Whitehall University aesthetics: a collaboration between @boleynqueens​ and @sckestkids

Characters: [3/7] - Henry Tudor

“He shrugs again, slides the pen that’s been tucked behind his ear. Henry bites the end of it–a bad habit that persists (“Oral fixation”, his high school counselor had informed him after he was in her office after a fistfight, chewing on a pen as she scolded him. “You’re telling me,” he had said with a wink. She kicked him out of her office after that.), smiling around it.”

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incorrect tudors quotes
  • george boleyn:how long have you been sleeping with his majesty?
  • anne boleyn:what?!
  • george boleyn:how long have you been sleeping with him?
  • anne boleyn:that's disgusting and wrong, i don't even get...i've never had sex with anyone, anywhere. it's none of your...the nerve, the audacity! henry is my king, technically, and he is terrible face-wise. and how, how do i know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with him? maybe you are, maybe you're trying to throw me off. hmmm, check and mate.
  • george boleyn:...
  • anne boleyn:this is an outrage! who do i write?!
incorrect tudors quotes
  • mary did the break-up go?
  • anne boleyn:well...i started crying because he made me marquess, and then we made out and spent the night together. but this morning, in the cold light of day...
  • mary boleyn:...yes?
  • anne boleyn:...we had breakfast and made out some more!
  • mary boleyn:wow. you opposite-of-broke-up-with-him.
  • anne boleyn:he made me marquess, mary! marquess!

‘You didn’t know?’ I exclaim. 'She serves as a lady-in-waiting, but goes where she wants, dances with the king, and doesn’t leave when we do?’

'That’s the first time that has happened,’ Arthur explains. 'She’s never stayed behind before. Yes, she’s with him all the time; she goes alone to his rooms, they ride out just the two of them with the rest of us following behind, they sit together and talk or they gamble or they play and sing. Lady Mother, they read books of theology together! What sort of seduction is this?’


From: Henry Tudor

To: Anne Boleyn

Sent November 23, 2016, Wednesday, 3:12 PM

It was the first thing that came up online in the search.


Search for what?


Well, when I typed “shoes for tiny brunette girls to kick frat douchebags with that won’t break” into Google, I got “Doc Martens, lace-up”.




No. Get it together, Boleyn. – [x]


I haven’t been eating, haven’t been sleeping much.

All I can think about is you– it’s maddening, really.

I know the kiss was a stage direction, hardly anything at all to you, maybe, but I remember it and toss and turn at night. Wishing I could kiss you again, that it could be real.

And then my stomach is in knots, thinking of the letters I’ve already sent…the fact that it will be several weeks till you read them, that I have no idea how you’ll react.

Every time I hand one over to our maid and ask her if she can drop it off at the post office for me, my hands tremble.

What an embarrassing thing to admit.

But thinking of your honesty and bravery makes me want to be brave, too, so…there it is.  [x]


Anne looks out the window, elbow on her armrest, hand cupping her chin. They’re passing the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, and it’s beautiful: cliffs jut out in hues of red and purple. There’s shrubs and dirt of course, like there has been for a good chunk of this route, but with the cliffs and the mountains in the background, they’re simply decorative.

Dark clouds are starting to gather in the sky, and it makes Anne think of rain. And rain makes her think of rooftops, and rooftops make her think of…

“What do you know about Henry Tudor?” she asks, still looking out the window.

“Oh…” Lizzy trails off, a note of hesitancy in her voice, “I mean I don’t really know him…that well.”

“Aren’t you two friends?” Anne presses. [x]


castle by halsey

francis valois/mary stuart + anne boleyn/henry viii


“You can’t take it?” he asks, fiddling with the string on the outside of the wrapping paper, “even as a Christmas present? Between friends?”

Friends…she’s not really sure how he can call them that with a straight face.

Friends who were unexpectedly given a stage direction to kiss would just do it, no problem, and laugh it off later. Friends do not send nine letters, over the course of three weeks, without breathing so much as a word about them, not letters that say “I want you”, not letters that say “I wanted to kiss you tonight”, and certainly not letters that say “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before”. They do not fight in the rain, they do not stand close enough to kiss while staring at each other’s mouths (so obviously wanting to close the distance between them), they do not run away crying when they’re informed that the other friend is engaged, and has been, for some time… [x]

incorrect tudors quotes
  • henry viii:*about anne* this is crazy, but i'm having feelings again.
  • henry viii:like some kind of 14-year-old kid or remember feelings, right?
  • charles brandon:yeah, i have feelings every single day of my life.
  • henry viii:do you? huh...
  • charles brandon:...are you saying you don't have feelings?

When Henry opens his eyes to the vision of Anne Boleyn sitting on the floor, flipping through the pages of a textbook and adding post-it notes, he thinks he might be dreaming. That is how unlikely that sight seems.

Except she’s wearing clothes, so he’s probably not (when she is clothed in his dreams, she’s always wearing gowns, sometimes strange hoods inlaid with pearls and jewels).

“Good…morning?” he says, sitting up against the headboard.

How she responds will probably tell him for certain if he’s dreaming or awake. If she starts speaking with a British accent, saying strange, old words, calling him “Your Majesty”, it’s a dream. If she takes her shirt off, it’s a dream. [x]