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@elise3aum ONE. MONTH. TILL. RELEASE. …but who’s counting really. 10.26.17 #CarmillaMovie (x)

baumanelise ONE. MONTH. UNTIL. RELEASE. ….but who’s counting really. 10.26.17 #CarmillaMovie (photo cred from our insanely talented makeup up artist @jraewhyte) (x)


Carmilla cast saying goodbye to Carmilla movie! 😭❤

My heart is shattered! Love them so much that I can’t describe ❤


Jeff & Annie + Instagram - Dating & Engagement 
(Aesthetic images via Tumblr // Cast images via Google/Social media)

carmillaseries:  THE FINAL FLASHBACK + THE FINAL POST: It’s time for this 345 year old to sign off now, but THANK YOU for following this “day in the life” gram takeover with lil old me (@natvanlis) and all my quirks. Thank you for your comments, your messages, and your love and support of Carmilla and our fam. I am SO SO SO THRILLED for the #CARMILLAMOVIE premiere THIS THURSDAY. (And special thanks to the fan who sent these incredible handmade Laura & Carmilla sock monkeys! We regretfully lost the card that was attached in the shuffle of things but please know they are much appreciated!) MUCHOS LOVE. - N. #NATASHATAKESCARMILLA#FLASHBACKFRIDAY #FBF

One day (admittedly after a bottle of wine, and a wicked case of the meat sweats) my dear friend and colleague @anniemorganb and I came up with an idea for a show involving psychics, friendship, and a couple of scheming gals. For years, it was just a twinkle in our eyes… until some good people decided to take a chance on us. Now, it’s finally close to becoming a real thing and if you fancy checking it out, follow @clairevoyantsho on Twitter & Instagram to stay updated. Our trailer for our IPF application drops tomorrow and any engagement on it will help us get funding for the show of our dreams. Come join us in inner space! 🔮🍕✌🏻(M/U @jennomakeup) by natvanlis