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Full Casting for Annie

Full casting has today been announced for the new production of Annie which is set to run at the Piccadilly Theatre from the end of May. 

It has previously been announced that comedian Miranda Hart will lead the cast as Miss Hannigan but she will be joined by Alex Bourne as Daddy Warbucks, Holly Dale Spencer as Crace Farrell, Jonny Fines as Rooster and Djalenga Scott as Lily.

The role of Annie will be shared by 3 young actresses, Madeleine Haynes, Lola Moxom and Ruby Stokes. 
Sandy (Annie’s Dog) will be played by Amber, a 4 year-old Labradoodle. 

The ensemble will be maid up of Keisha Atwell, Sophie Ayers, Bobby Delaney, Nic Gibney, Patrick Harper, Ben Harrold, George Ioannides, Megan Louch, Benjamin Mundy, Ben Oliver, Heather Scott-Martin, Anne Smith, Kate Somerset How, Katie Warsop and Russell Wilcox.

The production begins previews from the 23rd of May and will officially open on the 5th of June. The show is currently booking till the 6th of January 2018. For tickets or more information head to the ATG Piccadilly Theatre website.

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Beruani month: Day 2 - Cooking/Baking

Day 2 - Cooking/Baking

 “How could this happen!?” Sasha screamed, all pairs of eyes quickly found her falling to her knees in the doorway of the pantry. “We’re out of bread!” A collective sigh fell across the kitchen hall.

 “That’s what all this commotion is about?” Eren groaned as he finished peeling another potato.

 Armin chuckled as he too threw another cleanly peeled potato into the bucket. “The next ration delivery is in two days,” He explained much to Sasha’s horror. “You can go two days without bread right?”

 “Yeah,” Reiner echoed from his seat. “At least we have plenty of potatoes.” He scoffed.

 Clawing at her hair Sasha wailed. “I can’t eat just potatoes!” The pitch of her voice caught the attention of Bertholdt, who had up until this point been happily washing and drying dishes. “I need juicy meat… and, and bread! I need light, soft bread!”

 “I second that,” Annie said from her corner of the kitchen. “I can already tell I’m going to get sick if I eat boiled potatoes for the next two days.”

Sasha quickly got to her feet and made her way next to Annie. “See! We’re growing girls. We need more than potatoes.”   

 “Um… Sasha. What’s left in the pantry?” Bertholdt asked as he stood to his full height.

 It took only a minute for Sasha to check what remained of the food store, poking her head around the doorway she listed the contents. “Flour, salt, yeast and even some butter.”

 Bertholdt sighed and rolled up his sleeves. “Okay. Sasha get me the flour and other ingredients. Reiner could you get some water from the well?” With a wide smirk Reiner nodded. “Thanks,” He said before turning to Annie. An-”

Before he could finish Annie cut him off. “I’ll get the oven burning.” She said walking past him with a faint smile.

Minutes later Bertholdt was mixing the flour with the water, salt, yeast and butter. Most of the cadets had returned to their original duties with the exceptions of Sasha, who was watching Bertholdt work with great impatience. And Annie who occasionally looked over from the oven to check on his progress. Eventually Sasha lost interest and left leaving Annie and Bertholdt alone.

“You know I haven’t seen you bake anything in years, why now?” Annie asked as she stoked to fire.

Wiping the sweat from his brow Bertholt chuckled. “Well you seemed hungry. So I thought I’d see what I could do with what we have.”    

“You used to bake stuff for us all the time during training. Remember when you made that cake that one time, for Reiner’s birthday?” Bertholdt nodded with a smile that matched Annie’s. “I thought Reiner and Peick were going to swoon.”

“I just wanted to be useful… for something other than… what we do.” He sighed as he kneaded the dough with his bare hands. Looking behind her Annie made her way to Bertholdt’s side.  

Shock, would not begin to describe the feeling of Annie’s hand resting gently on his shoulder. “You’re more than that, you’re our anchor… and baker.” She whispered before going back to check on the oven.   

Spurred on by Annie’s sudden gesture Bertholdt added the water to the dough before kneading into shape and laying it out on the tray. “Is the oven hot enough?”

Annie nodded and Bertholdt carefully slide the loaf into the oven and once again wiped the sweat from his brow. “I’ll make the next one if you want,” Annie suggested.

“Huh? Are you sure? I don’t mind doing it myself.”

With a shrug Annie started to make the next batch of dough. “You shouldn’t have to do all the work, besides there’s a lot of bread to make if you want to feed us all.”

Bertholdt laughed. “I guess you’re right. I could do with the help. Thank you.” He said with a slight nod.

The two of them worked in a comfortable silence, preparing the ingredients, making the dough, kneading the dough and putting it in the oven. It didn’t take long for the two of them to quickly cook up a substantial number of loafs.

“Wow!” Sasha gasped as Annie pulled the final loaf from the oven. “You guys make a great team.” Bertholdt felt an all too familiar blush crawl up his cheeks as others began to thank both him and Annie for their efforts.

“Since you gave me the idea,” Bertholdt said, reaching for one of the fresher doughs. “You should have one first.” He explained holding the bun out to Sasha who plucked it out of his hand and thanked him.

And before he was swarmed by hungry friends he reached for the warmest, softest bread roll and handed it to Annie. “Thank you.” Bertholdt said before reluctantly turning his attention to the growing queue of famished soldiers.

That evening Annie sat outside, watching the sun dip below the horizon, she was enjoying the view and the accompanying quiet when her stomach growled. Reaching to the bread Bertholdt had given her she gently tore it open and relished in the warmth that escaped. Annie took her time nibbling her way through the soft, light dough that Bertholdt had baked for her and by the time she had finished a rare, fulfilled smile spread across her lips.  

“Warm and soft,” She hummed to herself. “Reminds me of him.” She whispered with the faintest of blushes.