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((Epilepsy warning!!)) 

A simple story about a woman with a child who remarries. <3

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The making of my poly waitresses manip! :D

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This is one of my parts from an unfinished collab with SoEurekax that I wanted to upload in advance :D

So as i was reading chapter 95, something caught my attention that i think not alot of people are pointing out.

This part of the chapter was basically a rundown on each of the Marley warriors skills and abilities attributed to their specific titan forms. So first off we get Annie, The Female Titan, who is said to posses a wide range of abilities  that make her such a capable asset. 

Its things we already knew before, like high mobility and endurance. As well as her hardening ability and hand to hand combat skills. But what struck me was the passage in this panel that specifically mentions Annies ability to summon mindless titans.

Now before, we all assumed that Annie’s ability to influence mindless titans was just a result of screaming so loud that it attracted other titans to go into her own general vicinity. That it wasn’t a special ability she possessed like her  crystallization or hand to hand combat skills. But this chapter kinda proved that isn’t really a case.

It doesn’t seem to be as strong as zekes powers to control titans and her range is limited , but Annie does have the power to summon mindless titans with the power of her scream. If her power  was just a result of her screaming so loud that mindless titans would hear it and come to her, i don’t think they would bother mentioning as one of her abilities. Heck Reiner could probably do something like that, but they don’t mention this as a skill he has when the chapter switch’s to his titan power rundown. 

And this isn’t the first time Annie’s ability to influence mindless titans has been brought up.

Back in chapter 51 right after Eren demonstrated his scream ability that was able to control the mindless titans and devour the smiling titan, Armin points out that his power seemed similar to how the Female Titan used the same ability back in the female titan arc to have the mindless titans devour her, just from the power of her scream.

And again this was brought up by Erwin himself when he was talking to Pixis.

“Among those that could manipulate the Titans, there are those that apparently can control a number of titans at once just by, for example, Raising ones voice or so”

Who else do we know that possess that kind of ability?’

Now i don’t know if i would go far as to say that Annie could possibly be of royal blood, because if that was the case then why didn’t Eren feel any sort of connection like he did with Dinah aka the Smiling titan when he punched her arm, which activated his coordinate power? Maybe its something he can only awaken mentally and a touch isn’t enough?

I just think that on more then one instance the story references Annie’s scream ability, and acknowledges it as something she uniquely possess and its not just a random scream.