annex on the town

CALOOCAN: “Nah, I’m just broken. Get it? Eh.”

Territorial controversy

Caloocan once encompassed a much bigger area without being bisected into north and south. The district of Balintawak, La Loma and Novaliches were once part of Caloocan. Balintawak is a historic district because it was the original site of the “Cry of Pugad Lawin” (Unang Sigaw sa Balintawak) at a location called “Kang-kong” near Tandang Sora’s house. Novaliches was an expansive sector with some hillsides that served as meeting places and hideouts for Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan.

By the 1920s, the consolidation of several municipalities, Caloocan had annexed the neighbouring town of Novaliches, as stated in the Act 942, as amended by Acts 984 and 1008 of the Philippine Commission, bringing its total area to about 15,000 hectares extended to the foothills of Marikina, San Mateo and Montalban in the east; Tinajeros, Tanza and Tala rivers in the North; San Francisco del Monte, Sampalok, Sta. Cruz and Tondo in the south; and Dagat-Dagatan or Aromahan in the west.

When Quezon City was created in 1939, 1,500 hectares of land from Caloocan, the following barrios or sitios: Balintawak, Balingasa, Kaingin, Kangkong, La Loma, Malamig, Matalahib, Masambong, Galas, San Isidro, San Jose, Santol and Tatalon, was to be given to the newcapital city. Instead of opposing it, Caloocan residents willingly gave land to Quezon City in the belief it will benefit the country’s new capital.

However, in 1949, Congress passed Republic Act No. 333, which redefined the Caloocan-Quezon City boundary. The barrios of Baesa, Talipapâ, San Bartolomé, Pasong Tamó, Novaliches, Banlat, Kabuyao, Pugad Lawin, Bagbag, Pasong Putik, which once belonged to Novaliches and had an area of about 8,100 hectares, were excised from Caloocan. The remaining portion of the Novaliches is now what we call North Caloocan. This caused the division of Caloocan into two parts, the southern section being the urbanised portion, while the northern section becoming suburban-rural.


(Japanese) Lesbian Literature Recommendations

I wanted to write this because even though I’m a lesbian that loves to read, it is always hella difficult for me to find lesbian literature that I actually enjoy and relate to. I have read a great deal of LGBT stuff, and I rarely find things that are thought-provoking or emotionally moving. A lot of it personally seems a bit immature and unconvincing. The following titles were written with more of an articulate voice, where the plot and story revolves around serious and intelligent themes alongside the explicit lesbian content. All of them are by Japanese writers, coincidentally, because I’m an enormous weeb

(I hope someone reads one of these I love them I love reviewin books)

  • Spinning Tropics by Aska Mochizuki - The protagonist Hiro is a teacher abroad in Thailand where she teaches Japanese to Thai people who could potentially earn sponsorship to work in Japan from her company. She meets a woman named Dung, a younger yet outgoing student of hers, and they are instantly attracted to each other. With the introduction of Konno, a Japanese businessman, jealousy and resentment destroy the threesome with a climactic yet inconclusive ending. The novel is vivid in its portrayal of a scorchingly hot yet exotic Thailand; a setting perfect for Hiro’s isolated foreign romance.
  • Beauty and Sadness by Yasunari Kawabata - Kawabata’s engrossing storytelling draws the reader into a conflict between two ex-lovers that spans 20 years. A young woman who is heartbroken by an older man grows up to become a recluse painter in a Buddhist temple, accompanied by her young, loyal, yet disturbingly beautiful lover/apprentice, Keiko. When the older, married man reaches an elderly age, he arrives at the painter’s door, asking for forgiveness for the past. Once Keiko learns of the old man’s unforgivable wrongdoings to her master, love and obsession leads her to using her entrancing beauty to exact her teacher’s revenge. Kawabata teaches the reader about the unescapable past, vengeance and poisonous attraction. (Keiko’s extremely feminine and youthful beauty being used against men for her lesbian lover is a rare subject not usually explored in lesbian fiction). 

  • Quicksand (卍 Manji) by Junichiro Tanizaki - This novel is a bit like Beauty and Sadness and Spinning Tropics put together. It follows a Japanese housewife Sonoko that takes up drawing lessons at the local annex in her small town. There, she meets and befriends Mitsuko, a nude model. Even after many red flags about Mitsuko’s manipulative ways, Setsuko continues to allow their relationship to escalate into a passionate affair that soon involves her own husband as well. Sonoko’s life is engulfed by her unconditional infatuation with the young girl as the illicit love affair has her aristocratic title and lifestyle take a nose-dive. Mitsuko’s psychotically vain and self-centered ways end up being the suicidal downfall of everyone around her.
  • Real World by Natsuo Kirino - Kirino is one of my favorite Japanese writers. Her brutally honest yet cruel voice sheds a new light on the evil underbelly of Japanese culture. Her other (heterosexual) works Out and Grotesque also focus on gritty heinous crime in Tokyo, sometimes highlighting on the clash between Japanese standards of beauty that is enamored by the West. Real World centers around four schoolgirls caught up in a police chase of a creepy neighbor boy after he has murdered his mother. Though her plot is secondary to the crime, one of the four schoolgirl protagonists is a closeted lesbian who struggles with her identity in Japanese society while searching for her place among the Tokyo LGBT scene.

If y'all find some stuff that sounds similar, please recommend it to me!!!!


Houses, alleyways, and gates of Homberg (Efze), Schwalm-Eder district, Hesse

After being set on fire and with almost all houses destroyed by the Emperor’s army during the 30 year war in 1638, the town was entirely rebuilt using the original foundations. Only the stone houses and very few half-timbered houses survived, such as St. Mary’s church, the lower floors of the town hall, or the hotel Krone from 1480.

The layout of the medieval towns with narrow, crooked alleyways ending at the next intersection instead of running straight through the town was purposeful. It prevented the occurrence of permanent drafty winds running through the streets, carrying away costly heating energy from the houses. It is an early attempt to save energy. Additionally, the walled nature of the towns made space scarce, hence the roads were made as narrow as even possible, and the upper floors of the houses were protruding to provide more interior space.

These circumstances made living within the walls of a town very expensive. Therefore, many towns had an annex called die Freiheit (freedom), an independent settlement outside of the walls. Their citizens – mostly small craftsmen and peasants – did not have to pay the expensive taxes, but were living in a more dangerous and less protected situation. In the case of Homberg, within 100 years, the Freiheit had grown and accumulated wealth to an extent that it eventually received town privileges and got its own wall with two gates. In 1536, both towns were united, and the New Gate (last picture) was built as a direct connection between the two halves of the new town.

Blérancourt, by Nyon, August 19, 1790

You who sustain the Fatherland which is staggering under the flood of despotism and of intrigue, you whom I know only as one knows God, by miracles, I address myself to you, Sir, to pray your assistance in saving my unfortunate district. The town of Courci has annexed to itself (so the report runs) the free markets of the borough of Blérancourt. Why do the cities swallow up the privileges of the countryside? Nothing remains to the latter except the taxes and imposts! Support, I beg you, with all your talent, a petition which I have sent by the same courier, in which I request the union of my patrimony with the national demands of the Canton, in order that my district may retain a privilege without which it must perish of famine. I do not know you, but you are a great man. You are not merely the deputy of a province, but of humanity and of the Republic. Act, I pray you, so that my petition may not be disregarded.
—  Saint-Just’s 1790 letter to Robespierre. Quoted on pg. 17 of Geoffrey Bruun's Saint-Just. Just a note this translation differs from that featured in Eugene Curtis' Saint-Just: Colleague of Robespierre. 
Might ethical self Deal with Your LAPTOP ANIMAL CHARGE CALCULATOR Oneself?

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