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Tyler: No. It can’t be.
Annie: Oh. Oh no. Is that…No.
Tyler: We’re going Annie. NOW.
Annie: It feels like high school all over again, I-I… haven’t been seein him since that night. He isn’t changed at all. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if…
Tyler: There is no if. We’re going back home. 

mako was there when:

  • korra unlocked her airbending (was also the reason why she unlocked her airbending)
  • korra went into the avatar state for the first time
  • korra defeated unavaatu with only the power of her spirit (”i don’t even know what to say!”)
  • korra admitted to hallucinating about her trauma
  • korra faced zaheer and her demons (was also the one who gave her the means to do it)

and i thank raava every day for it

This time I swear I had to draw Red and Annie, because they looked beautiful with their little outfits. And angry Butters just came out.

Also some cute Style cause I realized I haven’t drawn much and when a friend gave me the idea I couldn’t say no to that.

Guess it’s obvious I’m trying a different drawing style. This randomness is also to thank the 150+ followers I got ;u; <3 

Every time I saw SNK part where Eren’s kicked down Annie , I know deep in my heart I’m on the same part / team as Eren since he’s the most rage titan and have good-hearted , but then I remember that he made Annie’s screamed the fuck shit out of her because of the pain of seeing his friends gotten killed by her . He squeezed her eyes till it’s popped out , I literally felt bad when I remember how she screamed . 

But then , I remember back that Annie kicked or stomped Petra in fast motions and that incident broke her spine and she landed with her face looking up and died instantly at there . Fuck you anyway , Annie . // silent sobs .

// Sudden random thoughts about SNK

mako overseeing a triad raid and after the deed is done and the bad guys are taken into custody he notices two pairs of shining eyes watching him from under a table. he goes to investigate and it’s a boy and his younger and the boy is so scared but he’s still standing in front of his sister in a protective stance and mako’s heart just contracts painfully in chest because oh boy he’s been there.

he takes some time talking to them and calming them down he explains he’s police and everything is gonna be all right and after he finally coaxes them out from under the table to be examined by a healer he asks beifong what’s gonna happen to them and she answers the city will try to place them in a family or a shelter. but the system in the city is broken and does nothing but fail orphans and mako knows this.

afterwards he tries to visit the siblings as much as he can whenever he can and after a while he decides to bring them home with him and that’s the story of how mako’s two eldest children came about.