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Annie on my mind- Nancy Garden

Keeping you a secret- Julie Anne Peters

Leaving L.A.- Kate Christie

Me and you and daisies- Lily R. Mason

The world unseen- Shamim Sarif 

Wildthorn- Jane England

Tipping the velvet- Sarah Waters

Dare truth or promise- Paula Boock

And Playing the role of herself- K.E. Lane

Hunter’s Way- Gerri Hill

Ash- Malinda Lo

The price of salt- Patricia Highsmith

Patience & Sarah- Isabel Miller

The Gravity between us- Kristen Zimmer

Her name in the sky- Kelly Quindlen 

Taking the long way- Lily R. Mason

Fingersmith- Sarah Waters


Hey all.

Guys, we need to take a step back and get one thing straight.

Anti will not be back for a while. Jack has said it himself.

It’s fine to theorize and make posts about it. But nitpicking at every video is just going to make us all more paranoid and we know that isn’t what Jack wants for our community.

Also, let people believe what they want to about the other egos. I’m tired of seeing everyone try to make others believe in a certain way of thinking, like with Chase being evil or Anti seeking redemption.

Again, these theories are completely fine to have. Everyone has the right to theorize about the egos and have their own opinion of them. But do not force your theory upon others like it’s the only one that’ll become canon.

We have no idea what could come next with any of them, but let’s all just calm down, collect ourselves and enjoy what we have of the egos.

Remember, Jack didn’t have to do any of this. He did this because he genuinely values our community and wants to make us happy. But the second we start fighting and being petty over this, it will stop. And then nobody’s happy. We don’t want that. Jack doesn’t want that.

Please be respectful of other people and their theories. Be respectful in general to everyone, and let’s keep this fandom a safe, happy, and welcoming place.

-mod annie

We were starting to miss Annie

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So they gave us mafia Annie instead

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The Freddie Mercury Tribute concert, 20 April 1992

“Mercury died on 24 November 1991. May, Taylor and Deacon held a memorial concert for him the next spring. Watched by over a billion people across the world, guest artists such as Elton John, George Michael, David Bowie and Annie Lennox paid tribute to one of rock’s glitziest, best-loved superstars.”