Hey guys. So I took a printmaking class last quarter and fell in love with etching. You basically use sharp tools to make marks on a copper plate, ink it up, wipe all the ink off except for the ink that stays in the marks you made, and run it thru a press with lots of pressure. It was so fascinating and fun to learn. Here is my final piece.

It’s four different prints from the same copper plate. I etched from a photo of my childhood home and the series of them together is about how home is no longer a physical place for me. That house was the last place I really felt like was “home” and when we moved and family things happened, no place else really felt like “home”. But now, moments feel like home to me. There are moments where I am so happy and content and things just feel like the way they are supposed to be. Those are “home” to me.


so thankful to all the people who have bought/shared my book over the past year. it makes my heart so happy that i have so much love and support to do more of what i always dreamed of doing. <3 you all are such wonderful human beings and I appreciate you all SO much. also thank you for sending me pictures of your tiny humans and my book, and sending me pictures of my books when you got them in the mail. every single picture makes me smile so much and is just the greatest feeling. 

Thank you TONS!! <3 <3 <3 

(also i can only fit 10 pictures here but i really do love all of them. :) even if your picture isn’t here, thank you and you are so wonderful.)