10.18.17 Annie forgetting the lyrics to Laughing with a Mouth of Blood

I’m laughing with a mouth of blood
from a little spill I took
what are you laughing at?
see, I trade in my plot of land
for a plane to anywhere
oh, where do they go?

Eren: I love when people are like

Eren: ”If all your friends jump off a bridge, would you jump too?“

Eren: like, I’d jump off a bridge for fun

Eren: I hate myself.

  • Reiner: Christa.
  • Christa: Yes?
  • Reiner: Breathe if you think I’m cute~
  • Christa:
  • Reiner:
  • Reiner: Christa you’re turning blue.

St. Vincent: “MasSeduction”, Olympia Theatre, Dublin

Mia madre e le mie sorelle stanno di là a cantare a squarciagola Ti scatterò una foto e io qui ad un passo dal piangere. Le perdono solo perché stanno cucinando la lasagna.