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I honestly never got caught up in the whole “girl ghostbusters are gonna ruin my childhood” thing.
I am a ghostbusters fan from the original 2 films to the cartoons, video games, comics, etc.
Once I heard a new one was being made obviously I thought what everyone else did. “Who’s playing the ghostbusters?”
Will it be the original cast?
Will they cast younger versions?
Bottom line was I was gonna watch it no matter what.
Now I saw the movie opening night and I enjoyed it a lot. I actually wanna go see it again.
Now myself, my wife & kids all enjoyed it. Me being the only one who really knows the classics and can spot the homages paid in the new film.

My daughter…..
So my daughter asks me the next day if we are gonna see the movie again. I said sure, why did you like it that much?
She said yes. She liked that they were girls that were heroes.

Honestly up until that point I really didn’t think much of the role genders played in the movie. My daughter looked up to these 4 women and it got to me.

Today I was wearing my ghostbusters video game tshirt and my daughter asks me why don’t I have the girl ghostbusters on there? I told her I had the shirt around the time she was born but I would wear the girls if I had one.

These few moments really made me understand that the role a female plays in any form of broadcasting is important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

That photo speaks volumes.
Thank you to the cast and crew behind this movie.

My Top 10 Favorite Things About The New Ghostbusters Movie

Because apparently I like telling Tumblr my 10 favorite things about nerd movies.

1.     Kate McKinnon. I mean, I could probably leave it there. But I no longer see her and call her “That one SNL girl”. Because she is queen. And seriously, her face. In every. Single. Frame. I swear her face is made of rubber. Like, her expressions are fantastic! I’ve finally found Buster Keaton’s opposite. And somehow I still love both of them.

2.     Chris Hemsworth being a dumb blonde. Okay, so I know I’m like, way behind on the times here. But I’ve honestly never really thought Chris was attractive. Like, I didn’t think he was unattractive I was just like, “Meh. Doesn’t do it for me.” And I swear I’m not attracted to his dumb-ness. I think I’m attracted to the fact that I saw him and was prejudice and thought “Buff, blonde, action guy. He’s got to be a tool.” But tools aren’t okay with making fun of themselves. And the fact that he’s literally playing a reverse-gender-stereotype-dumb-blonde makes me sort of love him. The glasses don’t hurt either. And maybe I’ve just discovered his smile. It’s not my fault! I was blinded by prejudice before!

3.     All the nods to the original movies and the cameos. Seriously, all the people who are mad that they’re rebooting Ghostbusters. Seriously? The original cast is behind this reboot! They support it. And they made all these nods to the old movies. They kept the movie sort of cheesy and goofy like the first two were and didn’t try to action it up to grab the attention of a modern audience. That movie is totally 80s/90s but with better graphics. And it was loaded with Easter Eggs. And I love them for that.

4.     Just Kristen Wiig in general. I mean, I already loved her. But this just made me love her more.

5.     All four of those little weirdos. I’m so glad they made these characters so real and relatable and dimensional. This wasn’t “Let’s make Ghostbusters, but with women!”. Because that would be cheap, and it would feel cheap and flat. And I would have hated this movie if it felt like they were pandering to a female audience to pacify feminists or whatever people think they were trying to do with this movie. They just made an awesome movie with flawed, crazy characters who just happened to be female. And it was awesome and flawless. It so easily could have been, “Ghostbusters but with women!” but it wasn’t. It was just “Ghostbusters”.

6.     The ghosts. I mean, I know they were cartoon-y but I loved them. The movie stayed sort of light and didn’t go full-on The Conjuring. And that made it feel like the originals :)

7.     The five billion one-liners. Particularly from Chris Hemsworth. And his inability to answer the phone.

8.     Kristen Wiig’s face every time Chris Hemsworth was in the room. And Melissa McCarthy attempting to rein her in.

9.     Patty being a genuinely nice, concerned human being. She wasn’t a scientist like the others. She just wanted to help out. And even in a crappy job where people ignored her, she still tried to be nice. And that’s so rare.

10.  Patty saying, “Nothing in here. Just a room full of nightmares.” About the room full of mannequins. Because FINALLY a character in a scary movie who does and says what any normal human being would say.

**And bonus. The scene after the credits :)

Let’s talk about Ghostbusters (2016)

So I finally saw Ghostbusters (2016) last night and boy am I glad I did. 

  • Patty is literally my queen. I love that despite not being a scientist she’s shown to be just as smart as the other three girls. 
  • The casting was fantastic. 
  • I love the fact that Ghostbusters (2016) isn’t continuing on from the original films (as in the guys from the original films hand over their guns and knowledge to the girls). I didn’t pay much attention to the trailer so I really had no clue what was going to happen in this film, but boy am I glad they made this film their own rather than expanding on the original narrative in the films (like say, how Jurassic World or Scream or other franchises do). 
  • Fucking kick-ass female cast who kick arse. My favourite scene is (obviously) when they really knuckle down and fight together against the ghosts. The synchronisation of that scene is fantastic and really shows the girls as a team.  
  • Benny and Kevin are my faves also. Benny’s lines to Erin at the start of the film.
  • The power of Patty compels you!’ 
  • ‘Who’s the flying beefcake?”
  • ‘What year is it?’ ‘It’s 2040 and our president is a plant’ 
  • ‘I know God makes no mistakes, but I believe he may have been drunk when he built Gertrude’s personality.’
  • Patty’s knowledge on New York. 
  • ‘It was one of the most elegant homes in existence featuring every luxury including a face bidet and an anti-Irish security fence.’
  • I may or may not have screamed when Sigourney Weaver turned up in her cameo role… (goddamn I love that woman so much). 
  • It was funny. I might have got a bit too excited with the humour and spent the entire film snorting and giggling. 
  • THE CAMEOS…. OMG THE CAMEOS… Bill Murray as ghost debunker Martin Heiss, Dan Aykroyd as a NY Cabbie, Sigourney Weaver as Holtzmann’s mentor Rebecca Gorin, Ernie Hudson as Patty’s uncle, Uncle Bill Jenkins, and Annie Potts as the hotel desk clerk- spotting each of them made my night and I was super happy. 
  • The cameos of the ghosts!!! 
  • The links to the original movies- like the titles appearing after zooming into the victims face… 
  • The bust of Egon Spengler outside Erin’s office. 
  • Abby referencing the line from Ray Parker Jr’s song when creating the flyers. 
  • Kevin’s message on the answering machine- ‘Ghostbusters: Whaddya Want- referencing Annie Pott’s character in the original film. 
  • The ghostbusters officially getting the old headquaters as their new headquaters… YESSSSS 
  • Kevin on his motorcycle. 
  • At the end of the film, one of them (I bet it was Patty or Holtzmann) sewed on little Ghostbusters patches.
  • Pentatonix have a track on the soundtrack
  • The graffiti artist ‘Bye Patty, I love you ’ 

I just really, really liked this film and I hope to god they do a sequel!