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Since everyone is making these, I decided to give a big shout out to these flawless, fantastic and definitely brilliant blogs that had make my year an amazing one. I honestly adore their posts, which of course, are brilliant and I may be too shy to talk to them… but I just want to let the world know that my Tumblr days wouldn’t be as wonderful without them! I hope all of you had a brilliant year and may 2013 bring forth many good fortune to all of you ♥  

accio-tvxq ahohohomine annelli0t aomiki argyledpenguin augustushaze boa-yang 

dorobou-neko energetic flowersforrue forgotten-season grnfallenangie happytvxq 

hisoka-tetsuya hotothemin hyunsoos iaaas iamaprettylittleliar illegiblesigns 

ironthroned jonknows -kashido kubotits ko-i la-romanesca lennethh linearise 

lookfar max-pression mockingfire mugiwara-cruise naraolla nekosshi nicoception 

nunmuri oriibutaichou paina-purupuru plainwater- preciousotp racheyzane 

rainwillfall rhymeswithbleak safiew schizophrengeek shuoniaiwo somosinevitables 

sovietcop subtled thenwerunlikehell thunderboltempo tohososhi toshibu yhcm 

+more (because I couldn’t fit all of you awesome people here ^^)