i. Do not prioritize sex. The intensity of love cannot be measured by surrendering your “all”. Do not force your partner to do it if they are not ready for it. The strength of your relationship does not depend on this. It depends on the both of you, on how you will work everything out. It would not make you less of a person if you are not having sex. 

ii. Do not take them for granted just because you know that they will always be there for you. They need constant appreciation and attention. You might still love them, but it takes effort and time to make them feel that you really do. You are one of those lucky few who were able to have someone by your side so take care of them.

iii. Do not rush things. Yes, you are in a relationship, but it takes time to earn their full affection and full trust. Introducing them right away to your family would be lovely, but how sure are you that they are the one? You would not want introducing different people every year. You still have a lot to know about each other so do not be prematurely sure about everything. Take things slowly.

iv. Do not bring up the past. They chose to be with you, so be happy about it. What matters is the present. Do not blame them for the wrongs they committed before you came into their life. It is not their fault. Your story is different. 

v. Do not cuss. You may have a big fight, but do not ever say bad words. They will be strongly offended whether you address it to them or not. Be respectful. You are not fighting with just some other person. It is terrifying to be with someone who cannot control their anger.

vi. Do not bottle up everything that bothers you. Communication is vital in a relationship. Do not wait for things to get worse before telling them about your concern. If they are the one who has something to say, listen. Your relationship matters that is why they want to talk it out with you.

vii. Do not assume that a couple has to be together all the time. You must have your space at times. They are not the only ones you have in your life. You have your family and friends. Be independent. Do not hold them by the neck. Do not restrict them from going to places without you. Trust them.

viii. Do not be selfish. It is not only you who needs to be understood. It is not all about you alone. It is fine to make demands, but you have to consider their feelings too if they agree or not with you. Be fair. 

ix. Do not have high expectations. Be contented with what they can give you. Do not force them to be someone they are not just to fulfill your needs. Everyone is unique so embrace everything that comes with them.

x. Do not say things that you might regret out of anger like saying goodbye. It would hurt them badly that they might not want to come back to you no matter how much you beg. Think before you speak.

I consider myself small and unnoticeable, but someday, I hope I could make someone feel nervous. Someone who couldn’t sleep at night, thinking of me. Someone who steals glances and smiles secretly upon seeing me. Someone who would melt under my stare. Someone who would write about me and notice my mannerisms. I just want to know how it feels like to have someone who I could affect that much.
Let us go back to the start
when things used to be beautiful;
When the awkward “hey”
and “hi” were cute;
When we give up sleep just to chat
because we were so into each other;
When we were the first thought
on each other’s mind;
When we spill rainbows and
butterflies with every word exchanged;
When we were each other’s sanity
in this messed up life;
When we were so honest
and we did not hesitate in saying
how we feel at the moment;
When we were willing to drown in
each other’s ocean, we know that we
will swim out of it together;
When I held your hand and suddenly
it felt like the universe was
within my reach;
When we knew what we were
to each other
but we did not give any labels;
Let us go back to those times
when you wanted me and you
were happy.
I cannot deny the fact that I still look for you in every person that I meet. I admitted to myself that you are still better than anyone else, with your flaws and all. Only your touch seemed legal and right. I cannot allow anyone to touch me the same way. I guess this is okay, loving you despite of your absence; loving you despite of the heartbreak. You are irreplaceable and it amazes me how you owned me for life.

i. She is sensitive. Choose your words carefully because she might not forget it once you offended her. It may affect her self-esteem. Simple matters may turn into a big deal for her especially if it involves you, her boyfriend. She can be easily hurt because you are important to her. Expect her to be over-sensitive during red days.

ii. She needs your attention. She is worth your time. She would want to talk to you non-stop because you are her favorite person. She may be noticed by many, but it would mean nothing if you are not among them. She is striving to be better because you inspire her. Complimenting her would make her really happy.

iii. She gets jealous easily. Bear with her. Nobody wants to be replaced by someone else. She is just protecting your relationship. She fears that upon being close with others, you might forget about her. She is not doing it as a desperate measure to gain your attention. Being jealous is a human nature. It is normal. It does not mean that she does not trust you enough. What she needs is reassurance.

iv. She is your bestfriend. She must be the first person to know about everything that happens to you. You must let her know every detail about you. You would not want her to feel disappointed with herself, just because other people knows you better than she does. She will listen and she will understand. She can be your greatest confidant. She can be playful and she can definitely ride on your interests.

v. She is moody. One minute, she can be the happiest human in the world. Next second, she will be angry for no apparent reason at all. She may even ignore you for a while. It is hard being a girl because a lot of things frustrate her. Getting mad at her too, would not help at all. Just let her be. Comfort her. Do not be annoyed. You must be patient with her. It will soon pass anyway.

Girls may differ, but they all need the same thing — to be loved and to be respected. She may get to your nerves at times, but you have to be understanding. Do not let her feel less of a person. Bring out the best in her instead. Inspire her and make her happy every waking day. Cherish her and make her feel that she is the most beautiful girl you had ever seen. Treat your girlfriend right.

If your girl feels jealous, respect that. You do not get to decide how she should feel. Girls know their own kind. She could tell when another girl is hitting on her man. Instead of telling her that she is just thinking too much or that she is being unreasonable, hear her out and reassure her. Be there for her and do not give her a reason to be jealous once again.
There is someone out there who is praying for you and dreaming about you. Someone wants to be with you and will do anything to make that happen. Someone wants you so bad that even if they know it will hurt at some point, they know they made the right choice of being with you. They will always choose you and leaving you will be the last crazy thing on their mind. You are worth the tears, the pain and the wait. Someone is out there for you.
Before you walk away from him, think about the first awkward “hi” and “hey”. Do you still remember how you felt when someone finally see your importance, that he liked to know everything about you, even the little things? Do you remember how he made you smile when he wrote your name on the sand by the beach? Do not forget those times when you fought your drowsiness so hard just to talk to him all night. You wanted him so bad. You fell for him hard. Remember those times when he became your comfort when everything seems so loud in your head. He listened patiently and hugged you. You felt secure. How about those times when you were so mad that you just could not stop yourself from nagging him, then he suddenly kissed you to shut you up? He really knows what to do. You shared a lot of good things to remember. Now that things are getting difficult, think a lot of times if you really can afford to lose him. Everyone makes mistakes but you have to help him be a better person. Please be patient. Please understand. He needs you now more than ever.
I wish I could be everything you wanted. Wish I could make you look forward to tomorrows, because I will always choose to stay with you no matter how difficult things could be. Wish I could take away the pain, the fear and the doubts. Let me make you happy and worry-free. Let me help you be whole again. I wish I could be yours. Everyday I will always be proud to have you. Everyday I will take care of you and your heart. I wish I could be that person for you.
I want to do myself a favor. I want to break free from all the anger and pain that I feel. I learned that forgiveness is difficult if I will not accept the reality first. Let me look back once in a while on what used to be before I can fully let go. We used to be happy, but the present is clearly showing that we drifted apart a long time ago. We thought that we could save this, but we are the ones who needs saving from ourselves. One day, we will not even remember how each other’s arms felt like home. I will also forget how your voice sounded like; your mannerisms; your favorites; your all. I just need a little more time. Soon enough, I know that I will stop writing about you.
Let me love you in ways that I know how. Let me love you from afar. Let me be your journal in times when life is being too much. Let me be your strength in times when everything is crumbling down. Let me spill my spontaneous cheesy lines just to make you laugh. Let me sing for you even if I am not gifted with a soft, soothing voice. Even if you forget that I am here, I will still be smiling, knowing that you are happy and that you are doing well. I will always be your friend. I just happen to love you differently.