annie larsen

A Suggestion for the South Park Fandom (#SPGirlPower)

Hey there, you guys, I’ve been kind of down lately about how the fourth grade girls have been treated in South Park fan works. It seems like a lot of recent fanfics and fanart have featured the girls either dying in a gruesome fashion, getting badly beaten up, being put in a great deal of danger or being portrayed as irredeemable villains, among some other negative and troubling themes. To counter all of this doom and gloom, I think it would be a great idea if the SP fandom came together to write more light-hearted stories featuring the girls, cute art involving the girls having fun doing anything from going on a crazy adventure to just relaxing together while watching TV and anything else cool you can think of starring the girls of South Park that doesn’t involve them being portrayed in a negative light or facing some kind of harmful peril. The girls of South Park are really amazing and they deserve to at least be tolerated by everybody in the South Park fandom, if not respected or even beloved. Let’s show the world that they’re so much more than just generic afterthoughts! #SPGirlPower P.S., feel free to reblog this post to spread the word out about this beautiful idea!