annie nguyen

If eyes are windows to the soul
His were of beautifully stained glass
They gleamed of colors unbeknown to man
And they say that even light
Lovingly feared their fragility
And the dimly lit halls that lay unknown
Drove us mad with wonder

If eyes are windows to the soul
His were of delicately stained glass
That entice song from the beaks of crows
That shedded roses of their thorns
But beauty is a shroud itself
And if eyes are windows to the soul
His were of a liar’s.

—  Anny Nguyen

I know so much fucking shit about you; I can fucking ruin you. You think you’re the only one who can play dirty huh? You think people actually like you? HAHAHHA NO. Your only friends are Heather and Rashaad. EVERYONE talks shit about you. EVERYONE. You think boys like you because of your personality? HHAHHAHAA GOOD ONE. Boys like you because of your reputation of being a WHORE. Boobs showing everyday, shorts so short everyone can see your butt. Oh yeah. Definitely your personality. Speaking of personality, you have a shitty one. You are by far the most annoying little whore ever. Your fucking high pitch voiced, the way you speak in a “baby” voice, the way you fucking look. Let’s see… you’ve slept with about 8 different guys in the last 2 years? Tai, David, Andrew, Tai’s friend/cousin, Tin, Mikey, Rashaad, and Trey. LOL THEY’RE ARE PROBABLY MORE. Would not surprise me. Bitch, I can’t wait for you to get pregnant or AIDS. I loveeee how you’re talking about what happened yesterday to EVERYBODY. Damn bitch, you like attention that much? Keep talking shit to MY FRIENDS. They’re gonna tell me anyways because none of them actually like you. Have you noticed that all your “best” friends have now turned against you? lol probably not. You’re not very smart. OH, and maybe try finding clothes that actually FIT YOU? I don’t give a fuck if you and Heather are “best friends”, you don’t have to wear the same exact shit. This is not the 1st grade. What she chooses to wear DOES NOT look good on you because she DOES NOT have fat hanging out of her shirt. She DOES NOT bulge out of her clothes. YOU ARE NOT THIN LIKE HEATHER DON’T FUCKING WEAR CLOTHES LIKE SHE DOES. I don’t give a fuck, we’ve got 5 days left of fucking high school. FUCK OFF, BITCH. Get your little Rashaad out of here; you guys don’t fucking belong up there. Go fuck in another corner of the school, please. And just a suggestion. Maybe have guys from OTHER SCHOOL’S dicks in your mouth  instead of people from our school. Your reputation might be better off.

friends for never,


Remember this?! This was our motto and I believe it still is. I know we don’t talk as much or hang out as often as we liked to but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re my ride or die since forever. Throughout all the years with our friendship we were never bitter or pulled any shady ass shit like other bitches. It was always true and real with you and I appreciate all the times through thick and thin. Even though we’ve both changed a WHOLE lot (not as ugly LOLL) and grown, that doesn’t alter the fact that we can still laugh with eachother about some random shit since 4th grade! 9 yearrrs brooo. Lol. I love you man! No homo. (: Thanks for everything.


Check out my cousin’s dance crew. 1UP. they did this whole thing in a matter of 1 week.


Aint No Need // Joyce Wrice

directed & edited by me <3

prod. by Mndsgn & DJ Harrison

art by Annie Nguyen and I

photography by Sara Todd

all VHS analog love \