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Musaeum Artist Profile: Lisi Stoessel

Lisi Stoessel (Submersive Artistic Associate) performs as Maude the curator, served as Director of Aesthetics (head designer) and concept originator for Musaeum. Lisi is a hybrid theatre artist exploring the aesthetics and transformative potential of the moving body in space.  She lives in Baltimore and has performed both locally and internationally, including as “Barkeep” in Submersive Productions’ The Mesmeric Revelations! Of Edgar Allan Poe. Lisi  has created sets and puppets for many companies along the east coast of the US and beyond, including Single Carrot Theatre, Synetic Theater, force/collision, Swim Pony Performing Arts, The Berserker Residents, Annie Wilson, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Forum Theatre Company, Constellation Theatre Company, The Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium, and Adventure Theater.  She has studied mime, clown, puppetry, and movement in Washington DC, Prague, and Berlin, and holds her MFA in Scene Design from the University of Virginia.  Lisi is deeply grateful for and in awe of the talent and dedication of the entire Musaeum team. What STARS!

Looking for Something

Haymitch and Peeta had an argument a week ago and haven’t seen eye to eye since. I think it might be about me, but whenever I asked Peeta about it he just shrugs and tells me not worry, that it will blow over soon. I think Haymitch wanted to apologize (for what I don’t know); I saw it in his eyes every time he watched Peeta walk away.

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