Bunch of my pals and I decided to do the telephone game. Good job, everyone! o/

Artists from top-left to bottom-right: 

myrntai - maariamph - hplehkonen - ered-jaeger - ida - queensyruparvitammi - cassuworld - ocshit - tyyti - tubbsen - maijuju - prinsessastroanniilaugh - kabomaru -

We had a wonderful nostalgia Naruto group @ Tracon last weekend and I cosplayed Iruka-sensei~ Atm this con morning selfie is my favorite what comes to character portrayal, for all I see here is Iruka, not myself, and for me that’s the best thing I can accomplish. We went all out with Majo as Kakashi to bring these characters to life and I can’t even describe how happy all the enthusiastic compliments made us, oh man, thank you lovely people!<3 So despite all the urges to improve many last minute rushed parts, I’m very proud how dang good we did~ 

Cosplay progress. -Aaand I think I’m done! /fistpumps and falls to the ground/ ..For now. Still missing the sword and many little things, but this will do. I’ll update this fully for the next con then. Furious packing and travelling shall ensue tomorrow, 2 cosplays to stuff with me this time, Kusu for saturday and Kenshin for sunday. Excitingggg~ Now, sleeeeeep. 

See you @ Cosvision! o/


Tenka / Soramaru / Photos: Giseiinu & Neqtar / Edit / Desucon 2015