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If you had to pick just FIVE favorite Parks characters, major or minor, who would they be?!

I mean, I’ll admit that I love major characters more than minor characters simply because of that: they’re major. They get more screen time, more storylines, they get explored, we see their character development and growth. So yeah, if I have to pick just 5, there will be no minor character in this list!

It would go this order, though. 

5. Chris Traeger

4. Andy Dwyer

3. Ann Perkins

2. Leslie Knope

1. April Ludgate

The Office/Parks and Rec
  • Aries:April Ludgate
  • Taurus:Ron Swanson
  • Gemini:Andy Dwyer
  • Cancer:Ann Perkins
  • Leo:Ryan Howard
  • Virgo:Leslie Knope
  • Libra:Jim Halpert
  • Scorpio:Creed Bratton
  • Sagittarius:Kevin Malone
  • Capricorn:Dwight Schrute
  • Aquarius:Jerry Gergich
  • Pisces:Michael Scott

[8:33:56 PM] Nathan Prescott | Casey:but i imagine nathan would go down there for some peace of mind sometimes
[8:33:56 PM] Nathan Prescott | Casey: its probably really quiet
[8:34:43 PM] Kate Marsh: It’s probably really cold
[8:36:11 PM] Ann Perkins: its probably really echoey
[8:36:37 PM] Kate Marsh: Smells like developing chemicals
[8:36:47 PM] Kate Marsh: And cologne
[8:37:41 PM] Ann Perkins: and tears probably
[8:37:53 PM] Kate Marsh: And blood
[8:38:09 PM] Kate Marsh: And Jasmine
[8:38:29 PM] Ann Perkins: and cereal maybe
[8:39:09 PM] Ann Perkins: hopefully not generic cereal
[8:39:45 PM] Ann Perkins: like yeah lets not half ass this screw marshmallow mateys lets get lucky charms
[8:40:11 PM] Kate Marsh: Wtf is Marshmellow mateys???