annie green


The Get Down S01E09 (Part 2 - Episode 3) - One by One, Into the Dark

We’re gonna show everybody that there’s this invisible little army, and we’re hungry and scared, but we’re on our way. And even though no one loves our little army, one day the world will see the messages we leave them, and they’ll know we tried to help them to find the right song.


>>> Green Thumb - a bagginshield fic for @sinisterfeline <<<

Bilbo Baggins is chronically incapable of keeping plants alive, which, considering it’s the one thing that reminds him of home in this new city, is a bit unfortunate. Luckily for him, quaint little flower shops still exist, and so does his passion for facing obstacles head on - even when the obstacle in question is the fact that he only possesses the entirety of four windowsills to try and start his new garden on, a fact that some people find endlessly hilarious.