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Keith Moon: - I met her in Bournemouth when I was playing a show. She was 16 and she hung out at the club where we worked, the Disc.

Kim Kerrigan: - I thought he was lovely, big wide eyes, very sweet … He was funny, he was lovely, but it wasn’t something I was looking for.

Keith Moon: - Sometimes later when I went down to see her, I was on a train and Rod Stewart was on the train. We got chatting and we went to the bar car. It was Rod “The Mod” Stewart in those glorious days and he’d just been working with Long John Baldry. He was playing a lot of small discotheques and pubs, doing the same work we were doing. I said to Rod, “Where are you going?” He said “Bournemouth.” “So’m I.” So I showed Rod a picture of Kim and he said. “Yeah … that’s ‘er.”

Kim Kerrigan: - That was when Keith introduced me to the pills. I was ready for it. I loved them.  

Kim Kerrigan: - It was lovely being part of that family. They were wonderful, absolutely incredible.

Kim Moon: - It wasn’t the way I planned it, but I really, really loved him. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I was very young, and things were changing. There were different facets to Keith, and other facets were coming out. He wanted to marry me, he wanted to possess me, he loved the idea of us having his baby, but on the other hand, there was all this other … This was a very small part of his life. There was everything else opening up. The Who were big. So he was very confused, obviously. I said I didn’t want to get married, he was sure he did, but at the same time he had all this confusion. It would manifest itself in the aggression, he would get very frustrated. And also the pills …

Keith Moon: - It was my managers’ idea to keep the marriage a secret … at the time, I didn’t care, I just wanted to marry Kim, but my managers and publicist did care about what I did.

Kitty Moon: - It was daft byt Kit Lambert did his nut about the whole affair. When he realised he couldn’t persuade Keith not to go through with it, he ordered all of us, family included, to swear a vow of secrecy. His reasoning was Keith was the one who pulled in all the girls and it wouldn’t do the group’s image any good at all. It was such a shame really because he was our only son and we were so looking forward to the wedding. Looking back I reckon it wouldn’t have done any harm for everybody to have known. It would have saved Kim a lot of preoblems. Later on, when the fans found out, she suffered badly. They sent her gravestones and abused her terribly. I still remember the sight of keith chasing one girl and hitting her with a raw egg because he was so angry at what she said to Kim.   

Kim Moon: - If we went out together after I had Mandy, if someone talked to me, he’d lose it. We’d go home and he’d start a fight with me. Sometimes, I wouldn’t go home with him. I’d get home and he’d be throwing things out of the window, smashing things up.

Kim Moon: - Fortunately he’s only here for about six months of the year. The rest of the time he’s away touring. If he was here all the time I don’t think I could stand it. He’ll get up in the morning and decide he’s going to be Hitler for the day. And he is Hitler. He dresses up, combs his hair over one eye, pencils on a moustache and walks around talking to everybody in a german accent. I just ignore him. Everybody does. We lead seperate lives under the same roof.

Keith Moon: - I suppose that despite the luxury my wife lives in, me and the fans have not made life very easy. She just couldn’t handle fame. It got so bad she even resented pop … hated it. She didn’t want to come to shows, didn’t want to talk about music. She even tried to get me to change because she didn’t like to see people laughing at me.

Keith Moon: - The pressures on us have been tremendous because of the nature of my work. I have been away from home for long periods. And my wife has been subjected to all kinds of verbal and physical abuse - even having eggs thrown at her.

Annette Walter-Lax: - Keith mentioned to me once that he broke her nose with his head. And I think if you do that to your wife, you can’t blame her if she doesn’t want to stick around. He wasn’t proud of it but, on the other hand, he wasn’t exactly shy about talking about it either. So maybe inside, he felt that it was terrible, maybe he needed to talk about it because he regretted it so much.

@daenerysthesilverdragon‘s OCs Xander and Audrey (right) and my OCs Walter and Annette (left) out on a dinner double date. As fun as it is, neither Walt nor Annie have to eat, being undead, and Xander doesn’t have to eat much, so it looks like it’s all up to Audrey.


19 year old model Annette Walter-Lax met 28 year old musician Keith Moon after he divorced from his wife, Kim Kerrigan. Annette looked much like Kim and soon became Keith’s longterm girlfriend from 1974 until his death in 1978. 

“He’d send a Rolls Royce to pick me up wherever I was. Of course all the other girls were like, ‘What’s that white Rolls-Royce doing picking her up?’ And I was like, 'What are you girls going to do now?’ You get impressed.” - Annette.

“It’s the kind of living arrangement a lot of guys dream about, isn’t it? I mean, this girl who looks as if she was put together in heaven and me. […] She really is too good to be true.” - Keith.

“Finally, it is as if Kim does not exist; as if Moonie never meets her and it is in this frame of mind that he meets Annette and she, I am sure, is the one who puts him right.” - Dougal Butler.

daenerysthesilverdragon  asked:

What were Walter and Annette like when they were alive? The same as they are now or somewhat different?

Well, funny you should ask, because they actually met after they both died! (And please excuse the roughness of these sketches!)

Elsa (previously Annette) and Norman (previously Walter) met just after Elsa died in a car crash. Norman spotted her looking a little lost and confused, so he offered to show her around.

(Person in the back: Around what?) In this world that I’m working on, when people die, they go to a waiting room and fill out a form for what kind of afterlife they want. Those who aren’t sure yet can hang out indefinitely in what’s basically limbo, or the world outside the waiting room they’re brought in by Death himself (or one of his lackeys, more typically).

Anyway, people that end up in Limbo are sort of like zombies/the undead and built up their own little community, but they’re all slowly turning into skeletons in the meantime. Norman gave Elsa a tour and they wound up at the carnival.

Later that evening, Elsa began to miss her family and Norman offered to help her find what happened to any that had already died or crossed over, and to help her find a place to live. 

But first, they spent a few hours on the Ferris wheel.

It’s a work in progress, clearly, but that’s a general framework!