What am I missing?

Kusuriuri / Photographer / Edit / Cosvision 2014


Cosplay progress: Testing the sweet gear, almost there hngggg. Still missing: the sleeve things, assembling the second belt, some wig styling, final make up tests and knife/ kunai painting. Just a few days left, give me strength 888 ) But yeah, I think as a whole this works nicely~ It’s a shame I have no time to make the butt sword (as I call it) but for the next con then. Must weather some stuff too, everything’s so polished for now lol. Give me a time machine..

–I don’t know if I have any time left to make a full costume test when I finish this so I’ll just say this now; see you in Frostbite! o/ I’ll go full ninja on saturday, sunday is a mystery.