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the art of chasing ♔ billy hargrove

concept: steve has a female best friend and billy has taken it upon himself to flirt with her just to piss steve off. that’s it. that’s the plot.

a/n: i don’t know where this came from. it just sort of happened. it’s not really an imagine bc i don’t like writing in second person or even first person, hence the reason the girl actually has a name. but i guess it can classify as one. i’ll be glad to write more if people enjoy it. also just a disclaimer, i don’t condone billy’s behavior in the show. i know he’s an asshole. but i do love dacre montgomery, so. this happened. also this has no timeframe, it’s just basically taking place randomly in season 2. each scenario is numbered separately that way i can write however many i want whenever i want. sound good?~~

just a young gun with a quick fuse,

i was uptight, wanna let loose.

i was dreamin’ of bigger things and

wanna leave my old life behind.


“’Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit…’” he reiterated in a high-pitched rendition of Nancy Wheeler’s voice.

Annie’s eyebrows rose as she replaced a few things in her locker.

“Ouch,” she said, frowning a bit. “Are you sure she knew what she was talking about? I mean, she was drunk. She might not have even heard what you said. Drunk people usually don’t.”

Steve Harrington gave her a dubious look as he leaned against the locker next to hers. He inclined his head, a strand of brown hair falling down over his forehead.

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anonymous asked:

No you’re not stupid at all!! I read your requests and I was kind of asking for something that would have led to smut, but you don’t write that and it’s totally okay. So how about something fluffy? Like herc has a bad transformation (back into a human) after a rough full moon and the reader comforts him?? Or just any fluff! –🐍

I don’t mind writing things leading up to smut but right now I think fluff is the best thing for me to write! 

Most full moons aren’t so bad for Hercules. 

He doesn’t like full moons, the feeling of being forced out of his own body is one that he’s hated since the first time he turned when he was just 13 years old. Now that he’s older, he’s gotten used to it to a point where it’s more like an inconvenience than something he worries about happening each month. 

But sometimes things go so badly that he comes home an absolute wreck. 

You knew he wasn’t feeling good going into tonight’s full moon, last night was already a bad night and he was worried tonight would be worse, so instead of going to bed early you wait up for him on the couch downstairs. 

Or at least you tried to. 

You fell asleep eventually and when Hercules comes in he finds you curled up with your book open on your lap as he crashes down on the couch with you, his head resting on your lap. 

“Hm? Herc? Are you okay?” you mumble as you wake up, rubbing your sore eyes as you look down at your husband. 

He let’s out a long groan, his hands gripping onto your blanket. 

“What can I do to help?” you ask, fingers gently running your fingers through his hair. 

“Just want to sleep.” 

“Well would you rather sleep in this uncomfortable position or go up to bed?” you ask. 

He huffs slightly but stands up, helping you off the couch as well. You take his hand in yours and lead him upstairs, careful not to walk too fast and pull him along. 

In bed he clutches onto you tightly, arms tight around your waist and face buried in your chest as you get yourselves comfortable. 

“Get some sleep now puppy, I’ll make you a big breakfast in the morning,” you assure him. 

You rub your hand up and down his back, and feel as his body starts to relax into you. He let’s out a long breath, relaxes his tense muscles and snuggles into you a little more. 

“Thank you Y/N,” he mumbles. 

“Of course Hercules,” you whisper. 


There they are! Wyatt grinned proudly as he appeared in his daughter’s bedroom. My two favorite people in all the world.

Annie smiled up at him before returning to the mess that she was making of her dinner. Dorian shook his head with a sigh as he watched her. Giving up, he turned to greet the other man. You’re a little early tonight, mon amour. 

Am I? Wyatt chuckled, leaning in to place a gentle kiss upon Dorian’s cheek. I was hoping to be here to help put Annie to bed. Is that alright, uxor?

Of course, Dorian beamed in response. It was still almost surreal to have the man he loved back in his life, back in the life of the daughter that they shared. 

I genuinely love the post-show high that emboldens people to tweet @ a musician and say things like “we’re just getting some froyo and discussing the works of Carl Sandburg at this specific address - come hang with us!” That’s pure. Completely naive, but pure. I especially love it when people do it to notable demon, Annie Clark, whom as we all know Hates Her Fans and would rather literally die that allow you to buy her ice cold yogurt.

this month snk fandom is losing their shit more than usual (me included), have to throw in my two cents~

Also hi I officially joined Annie Leonhardt defense squad 💎


Sports Festival Arc » Todoroki Shouto
dedicated to the loveliest Annie! @shotous