Does anyone else watch Covert Affairs?  Cause really WTF happened last night?  Auggie and Annie….I know they will find each other again but good lord.  On the plus side Annie can now go have a lil somethin somethin with Eyal Levine again….but I digress…. 

Also does anyone else think that Jai will come back?  My theory is he is still alive and will show up when no one is expecting. 

Ok i’ve been wanting to get this out for a while:

I cannot be the only one who cringes when Annie and Auggie kiss. Annie and Eyal are perfect and they have this strong trust that could never break them. They are also very unpredictable. Don’t get me wrong i love Annie and Auggie i just want them to be best friends not a couple. 

The damn Amazing Race is giving me feels. This is ridiculous. Covert Affairs feels mind you. They’re dealing with this waltz challenge and all the couples dancing around are wearing black and white and dancing in a giant circle and it’s reminding me of annie’s dream and just I can’t cause “We’ll dance again Walker, but not til the musics right” UGHHHHHH. This is my life. *sobs*

Who else is going to riot for walkerson?
How many times do the Covert Affairs writers have to do this to us? Why do they have to make it seem like season 5 would have Annie and Auggie back together and then tell us that Annie is going to have a spark with an ex-navy millionaire that will last ALL SEASON. WHY??? If they wanted to give a spoiler that every one would talk about then they should of told us about an Annie and Auggie reunion or something, not break our shipper hearts… I agree with everyone when they say "Walkerson or we riot". I will riot too if they aren’t together! So THANK YOU to the Covert Affairs writers who have successfully played with my emotions, AGAIN…  (Sorry for this long complaint…)