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In 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act. Equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, has been and continues to be hotly contested issue in the United States. Did you know that this is an issue that has been discussed and debated by Americans since the 1800s?

 Let’s take a look at West Roxbury as an example. The above document is a School Committee Report from the town of West Roxbury from the 1865-1866 school year. In it, the School Committee writes that teachers should be paid the same amount, regardless of their gender.

 Now, take a look at this document below.

This document shows the results of a 1924 ballot question regarding equal pay for all school teachers. In 1874, the city of Boston annexed West Roxbury, and the former town became Ward 20 of Boston. You can see, that in 1924, an overwhelming majority of Ward 20 residents voted against equal pay for school teachers.


School Committee Report for the Town of West Roxbury, 1865-66, Box PB 064, Town of West Roxbury records 1400.001, Boston City Archives

 Equal Pay Question on the City Election Ballot, 1924, City Documents, Collection 0100.003, Boston City Archives

Blog post by Monica Haberny, City Archives Outreach Intern


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