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So long, 2011. Cheers to my friends and whoever around the world enjoys this site.

{Song} The Bravery “Ours”. Exciting, bright, optimistic, as a NYE song should be. Also, one of my all-time favorite songs to have in my ears when I bike through the city, one of my all-time favorite things to do.

This year I asked the most wonderful, beautiful young woman I know to marry me and she said yes. WOW. I also celebrated half of a decade in New York City. And became a part of brotherhood known as Legends. Great year. See you soon, 2012. My bet is you’re magnificent…

The modern world: “Eat and drink, for tomorrow we die”. Jesus: “I’ve come to give you real life, abundant and eternal.” The world’s system is caving in. My generation seeks pleasure until they’re numb to it. Meaninglessness. GOD is real. His love for us (yes, you) is real, and never fading. Jesus is the only real hope. Look into this. Ask Him to show you how real He is. Respond. Receive eternal life. There is nothing else like it.