samandriel asked:

I had a dream that Obama was coming to Franklin to meet me and it was on the same day as your prom and you were in your prom dress and I was running around looking for Obama and you came up to me and said ANNIE YOURE GOING TO PROM and then you DRAGGED ME TO PROM and the whole time I was just screaming about Obama AND I DIDNT GET TO MEET HIM BECAUSE OF YOU. fnaklnkalklj

asdfghjhgfdswfghtg omg. I’m sorry Annie HOW COULD I HAVE COMMITTED SUCH A HEINOUS CRIME. I promise I won’t make you go to prom with me if Obama is ever on town okay. Pinkie swear.don’t hate me asdfgf.

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  1. if you could be any character in a book/tv/movie who would you be? Rose Tyler or Jo Harvelle for TV OR Veronica Mars. For book I’d say Luna or Hermione. And movie uhhhh oh god it would be traumatizing as hell but Rose Dewitt Bukater
  2. you hear a crash outside your door at night, what do you automatically assume it is? A demon trying to break in and possess me.
  3. what would you name your pet dragon? In honour of Harry Potter, Norbert
  4. last song you listened to? One Thing - One Direction
  5. what is the url you really want on here? there’s so many but a couple would be rosedewittbukater, rosedawson, rosetyler and joharvelle
  6. if you were a character on the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S who would be your best friend? Phoebe omg
  7. what is your ringtone? for texts it’s the tri-tone and for calls it’s marimba
  8. what would the title of a movie about your life be? “How to get A’s in school by handing in everything late without even trying”
  9. who do you think is the sexiest person alive? omg stop don’t ask me that there’s like 340876 of them okay. Leo DiCaprio, Ian Somerhalder, Jensen Ackles, Tom Felton JUST A FEW FROM THE MEN CATEGORY
  10. would you give me your phone number? ;D ONLY IF YOU’RE FROM CANADIA
  11. whats the strangest thing youve ever seen in person? Some guy getting his leg run over by a 4 wheeler and then acting like it was fine 5 seconds later omg river run 2k12


  1. Why’d you first get tumblr?
  2. eReaders or real books? Or does it matter to you?
  3. Scariest New!Who monster?
  4. Scariest Classic!Who monster?
  5. What’s your favourite article of clothing?
  6. Do you believe in luck?
  7. The best remedy for hiccups?
  8. Count how many celebrity obsessions you have (not really a question w/e):
  9. Would you rather: Be burned alive or freeze to death?
  10. Do you believe in the paranormal/supernatural?
  11. Do you have a favourite/crazy relative?