1- @J–lannister

Nana writes the Community Character Study

And she makes beautiful graphics, and she is one of my best friends here on tumblr, she is a great and sweet girl with a strong personality. I think She loves community more than I do, and that’s why she writes and makes these amazing graphics of community.


2- @annieofitall

I discover this blog, a few weeks ago, and I just fell in love!

He or her (I don’t know) post gorgeous graphics about community.

3- @fassbendervoy

Sarah makes the most beautiful gifs, they are so sharp and pretty, I just want to marry with her gifs. LOL

4- @defiantbritta

Milla gifs are incredible! She recently made a community re watch, and she posted a bunch of community gifs, and I rebloged almost everything. lol

5- @fuckyeahbrittaperry 

Is your daily dose, of this character that I love so much. ( I’ll always recommend a blog that’s dedicated to one of  community characters)

6- @dailycommunitycaps

Is a new blog about community, and Anna caps are so pretty!


It’s the first time I made a follow friday, and I hope you guys check these amazing blogs ;) ( Sorry for the ugly Abed gif D: )

And you guys always should check my related blog page