AnnieRose and Brittany

Everything was sort of falling apart for her. Running her hands through her bright red hair, Brittany found herself at AnnieRose’s house. She’d stolen all records on her, not even ashamed. But, Brittany was the type of girl that didn’t become friends with someone until she knew everything about their past. Which she expected AnnieRose to do as well. 
Knocking on her front door, Brittany sighed. Her knuckles shaking from how upset she was. This girl, she seemed like the only one who she could honestly get no bull shit from. Which is what she wanted, a person to put her in her place and not give a damn if she was upset or emotional. Just honesty. 

Annie playing with her new toy. I know it’s a bit “old” for Annie yet, but my friend was selling it for £20 and I couldn’t resist. It won’t be long ‘til Annie’s grown into it anyway! And for now, she’s happy enough standing up at it, playing with the rattles and bopping up and down to the music #annierose (Taken with instagram)

Today we bought Annie a new big girl cup with a straw and a snack pot to (hopefully) prevent so much mess on the floor! Annie loves the cup. At first she was scared of putting her hand into the snack put, but she got the hang of it very quickly! Every time she retrieved a quaver, she smiled and clapped! My clever girl <3 #annierose (Taken with Instagram)