I love you too much that it makes my heart ache when I see you sending text messages to her and would delete it afterwards; when both of you would talk in her bedroom with the doors closed; when you could not refuse her requests; how i see the control she has on you; when you confide in her first before me; how she knows you all her life; when i remember how you left me alone to be there for her; when she forgets that i am here to take care of you; when both of you forget that i exist. I might have forgot how to breathe during these moments and i am not good in handling my emotions. It makes me angry. It makes me sad. Most of all, it cuts deep in my chest and you would not understand. After all, she is your best friend and i am just the girl you happen to love (?).
—  Inked Series
I crave for you like the last best chocolatey tip of my Cornetto ice cream. I want you in your good days especially the bad ones. I want you here under the same sheets with me; hand in hand; eyes set on yours; mouth slightly open, longing for your breath on mine. I want to hear you whisper with your low, bedroom voice in my ear again. I want to keep you tucked safely in my chest. I apologize for wanting you so much.
—  Midnight Series
If your girl feels jealous, respect that. You do not get to decide how she should feel. Girls know their own kind. She could tell when another girl is hitting on her man. Instead of telling her that she is just thinking too much or that she is being unreasonable, hear her out and reassure her. Be there for her and do not give her a reason to be jealous once again.
Before you walk away from him, think about the first awkward “hi” and “hey”. Do you still remember how you felt when someone finally see your importance, that he liked to know everything about you, even the little things? Do you remember how he made you smile when he wrote your name on the sand by the beach? Do not forget those times when you fought your drowsiness so hard just to talk to him all night. You wanted him so bad. You fell for him hard. Remember those times when he became your comfort when everything seems so loud in your head. He listened patiently and hugged you. You felt secure. How about those times when you were so mad that you just could not stop yourself from nagging him, then he suddenly kissed you to shut you up? He really knows what to do. You shared a lot of good things to remember. Now that things are getting difficult, think a lot of times if you really can afford to lose him. Everyone makes mistakes but you have to help him be a better person. Please be patient. Please understand. He needs you now more than ever.
There is someone out there who is praying for you and dreaming about you. Someone wants to be with you and will do anything to make that happen. Someone wants you so bad that even if they know it will hurt at some point, they know they made the right choice of being with you. They will always choose you and leaving you will be the last crazy thing on their mind. You are worth the tears, the pain and the wait. Someone is out there for you.
Do not let that man make you lose your self-respect. If he loves you truly, he would not let you go that low. If you do not like what he is doing to you, tell him to back off. If he cares for you, he would always be in his best behavior and he would respect you. His hands would not go to where it is not supposed to touch. His mouth will speak of love and not of lust. You are supposed to be happy, not scared about your safety.
I hope you miss me when your passenger seat is empty. Remember how we could not resist. We forgot how to breathe in every kiss. Your hands cupping my face and around my waist. My arms resting around your neck. Your whispers in my ear. My giggles, and I pull you in once more. I hope you miss me in every cigarette lit at night, where the largest clock in the city lies. Talking about what is up with our lives. I hope you miss me in every text message which used to ring your phone up. It is all quiet now. I hope you miss me because I do miss you badly. I wish you still care. Let us go back to the start.
—  Red Series
I used to tell myself that I would not fall for another again; afraid of letting someone new figure me out; afraid of being attached too much that I may be giving away the remaining pieces of me and have nothing left for myself; afraid to hold a hand that is so foreign; afraid to be vulnerable. As time passed, I am starting to think that maybe I am depriving myself of something beautiful. I am shutting myself from meeting the right one. I just need to take it slow and to not be carried away along with the butterflies. This time, I believe I am someone who is worth the hard work for me to be their world. I believe it is not too late for me. It just happened that I met the wrong ones first and I will not give them the satisfaction of seeing me being terrified to feel again.
I wish I could be everything you wanted. Wish I could make you look forward to tomorrows, because I will always choose to stay with you no matter how difficult things could be. Wish I could take away the pain, the fear and the doubts. Let me make you happy and worry-free. Let me help you be whole again. I wish I could be yours. Everyday I will always be proud to have you. Everyday I will take care of you and your heart. I wish I could be that person for you.
Her heart had been bruised before but she held on and she never stopped loving. She will always be
there even if you did not ask her to be. She is generous in giving her time to listen to your frets. She cares so much and I hope that she is taking good care of herself as much as she does to her loved ones. She is the definition of a beautiful soul.
—  For an angel, @maartejade
I want to do myself a favor. I want to break free from all the anger and pain that I feel. I learned that forgiveness is difficult if I will not accept the reality first. Let me look back once in a while on what used to be before I can fully let go. We used to be happy, but the present is clearly showing that we drifted apart a long time ago. We thought that we could save this, but we are the ones who needs saving from ourselves. One day, we will not even remember how each other’s arms felt like home. I will also forget how your voice sounded like; your mannerisms; your favorites; your all. I just need a little more time. Soon enough, I know that I will stop writing about you.
You court a girl not just because she is pretty or smart, but because you pictured building a future with her. You court her because she makes you feel different in a good way. You court her because you know that you could make her happier than she already is. You court her because you know that what you feel is for real. You make her fall for you because you know that you will be there to take responsibility for it. You court her because you know that you are ready to commit.