Even Ann Coulter is ripping Republicans apart for their Obamacare repeal bill

  • Even Ann Coulter, the far-right pundit, has a problem with the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
  • In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Coulter blasted the draft bill, apparently accusing the GOP of grandstanding for including attacks on abortion rights that will make the bill more difficult to pass through Congress (or possibly President Donald Trump). Read more (3/7/17 8 PM)

CONSUME the Republicans. A collection of all of the Republicans from my pop art series, CONSUME inspired by John Carpenter’s They Live.

I’ve never believed that Katie Hopkins, Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter or Alex Jones ever truly meant what they said. (Didn’t Jones’ lawyer admit in the custody trial what his client said was basically BS and for entertainment?) It’s purely about money and book deals and publicity for these people. It’s so, so cynical.

Tomi: “Syrian refugees are just cowards who run away! Americans stay and fight!” (Seriously, she said this once.)

*Me* “OK, now you’re so much of a cartoon villain you might as well tie a helpless damsel  to the railroad tracks and wiggle your twirly moustache while dramatic piano music plays in the background. Just stop this shit. Stop it. It’s insulting.”

Nazis: *Harrasses minorities on social media*

Nazis: *Celebrates terrorism against minorities*

Nazis: *Physically threatens everyone who doesn’t follow their agenda*

Nazis: *Carries out violent vigilante attacks* 

Also Nazis: *Cancels a hate march because they “don’t feel safe”*

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Funny thing is, I don’t think Milo is necessarily a bad person.

He’s just a sad unhappy and not-too-bright guy who can do nothing anymore but lash out at liberals and try to shock them. 

And was too naive and silly to realize he fucked up really, really bad by saying what he did

America’s right wing only want to shock people these days. That’s the problem.