False Twin Flames, Karmic Attachment, A Spiritual & Psychological Fusion.

A ‘false twin flame’ is a specific type of karmic attachment that leaves a pretty lasting impression, and a lasting impact, that is, until the actual twin flame makes themselves apparent. And sometimes, even then, the dent left by the false twin may be so prevalent, that it too affects the twin flame union, and the ways in which the twin in question perceives love, and perceives members of the opposite sex, (opposing energy).

Just like not everybody has a twin flame, not everybody has a false twin. The two sort of go hand in hand, and you cannot have one without the other.

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I felt myself slipping, once again..
And it was my duty to catch myself.
To save myself, as I fell,
toward a doom that I knew all too well.
It is not in my own teachings that I salvage myself,
for I too forget my own words.
It is in the consciousness of my own delusional pain,
that I am able to consciously tell myself,
I do not wish to feel this way again..
I am my own healing.
My presence in the present is my present.

I am conscious enough of myself to know that I deserve to smile.

—  Cindy Anneh-bu
In my mind, I am screaming something out to you & growing more irritable because you cannot hear me in the physical.
The spirit of confusion - she says.
Not knowing what to do,
Or where to go -
Being stuck in a clueless limbo,
Struck between a world of too much playfulness,
& a world of all too much seriousness.
There is no rationality in either.
And at times like this,
I wish I was not so intersectional.
So bordering on all border lines.
—  Cindy Anneh-bu
I think that there are some people who resist the system + literally become hermits because on some level, they are aware that something is devastatingly not right. Call them artist-e? Activist? Or whatever you will, they are ruled by internal knowing. They cannot be so easily bought.
—  Cindy Anneh-bu

The more somebody suffers from low self esteem, the more likely they are to be involved in hyper sexuality + self inflicted sexual abuse.

Cinderella Anneh-bu


IMPORTANT NOTICE - more than likely that person that you refer to as a, ‘hoe’, has experienced some type of sexual abuse or sexual malfunction during their childhood. This experience(s), usually occurs before puberty, may spurn off premature puberty, and permanently alters the way in which the individual views intimacy, trust, sexual health, and relationships. If this act was committed by a trusted member of the family, or family dynamic, the individual may grow to have difficulty with establishing sexual boundaries, having been taught by their experiences to believe, that there truly are none.

The sexualisation of a child from such a young age, also stirs impulsive sexual desires, and behaviours in them that they may be desperate to act out, in attempts to seek the same ‘euphoria’ associated with the feeling of sexual arousal. As they are aware by the secrecy of their abuse that the actions that they are involved in are wrong, they may also develop unhealthy attitudes to sexual
Behaviours, believing largely, that anything goes.
As low self esteem is a trait also associated with sexual abuse, it is very likely, if not a certainty, that they will go on to have a complex relationship with sex, where their former abuse continues to re-surface, well into adulthood.

You see why, 'slut shaming’ doesn’t work? No amount of shame can account for that which people already carry..

I am all too familiar with late nights spent alone, dripping in tears, and worst fears in the home. Though it feels like such a life time ago, it is so, so vital and valuable to stop and realise just how far you’ve come, and just how many lessons you’ve gained along the way. It is almost unreal, which takes me to my favourite ascension symptom.1.loss of identity, disassociation, as we break free from energetic bonds that kept us one way, we now re establish a new sense of self. - sometimes, I truly forget how far that I have come, and that is absolutely terrible because then I do not get to pat myself on the back enough, or pay myself the homage and duty that I am owed. Self love is so empowering and cleansing, internal satisfaction overrides external satisfaction, because without one, the other cannot be appropriately respected or accepted. It has been so amazing and so inspiring that I truly have moments where I cannot recall my past whatsoever! Can you believe that? I mean can you actually imagine that? Changing so much that your worst and most painful days are such a distant memory, you can hardly recall them. And no longer looking at them with the painful scowl you once held, but now understanding, and a new found appreciation for the way that they had to play out.
—  Cindy Anneh-bu
I have pushed myself up & out of a sea of where I no longer wish to be.
But I cannot help but feel as if I will betray the others, if I leave, truly leave, and seek a land of newness & freedom,
& wave to them on the shore of my new abode.
It is change that terrifies thee.
And all of the letters that I will receive in the post,
& the phone calls from past ghosts,
Telling me that the people back home have passed.
And I will wonder,
If I had stayed, & nothing had ever changed,
Would things have remained the same?
Could I somehow,
Have saved them?
If nothing ever changed?
—  Cindy Anneh-bu

Tips to unblock the throat chakra -
. Sing, chanting, yodelling. I know this may sound ridiculous, but the more your activate your throat valve, and prove to your higher self that you are ready to voice yourself, you will slowly become more comfortable with your voice, and self expression.

. Journaling. This helps you to keep track of the things that you truly do want to say, and what you would like to express. When you write things down, you learn more of yourself, and you may learn specific reasons why your throat chakra became blocked. After healing, and acknowledging that you no longer need to be silenced, you can allow your self to be heard, knowing that your voice, and your contribution is a valuable one.

. Speak your truth. When something exists on your mind, you must provoke yourself to say it. You may feel shy, or as if you may say the wrong thing - everybody says the wrong thing sometimes, do not be afraid to be heard by others. Relax, prepare your speech if you must, put your shoulders back, and channel what you would like to say. Train yourself not to ‘sit’ on your words in a sense.

. Practice small talk in the mirror. If small talk is one of the things that most gives you the frights, try indulging in some in the mirror. This will help you prep for its occurrence with outsiders. Try different images in the mirror, how you may smile if approached for small talk, where you may place your hands, so that you do not get nervous in the moment.
How your posture might be. Imagine yourself relaxing, feeling comfortable, open, confident, and well balanced. Visualise this daily.

—  Cindy Anneh-bu
Your intuition needs to be your best friend. I am talking solid. Stop ignoring yourself..Your intuition is always screaming at you.. Yet you ignore it, you allow yourself to fall into hazardous situations, and then you ask… ‘Why God?’
Be present in your body. Know who you become uplifted in the presence of. Know who you grow depleted in the presence of. Take note. Your spirit will grow wiser..It will begin to unconsciously draw itself toward the template of those who replenish you, and slowly retract from those who do not..New set of programming.
—  Cindy Anneh-bu