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((Epilepsy warning!!)) 

A simple story about a woman with a child who remarries. <3

Programs used: After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop

Movies used: The Princess And The Frog, Iron Giant, The Secret of Arrietty

diversefandom100  asked:

Hi Mama! Can you tell me what is the 104 and Vets funny quirks they have? I love you! Sleep well if you can. Hugs ❤️

Mikasa: Being too impulsive for her own good
Reiner: Dissociating
Bertholdt: Sweating
Annie: Getting random flashbacks
Eren: Remembering dad stuff
Jean: Looking like a horse
Marco: dying
Sasha: binge eating
Connie: Not getting stuff
Historia: Ruling a country
Armin: Having a best friend who’s always kidnapped
Ymir: Being gay
Levi: Being short
Hanji: Being short sighted
Erwin: Leading people into their deaths
Nanaba: Not being able to decide and being torn
Mike: Sniffing people 
Moblit: Hanji

Okay maybe these aren’t funny… wait I’m sure these aren’t even quriks, more like problems… oh well


The making of my poly waitresses manip! :D

Finished manip can be found HERE! ;)

watching daredevil s2 for the first time

frank: [shows up]

me: sighs do we really need another ~tortured~ male vigilante type charact-

frank: [rescues a dog]

frank: [patches up dog’s wounds]

frank: [beats up a pedophile with a baseball bat]

frank: [doesn’t crack under torture but gives in to save the dog’s life]

frank: [doesn’t want ptsd defense because it’s disrespectful to those actually suffering from it]

me: [spontaneously combusts]


This is one of my parts from an unfinished collab with SoEurekax that I wanted to upload in advance :D


Rules: Using the list, create a fanmix for your sim-self / character, then tag as many blogs as you’d like to do the same!

I was tagged by @wonderpetals to do this ages ago and I gotta say it’s so difficult so sorry for being late :/ I’m not gonna tag anyone cause I don’t want to torture you by making you choose one of each category or spend ages just throwing everything in like I did xD hope enjoy this random mess, I could have added so many more (and new categories as well) and be aware this is basically half my music in one place so handle this information with care and don’t use it against me xD

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