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But I love you more than words can say

A little practice of Ct Chrysler’s character Annie Mei( PLZ check out his tumblr) that kinda gives me a Fresh Prince of Bel-air vibe  with the text to her right, but hope you guyz and galz like. Also Ct when u gon get back to tumblr I’m DYEIING to know EDIT: woah!!! 80 likes thanks alot y'all, never expected CT to reblog this either. Well in that case I wanna see more of Nargyle’s work to, miss those doodles:(


More punk!au, very casual punk au… It was just supposed to be a sketch but I wanted to practice some polaroid effects

Shopping with their S/O

A/N: Pretend like everyone is happy and in a modern au and alive :’)

▪Is poor af but wants to spoil his s/o so much
▪He will drain himself for them
▪"Eren, I really don’t need new shoes"
▪He also likes to window shop too, preferably on weekends. It’s a good way to spend time with his s/o and he enjoys it a lot because since he isn’t busy, they can spend the whole day together
▪Just genuinely loves spending time with them
▪Would totally knock kids out for his s/o during good sales

▪Is actually the best for shopping
▪Doesn’t ever say a word though
▪She’ll go into a changing room with them and they’ll put their pickings on
▪"What about this?”
▪-sits in silence-
▪"You’re right, it doesn’t flatter my arms.“
▪Is really good at finding discounts
▪"Babe, this is on sale”
▪Her s/o always tries to get her scarfs, but they know she probably won’t wear it, yet they keep trying

▪Is super good with calculating sale prices
▪Also budgeting
▪"Ok this is 35% off, that’s $20, you can spend $126 more and still pay rent"
▪He always invites Mikasa and Eren and they graciously accept because tbh they love his s/o and the two like to sit with them and watch Armin fight for a pair of pants

**If his s/o Is plus-sized**
▪He sees his love trying to pick things out but they keep putting them back because they’re too expensive
▪He, of course, being the cutie patootie he is, will buy it for them
▪But he will also take note of the store name and write a long ass letter about how they shouldn’t be overcharging people when the clothes don’t cost much more to make than those sold to people of a smaller size (He did the calculations)
▪His s/o finds out and cries and kisses him because that is so sweet

▪Hates shopping
▪But will do it if his s/o asks
▪Is BRUTALLY honest with them
▪"Oh my God put that back, yellow is not your color"
 ▪Frequently makes these faces to let them know what he thinks:
-Approval: ( ͡° o ͡°)
-Disapproval: (´-ι_-`)
▪Is great at picking things out and is weirdly good at guessing sizes
▪Also crazy hella amazing with makeup. That boy knows if his s/o is a summer or autumn or whatever

**Wedding shopping**
▪He doesn’t want to go with his s/o to pick out a dress/tux because he hates shopping
▪So he sends his mom
▪She tells him absolutely nothing because if he didn’t want to go, then he has to wait.
▪He takes care of the registry
▪Like the whole thing, fills most of it with necessary stuff, but also some stuff that isn’t needed
▪S/o looked at a KitchenAid Mixer for longer than 3 seconds, BAM!! It’s on there

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Hello, I hope you're having a good day. What is a typical outfit for the 104th and vets in a gender bent modern AU? (With an agender or gender neutral Hanji). - from a fan artist in need of some inspiration.

Mikasa: Gothic style, black clothes, many accessoires
Reiner: A nice summer dress with print on it
Bertholdt: Plain skirts and flat shoes (he is very tall after all)
Annie: Punkish outfit, ripped clothes, leather and jeans
Eren: Typical neo grunge clothes, crop shirts, plateau
Armin: Mom jeans, striped t-shirts and chucks
Jean: Casual look, white blouses, jeans, t-shirts
Marco: Preppy style, school girl skirts, sweater
Sasha: Casual, Flower shirts, relaxed pants
Connie: Classic girl next door style, striped shirt, jeans, sneakers
Historia: Girly fashion (genderbend version adores girly style)
Ymir: Oversized look, long sleeves, skinny jeans, loafers
Levi: 90s Grunge, plaid shirts, hot pants, doc martens
Mike: “Tomboy” style, bottom up shirt, loose fitting jeans, flat shoes
Erwin: 70s style, whide cut jeans, flower prints, colourfull
Nanaba: Trendy, modern jeans, bomber jackets
Moblit: Artsy style, combines a hat and other small accessoires, blouses
Hanji: Neutral grungy look, inspired by many other fashion styles, Hanji just wears something comfortable, not too tight, not too loose, not much colour, but fashonable

I am deeply sorry I didn’t answer it with pictures, but I have a problem with too many pictures on my blog and with longs posts, they stress me very much. I hope this will do anyway 💙


And here are their final designs for those asking and wanting to cosplay as them! Unfortunately their refs are going to be delayed as I STILL need to figure out a way to import my photos from the Switch. XP

But these are indeed their outfits and weapons! Terra mains Splat Duelies, Vesade mains the Splatterscope, and Gale mains both the Splat Roller and Splattershot!

Note: some abilities don’t really match with what Flow sells as I bought some clothings from Annie.  Terra’s shirt has swim speed up, Vesade’s shirt has respawn punisher, and Gale’s shoes has swim speed up.

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Aruani and Yumikuri for the ask thing? Thanks in advance!

I got you! Adding a cut cause 2 makes it long! 

OTP Questions


1. Who says the ‘the floor is lava’ and the other always jumps up on something? Annie does this to Armin rather frequently. Cause even if he doesn’t jump on something, he’ll jump and freak out cause she made a loud noise and he wasn’t prepared, and a flustered Armin is an adorable Armin. 
2. Who makes the other laugh so the beverage that they are drinking comes out of their nose? Annie. Armin laughs so easily and so fully that a poorly timed joke can have nefarious consequences. 
3. Who can make the other laugh without even trying? Annie again. Armin just laughs so easily that she doesn’t have to do much to see that brilliant smile and hear his adorable little laugh. 
4. Who stresses out about everything? And who has to calm the other person down? Armin stresses more externally, Annie internally. They both have to take turns calming each other down, making sure that the other is okay and not getting swallowed whole by fear and worry. It takes a long time for Annie to be comfortable opening up to Armin in this way, but once she does, her days of fear are few and far between. Their de-stress sessions usually include dramatic romance films, Josh Groban songs, ice cream, and lots of fuzzy blankets and sweaters. 

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