Invitation to Freedom -Instrumental Version-
Atsushi Kitajoh
Invitation to Freedom -Instrumental Version-

Atsushi Kitajoh | Invitation to Freedom -Instrumental Version-
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Persona March! AU MasterPost: Part I


March! Is an AU wrapped around the Persona series, mostly centered around Persona 5, where the characters are members in their school’s marching band regiments.

The March! Au will be setting in: Tokyoami, Japan (a more Americanized part, due to the fact that most of my knowledge is American schooling.) The March! AU is a work of fiction and will be improved more along the way. Please keep in mind that some stuff might be triggering as most of the characters storylines are the same as the game or have been changed to fit AU.  

Now here are the first two revealed regiments:

Shujin Marching Regiment- Show theme: Fairytales- Led by Akira Kurusu

Shujin is the top high school marching regiment around the country scoring a 99.23 in the JMA championships (Japan Marching Association). The Shujin Regiment is currently directed by Sadayo Kawakami, a concert/jazz band teacher. It was formerly directed by Suguru Kamoshida, however, after a planned sell-out of abuse, he got arrested for sexual and physical abuse.

Drum Major(s): Akira Kurusu, Makoto Niijima (Understudy)

Participants of Shujin Regiment:

Akira Kurusu- Drum Major- (Junior Year): Akira Kurusu was transferred from his hometown Inaba and adopted by Sojiro Sakura after a mishap that resulted in CPS taking him away. He was a shut-in for his freshman year after the incident, doing online school for a year before coming back to the public school life in the sophomore year. He applied to be in a drum major position already playing Drumline at the time of application. Band director Kamoshida took him in after seeing all the stuff he put through during band camp and helping the team. During Kamoshida’s “rein”, Kurusu did some digging about him from students. After hearing from a forgotten trombone player (Ryuji Sakamoto), a clarinet player (Yuuki Mishima), a colour guard captain (Ann Takamaki), and one of his regular “special training” victims (Shiho Suzui),  he confronts Kamoshida about the abuse. With that, both Kamoshida and Kurusu himself have a fight, to where the student council president (Makoto Niijima) walked in on them with the police behind her. He was shown capable of being a Drum Major from Kawakami, the new band director and still is to his junior days.

Ryuji Sakamoto- Trumpet Section Leader- (Junior Year): Ryuji Sakamoto is a troubled teen but found an outlet in track and marching band. Playing trombone as a kid to make his mum happy, he signed up for the regiment in freshman year. He was going through a tough time already with an alcoholic dad leaving them and his mum trying to balance out her busy work schedule, so when he started witnessing Kamoshida’s abuse to the other students, it ticked him over the edge. Confronting him after a weekend practice session, it got physical as Kamoshida attacked, resulting in Ryuji trying to defend himself. Kamoshida ended up breaking Sakamoto’s right femur, saying it was an act of self-defense then kicking him out of the regiment. Ryuji never picked up a trombone again after that whole ordeal, as well as never taking up track again after an incomplete healing of his leg. One day, a marching band regiment member (Akira Kurusu) asked about Kamoshida and the reason why Ryuji dropped out. He came clean about the truth of how Kamoshida broke his leg. With that information, Kurusu asked him to come back to the regiment. Ryuji, not believing the transfer student, said that he would if he got justice, as well as Ann and Shiho’s getting theirs. Ryuji would later see the transfer student at his locker with a trumpet case and bruises, smiling widely. Since then, Ryuji joined back as a trumpet player, playing in the concert band to improve his skills and getting additional lessons, later becoming a section leader during band camp in the junior year.

Ann Takamaki- Colour Guard Captain- (Junior Year): Taking up dance when she was little, it was easy to sign up for colour guard in her freshman year. Her audition shown her potential in becoming one, so easily she got the spot along with her best friend, Shiho Suzui. She enjoyed the long practices and hanging out with her friend Shiho as well as hanging with Ryuji when it was lunch or in classes together, it took her mind of her busy parent always overseas. However, in sophomore band camp, Kamoshida, as well as the colour guard director, came to her that due to her passion and hard work to improve the show, she would be promoted to colour guard captain. Excited, she began improving more and showing leadership to bring the team together. However, more and more into her position, she realized more about Kamoshida. That Kamoshida was treating her differently than all the other members. She brought it up to him that she wasn’t that person and it was wrong, he pinned her into a corner, however. Bringing up the fact that Shiho would be dropped from the regiment if she doesn’t agree. Manipulated, she was forced to let the treatment go on to keep Shiho on the team. However, she noticed her best friend missing practices, always tired and showing up with bruises most of the time, until one day, she didn’t show up at all. Along with that, Ryuji wasn’t showing up either. Her fears became reality as she later found out the Shiho was in the critical care unit in the hospital to a confirmed attempted suicide. Ann was devastated, however staying strong for Shiho, she continued colour guard. A week after, she was approached by the Drum Major Understudy, Akira Kurusu. He asked for information about Kamoshida and Suzui, saying that Ryuji directed him to her. She came clean too, saying that she didn’t wanna play games anymore and that she wants her own justice as well as Shiho’s. Kurusu promised that he would help as well as “he was right though, you do make an excellent colour guard captain.” Hearing that from someone else, she was hopeful that it would turn out better in the future, which it did. Another week later a new band director introduced themselves as well as a proud Akira Kurusu stood on the podium to begin the sets for the day.  Ann began hanging with Ryuji again and opened up more to her new group of friends, including becoming stronger for Shiho to keep her happy as she returned back to school.

Makoto Niijima- Flute Section Leader/Drum Major Understudy- (Junior Year): The student council president was not very open to the marching band. Knowing about Kamoshida’s abuse, she didn’t want to be near the band. Makoto was already unlikable due to her harsh thinking and her unlikeable personality. Her mind opened up more however when she met the new transfer student in her sophomore year that claimed to be the new Drum Major Understudy. Akira Kurusu held a normal conversation with her, no taunts or disrespect shown like she usually gets. She was able to connect to someone which made her open up about Kamoshida and how she wants to take care of the problem. Akira tells her about the risky plan he set for the next day and how she could help. Makoto hesitantly agrees, saying she would do her best to help the students. The plan was set into action, resulting in Makoto calling the police and arresting Kamoshida. Along with that was a beat up Akira. Grateful, Makoto helped Akira sorting out the marching band as they try to find a band director. During her time, she fell in love with the way an instrument was played. She asked Akira about what it was and as Akira explained more and showed her, she fell in love with it more. Over the year, she learned to pick it up and how to play. Later, trying out for section leader and wowing Kawakami and Kurusu. She got the position as well as applying for the Drum Major position, soon becoming Akira’s right-hand man with him.

Futaba Sakura- Set Design/Tech Work- (Sophomore Year): Futaba went through a rough time since her mother, Wakaba Isshhiki, passed away due to a mysterious death (reported suicide)  in front of her. With that, she was passed around her families before ending up in Sojiro Sakura’s house. She went through rough times with her uncle before her switch to Sakura’s house, however, resulting in trauma and her becoming a shut-in for two years. She has a strong case of social anxiety which resulted in her only talking online, thus creating a hobby of her being a tech nerd. Sojiro let her live that lifestyle due to his guilt of not protecting her from that trauma. She thought she was going through dark and murky water, no place to turn but down, however, she found the light of the tunnel when someone other than Sojiro dropped off dinner for her. The mysterious stranger introduced himself as Akira, the same name she heard Sojiro speak of over the year. He spoke simple conversations through the door, just telling her about his day or how the weather is like. Soon, he told his own story about what he’s gone through when he was a shut-in. She begins to communicate through text with him, how she was blamed for her mother’s death, how she sees her mum , etc. Over the year of where she would have been a freshman in high school, Sojiro called from outside the door, saying that Akira asked her to text him. Texting out of curiosity, she reaches to him, getting a text about the case of Wakaba, how it wasn’t reported as a “suicide” like she was told. It was reported as a planned poisoning. She connects the pieces together about how the note seemed out of place how she was deluding herself. She texts him how she was realizing now and that her mum really loved her, however, she never got a text back. She waited till morning, still not getting one back until she heard him outside of her door, giving her some breakfast. In a last-second decision, she opened her door and dragged him in. She thanked him, saying that he’s helped her to realize a lot and is in debt to him. She began opening up more, going outside the house, meeting friends through Akira, and even going back to school at Shujin as a sophomore. Even though she still suffers from anxiety, she is more at peace with herself and about her mum. She bonded with Akira even more, to the point where she joined the Marching Regiment at Shujin as a design helper and audio technician if the show needs it.

Haru Okumura -Flute- (Junior Year): Haru learned how to play the flute ever since she was little from her grandfather. Her dad encouraged her playing the flute along with her grandfather. However, a falling out in her family made her not see her grandfather or any other family members besides her father. She still played music, however, getting reminded of the good times her grandfather and her played together. She joined the concert band in her freshman year at Shujin. Her father doesn’t fully support her decision to join, however, he allowed it as she does help him with his company. As she turns sophomore, her father becomes a bit more selfish about his business and himself. Being forced into a relationship for a business partnership, Haru was forced to missed shows and practices, making time for forced time with her “boyfriend” Sugimura, an abusive senior football star. Akira, the director of the concert band sometimes, notices the constant absences of Okumura which leads him to the rooftop gardening center. He asks her about the attendance and if she was okay, she brushes him off, saying that she’s “busy, that’s all.” He encourages her to come to the after school practice tomorrow, she agrees. Later that night, she and Sugimura are having a verbal fight in an alley near the sushi restaurant they were supposed to have a date at. Started by Haru by asking for some time to herself that next day, they argued for 10 minutes before it got physical. A nearby group was able to stop, that group being Akira and the rest of his group. (Yusuke, Ryuji, Makoto, Ann, Morgana, and Futaba). Akira and Ryuji chase the man off while the rest of the group stayed with Haru. They all lead her to a cafe that was near them, calming her down as she seemed in a state of shock of how many people care about her safety. Akira and Ryuji come back and they all talk as a group of how Haru is stronger then she believes herself, and that she has her own voice in her own decision. Haru, inspired by the group’s words, takes more control over her own life. She fights with her father that she never loved Sugimura and that she will be going to more of her band shows if he likes it or not. After days of fighting, her father finally agrees to her wishes. She thanks Akira for the help and encouragement and is grateful for the support. She decides to join the marching regiment at the end of her sophomore year.

Morgana-Band Cat: Found by Akira Kurusu when he was beginning the sophomore year, he followed Akira to school and to home until Akira just took him as his own. Mona was with Akira the whole time; Kamoshida’s rein, trips to the store or clinic, or just midnight walks. Mona became sorta a comfort animal to him and to some of his friends as they hang out more. When Futaba was introduced to him, she made a device that was able to translate his meows to human words with a wired bandana that she made for him. With his new voice, he became more talkative. There might be some wrongs in the translation, however, he still gets his points across. He began becoming more aware to stuff too, noticing panic attack signs (After living with Akira for a long while) or feeling drops if something bad is about to happen. Morgana travels with Kurusu in school in his backpack, making him known as the cat in the bag. Nobody really minds because the cat usually keeps quiet in classes. Mona was introduced to the Marching Regiment after Futaba gave him the bandana, he became a helper to Aki when he was swamped with work or to just go around and help the other members of the regiment feel at peace.

The outfits can be found here:

Kosei Marching Regiment- Show theme: Society- Led by Goro Akechi

Kosei was one of the top regiments at the time with the highest score being 99.21. However, they are now placed in second highest tied with Yasogami due to Shujin taking the place of first. The band director has not been announced or kept a secret to the Kosei ears only.

Drum Major(s): Goro Akechi

Goro Akechi-Drum Major-(Junior Year): Goro Akechi is secretive and not open to the idea of friends. Nobody knows a lot about Akechi, only know that he was an orphan in his childhood before being adopted by a politician. His birth mother reported dead and that his dad was never to be seen. He was taught to grow up, stop acting like a child. So his personality is strict yet prince-like. He has a tv show like appearance, probably use to the fame he got when being on papers about Kosei’s regiment in the schools rise to fame. He can also read people easily, making people sometimes uncomfortable or amazed. He was a trombone player before he applied to be in the Drum major position. He ended up getting the position his sophomore year and being top of his class. He then meets Akira Kurusu, who also just got accepted into being a Drum Major. It felt like fate, Akechi found someone that he didn’t despise as much as he does to a lot of people. However, when Kurusu took 1st in the JMA championships, a rivalry started between the two, creating the tension whenever Drum Major summits take place or when they see each other in public. He tries his best to let it go, trying to create a bond with the Shujin Regiment team, however, he has a tough time and only wants the best for his future.

Yusuke Kitagawa-Clarinet-(Junior Year): Yusuke was orphaned when he was young, with both of his father and mother gone. He was adopted quickly by Ichiryusai Madarame, a famous artist and well-known oboe player. Through the years, Yusuke learned the ways of painting by going under the wing of Madarame, as well as playing a clarinet/saxophone on his free time. With his free time, he also created sheet music for the clarinet. As he grew to his Sophomore year, he was hesitant to join to the high schools marching regiment. He was already in the jazz band at the time as he took mostly painting class. He was in one of Madarame‘s art galleries and played his clarinet outside to get fresh air as well as also finish his piece. After playing, a stranger complimented his piece, saying that the melody of it was peaceful and that it was good so far. Yusuke was shocked that someone even complimented a piece he made, Madarame didn’t even do that. The boy introduced himself as Akira Kurusu, a marching band Drum Major at Shujin. He was curious and asked how the marching band was to the frizzy-haired boy. “An escape, a way of expressing yourself without even realizing it” The way the boy described it peaked Yusuke’s interest. The newfound friend he made gave him his number as a way to contact, wishing him luck in the piece he was making. He was awed and signed up for an audition at Kosei’s Regiment. He got approved a week later and was to start at the beginning of junior year. He kept it a secret from Madarame as he kept painting for him during his time available. However, Madarama found out about his involvement in the band, prompting him to give Yusuke more work to due to his “artist block”. A few weeks after the situation, Yusuke contacts Akira, asking to meet up for them to talk. Akira agrees and the go to a cafe where Akira works at. Yusuke talks about how he wishes to continue marching band however he is struggling between a block of sorts. Akira encourages him to keep talking and to keep creating even if the block is dark deep down. Yusuke took his words into heart and continue making music and art for himself, cutting ties to Madarame after doing some digging and questioning. He now lives in the Kosei dorms. Along with that, he is friends with Akira and the Shujin Marching group he has. Even if they aren’t in the same team, he doesn’t see them as enemies, even on the field.

Outfits can be found here: 

This is a summary of how everyone came into the regiment and how it brought them together. My writing isn’t very well so I hope I got the point across of how it started. I was in marching band myself for a short while before I was forced to leave due to injury. So, I know the process of a marching band, however, I might change a bit of stuff depending on story. but other then that, thank you so much for the support on my last post about it!! I’m still researching and changing some things to make accurate!!

There will be no metaverse in this universe, however, if there was to be one, Akira wouldn’t be in the Phantom Thieves til later on. The people who have shadows will be the drum majors. (Including P4′s and P3′s Drum Majors have one)

  •  Akira Kurusu: Castle Dungeon (Shadow form- A thief prince)
  • Goro Akechi: Tv Studio (Shadow form- Tv Reporter)

You can ask me questions if you would like too!! I like to talk about my au and explain more!! I have some ideas for drawings and comics that I will get done soon hopefully!!