“Truth is, we weren’t made invincible and independent. We were made weak and dependent in order to grow as a person. Everyone is given the ability to overcome obstacles and the ability to take care of themselves. You make yourself strong and if you decide to stay weak and depend on others, you won’t survive on your own.” ((made by me….)) - #annetteeooo ….((#annettemariesantanaquotes)) use my name or AMS when using.. Thanks! :] (Taken with instagram)

“Love can tear us all apart. Make us pour our heart all out. Rip up what we call our heart. It can make us cry, make us shout. But whether in pieces or whole, It at one point enlightened our soul.” -Annette Marie Santana. I made up this quote myself, feeel free to quote it. But please don’t foret my full name or you can just put AMS (my initials). Cause I am publishing the quote… Thanks! instagram)