Into you (Fem!Reader x Cole)

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You were so into Cole

You had fallen hopelessly in love with your best friend Cole Mackenzie. You loved it that he was different than other boys, Cole was a softy with a big heart. He was also very shy and artistic, he could draw or sketch almost anything and make it into a beautiful art. You weren’t the artistic one, but you could draw a little after Cole had given you some drawing lessons.

You weren’t an artist, but you were proud of the simple things you could draw with the help of Cole. You and Cole had been close friends for a few years now, the two of you were almost always together. You saw Cole sitting down in front of the school building as you arrived at school, you wanted to call out his name but paused as you saw Anne walking over to him.

You gasped soft as you didn’t like it whenever Anne was around Cole, she acted in your defence a little too sweet towards him. You watched her sit down next to him as he closed his sketchbook a bit, leaving his pencil between the pages. You hesitated for a moment to join them, but you decided not to as you saw how Anne was laughing at something he said.

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Screenplay → Scene:

Anne and Gilbert’s first meeting [X


⇒ “Anne, head down, continues her brisk pace towards the schoolhouse. Gilbert’s not used to his charms failing–

⇒ “Gilbert catches up to Anne, walks beside her. Anne can’t deal.”

Anne stares at Gilbert for a beat, suddenly aware that he’s everybody’s hero, not just hers.


           « I don’t think there’s any place for me in this world. »
                           « It’s not what the world holds for you, it is what you bring to it.
                                                                                       And you bring so much. »


She flung herself into her studies heart and soul, determined not to be outdone in any class by Gilbert Blythe. The rivalry between them was soon apparent; it was entirely good natured on Gilbert’s side; but it is much to be feared that the same thing cannot be said of Anne, who had certainly an unpraiseworthy tenacity for holding grudges. She was as intense in her hatreds as in her loves. She would not stoop to admit that she meant to rival Gilbert in schoolwork, because that would have been to acknowledge his existence which Anne persistently ignored; but the rivalry was there and honors fluctuated between them. Now Gilbert was head of the spelling class; now Anne, with a toss of her long red braids, spelled him down. One morning Gilbert had all his sums done correctly and had his name written on the blackboard on the roll of honor; the next morning Anne, having wrestled wildly with decimals the entire evening before, would be first. One awful day they were tied and their names were written up together. It was almost as bad as a take-notice and Anne’s mortification was as evident as Gilbert’s satisfaction. When the written examinations at the end of each month were held the suspense was terrible. The first month Gilbert came out three marks ahead. The second Anne beat him by five. But her triumph was marred by the fact that Gilbert congratulated her heartily before the whole school. It would have been ever so much sweeter to her if he had felt the sting of his defeat.

- Anne of Green Gables: Chapter Seventeen