Kusuriuri / Photographer / Edit

On our way home from Popcult Day we took a quick pit stop at Hakoisten Linnavuori to take some nice scenery photos. I’m glad I had my sneakers with me, it was quite a climb! The view was totally worth it tho and I’ll visit the place again for sure~

Cosplay progress. -Aaand I think I’m done! /fistpumps and falls to the ground/ ..For now. Still missing the sword and many little things, but this will do. I’ll update this fully for the next con then. Furious packing and travelling shall ensue tomorrow, 2 cosplays to stuff with me this time, Kusu for saturday and Kenshin for sunday. Excitingggg~ Now, sleeeeeep. 

See you @ Cosvision! o/