Buffer fest red carpet was lit 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I waited in the rain and cold for 3 hours XD Nicole looked so good in her dress and Annie makes me weep in her presence as always. I got to say happy advanced birthday to Elise and gave her macarons :3 I asked Elise if I could take a selfie with her and Natasha thought I only meant Elise so she started walking away but Elise was like “No come here! Be in the picture!” So she begged her to come d: thank god Elise did that bc I wasn’t about to beg Natasha to come back LMAO

Nicole also taught me how to selfie properly <3

#BufferFestival | #Carmilla

Buffer Festival 2016

Are you a fan of Carmilla? We just made a big announcement involving @Elise3aum and @natvanlis …

Elise Bauman

Excited to be at @BufferFestival again on my birthday weekend! 👻🤗🎃🍰

Natasha Negovanlis @natvanlis

Canadian weather and formal events are not a good combination. Hope everyone’s cool if I attend #BufferFestival in a fleece onesie.

Annie Briggs

coupl'a weirdies reppin’ @carmillaseries for @BufferFestival! (@AaronChartrand its a wonder they ever let us out).

Aaron Chartrand

aaronchartrand Weeeeeee!! @bufferfestivalwith @anniemorganb and the gang✌️️ havin a time!👌😊 @carmillaseries

Nicole Stamp

stampnicole Buffer buds #Carmilla #bufferfestival

Elise Bauman

BufferFest? BufferFriends. #BufferFestival

sharon belle

Made it! Found my person @BufferFestival  #baemous

Kaitlyn Alexander @kbearluna

realisticsay #lowbudgethartbig takes @bufferfestival

Natasha Negovanlis @natvanlis

It’s raining and I want a hotdog. But I’ve got a cute date. #BufferFestival

Elise Bauman

@natvanlis Next year lets be trend setters and wear parkas to the red carpet and pretend it’s the new hip thing

Natasha Negovanlis @natvanlis

@Elise3aum SNUGGIES!!!

Elise Bauman

#BufferFestival Red Carpet in 3 emojis: ☔️🌭🙈

Nicole Stamp

stampnicole Goofbuffs

Elise Bauman

baumanelise Duality.

Natasha Negovanlis @natvanlis

Don’t look at me! 📷: @AaronChartrand

Elise Bauman

baumanelise #BufferFestival 📸: @aaronchartrand

This is so random, but I like that Salem isn’t one of those villains who’s completely unreasonable to her lackeys. Like, she’s not holding it against Cinder that Ruby came along and defeated her and froze the dragon. She’s just like, you accomplished what you were meant to accomplish and it’s not your fault something we weren’t expecting happened.