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i've just realised idk any of ur other ships expect berena so, like, berena

Yeah, my blog’s been pretty…focused of late, lol.  I do ship other stuff, I swear!

Comes home drunk: Both, I’d say.  They generally don’t come home straight up drunk when they’ve been out together, more like pleasantly tipsy.  But then there are times, like when Serena went to a “congratulations on your divorce” party with Sian or when Bernie met up with some mates from her unit, where they’ll each get completely annihilated.

Tops in bed: Again, I’m going to have to say both, depending on their moods.  They’re both strong-willed and very competitive.  I think there’s a good amount of tussling on a regular basis.

Does the laundry: Serena, ever since the time Bernie accidentally threw one of Serena’s bright silk blouses in the wash, ruining the blouse and dyeing most everything else bright orange.

Cleans the mess: Serena, obviously.

Leaves a mess: Bernie, obviously.

Throws food at the other: (I just realized I forgot this one!) Neither of them would necessarily throw food, but there was the infamous frosting fight when they argued about technique while attempting to decorate Jason’s birthday cake.

Spins around in the squeaky chair: Bernie, especially when she’s bored in the office and trying to avoid paperwork.  It drives Serena mental and she always ends up kicking Bernie out so she can focus (which is really what Bernie wanted anyway).

Gets jealous easiest: Serena, for sure.  For all her jealousy over Robbie, Bernie has to adjust pretty quickly to the fact that for Serena flirting is the same thing as breathing.  Serena tries not to be jealous and would absolutely deny it if confronted.  But there are days when her history with Edward and Bernie’s with Alex rear their ugly heads in the back of her mind and when the new (young, gorgeous) barista at Pulses is clearly making eyes at Bernie, she finds herself being testy all day.  Bernie is, as always, utterly clueless about the barista (she had been too busy staring at how lovely Serena looks in the morning), but can tell Serena is upset, so spends the day staying on top of her paperwork, passing her the most interesting surgeries and buying her a pastry in the afternoon.  Until Serena catches her in a fierce hug in the office, whispering an apology into her shoulder.  Bernie has no idea what the apology is for, but if she gets hugs like this, it’s all good in her book.

Cuddles the other: I’ve always headcanoned that Bernie is a super aggressive cuddler.  Like, full-on koala bear.  Serena gets used to Bernie sliding onto her lap at the breakfast table, tangling their legs together on the couch during Countdown, and wrapping herself around Serena every night.

Feeds the pets: I can’t really see them having any pets.

Cooks the meals: Mostly Serena because she’s most familiar with Jason’s schedule and recipe preferences.  But I think Bernie likes cooking, especially more unusual/adventurous dishes, so she does the cooking whenever Jason’s away at Alan’s.

Spends the longest time getting ready: Serena, just because she put in the most effort on a regular basis.  But she has her routine down to a fine art, so she’s never late because of it.  Unless Bernie gets distracted watching her get dressed and makes them late…

And who spends the most money: Bernie.  She may not be that into material possessions for herself, but she loves spoiling her loved ones with gifts, especially now that she’s home to do it on a regular basis.


Kremlin Annihilation Week -  day 1 (10th april): the moment you knew you hated mon-el

 Here we have Mon-El using and abusing his own powers (for his own personal gain) to beat up other aliens while thinking he’s doing the right thing. In the scene that follows, this piece of garbage has a tiny heart attack at being called “selfish” which he is, and proceeds to bash what Supergirl (Kara Danvers) does, which is, ultimately, saving people, and using her powers for actual good, and to actually help make this world a better place.