concept and sound, taking their cue from the name of their ane-jōro (elder sister courtesan).

 Text and image via Blue Ruin 1 on Flickr


Banpresto w/guest Kakihara Tetsuya

Situation: In the entrance way, say a charming phrase.

Suzumura Kenichi pulled out from the black box the role of…“A little brother who feels he has a sense of duty to view his older sister as more than an older sister.” And Kakki is playing the role of the older sister.

[Suzumura Kenichi heavily breathing]

Kakihara Tetsuya: I’m home.

Suzumura Kenichi: Ane… (older sister) I’ve seen more than just an older sister. Ane… I’ve seen her more than just…

Kakihara Tetsuya: Morning! I’m home.

Suzumura Kenichi: Ane… Did you hear me just now?

[Kakihara Tetsuya nods no]

Suzumura Kenichi: Geez, I’ll cough it up right now. As your little brother, I view you more than just an older sister.

[Staff and Ohsaka Ryota laughs]

Suzumura Kenichi: So please… Just please… Be serious with me. Wait! Just wait a second!

[siren goes off meaning it’s a fail]