annie wyatt

Anyone ever watched a movie with your family and suddenly you see two people? Then you just like “my precious ship” but you wanna keep it hidden from your family so the entire time you’re just smiling really big and giggling when those two get screen time.

Tete a Tete ~ Annie & Kathy

Kathy arrived five minutes early, picking a table in the back of the cafe where she was sure to have a clear view of her surroundings and their conversation would not be overheard. She grimaced at the Dad-ness of the action and waved the waiter away, signaling that she would order later. She wasn’t sure exactly why she decided to sacrifice her time to listen to Annie’s problems, but she liked the young woman and wanted to help her. Perhaps that was it.

Deciding not to over-think her motives, she reached for a napkin and pulled out a pen from her pocket. It was time to wait.