First time I actually had questions, cool!! I’ll just answer them all here and ignore my homework for a bit…!!


sweetysiesie: of course! I love meeting new people! Drop me a message here or on twitter and we can chat? haha 

artofcast:  I don’t usually draw when I’m feeling sad, but when I do, I usually just draw out colored blobs and compare them to see what colors I should use in my next drawing. I feel that if I actually tried to tackle on a real picture, I’d just end up getting frustrated haha, but most of the time, I just bake or watch hulu when I’m feeling down HAHA

monmonicle: woah, thank you so much! ;-; I really love using bright colors in my art as well and ahhh, thanks, you’re too kind! I tend to give up on OCs, but I’m going to try hard and keep drawing Pachi hahah

annieshoeohh, woah this is weird bc I did end up taking some random snapshots of my last drawing to put on twitter! It’s not really a tutorial, but I guess it’s kind of a progress shot?

  1. I usually start with a loose sketch and almost always, like 99% of the time, my end  result always looks different haha!
  2. Then I start to draw out the individual parts of the drawing, like the head, hair, clothing, legs, etc. each in a separate layer.
  3. I don’t always do shading, but if I do, I’d do it here!
  4. After I finish the coloring and shading, I’ll add a texture if I feel like it! During this time, I may change the colors a bit!
This isn’t a tutorial, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of what I do haha? I think my process is pretty half assed in terms of other artists since I don’t go through the trouble of doing line art, but I guess that’s just my style!! But wah, thank you so much for your kind words! I’ll maybe do a real one if people are still interested haha

annieshoe  asked:

Hey! There is a really neat Adventure Time and Cartoon Network themed art sale called "Print a Palooza" and 100% proceeds will be donated to charity. It looks like a great cause and the artwork is awesome, they also have a tumblr called "printapalooza". Check it out! ^^

This sounds really cool! I did some googling for you guys: according to the tumblr the proceeds will be going to Angels On Stage, which provides fun and opportunities in performing arts for special needs children and young adults! So check them out!

annieshoe  asked:

Hey, have you heard of the "Print a Palooza"? They're doing a Steven Universe and Cartoon Network themed art fundraiser and 100% proceeds will be donated to charity. They have a tumblr called "printapalooza" if you want to check it out! The artwork is really gooood

woah thanks for this! Their stuff is great! Hopefully I can buy some stuff off their store soon when I get paid ^^