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Dracula (2013/2014) - Katie McGrath as Lucy Westenra wearing an evening dress with red satin corseted bodice and long skirt of red satin, white tulle and organza. Lace elements accent the bodice and the skirt. The accessories include red satin opera gloves, white fabric flowers and ruby jewellery (pendant earrings, brooch and bracelet).

The costumes were designed by Annie Symons.

Welcome Baby Maggie! 

Chapter 37 of “Again” is now available on FF and AO3! Thank you so much for your support as we get to the end of this story–I appreciate it very much!

Thank you to Chelzie, my beta for her awesome editing skills. Also, thank you to keelaree for being a totally fabulous pre-reader.

Hellos, reviews, and comments are always welcome on Tumblr, FF, and AO3.

I’m so excited for all of you to read these last chapters! Happy Reading!

Snippet Sunday: Again

Just one announcement:

As I’ve just finished the last official chapter–and I have issues with letting go–there is going to be one more outtake before the epilogue of Again.

Hubbs wanted me to warn you that you’ll need tissues for the last chapter–as he let out a sniffle or two (this part is what he didn’t want me to tell you but whatever).

Summary: From Chapter 37–Annie tells Finnick her fears about her impending motherhood. Cuteness ensues.

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10 Unconventional Alternatives to the Sexiest Man Alive

JANELLE OKWODU for VOGUE US - November 22, 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch (photographed by Annie Leibovitz,September 2013)

For his army of online admirers, Benedict Cumberbatch is the sexiest man ever to exist. But even if you aren’t ready to take on the title of “Cumberbitch,” listening to him read Shakespeare makes a compelling case for hotness.