Yo homies thanks for being so nice to me and (possibly) following me. Youre all super cool and help me with everything and make me laugh so much thanks for all being the best.

The bolded people are people i particularly talk to a lot or am in love w/ also italisized are people i want to talk to more or admire from a distance everyone else i just love your blog

Sorry if i forgot you I’m just really dumb.

im not linking anything k

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B: brookeeverdeen ☆ beyoncebeytwice

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D: dellycartvvright ☆ demigodannabeth

E: everthorned

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G: galehawthorne ☆ greatesthungergamesfans ☆ girlwhowasonfire

H: hasook ☆ haymitchsemptybottle ☆ hiddlestonn ☆ hunkules 

I: lanoshea

J: josheeta ☆ jasondisgrace

K: katnissandhersyringe


M: madeyemoody ☆ mrspollux ☆ mjwatson ☆ muggleland ☆ mutedlikesunset ☆ mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou


O: odair ☆ olympains

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T: taissafarmiga

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