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Happy Halloween… to some of the creepiest Phantoms in Phantom history! From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Ernst-Dieter Suttheimer’s tantrum
  2. Kevin Gray stroking Christine’s face… and boobs
  3. Peter Karrie and more boob stroking
  4. Scott Davies doing… that
  5. Ethan Freeman getting up close and personal with Christine
  6. All of Uwe Kröger
  7. Anthony Crivello curtsying towards Raoul
  8. Marcus Lovett crawling on the floor to Christine

Daniela Braun and David Arnsperger || Hamburg, 2015

Other similar “badass Christine” gifsets:
- Anne Görner, Essen, 2005, by tumblr user margolia
- Valerie Link, Hamburg, 2014, by tumblr user @heaven-by-the-sea
- Lauri Brons, Hamburg, 2015, by tumblr user @glassprism

Phantom Pro-Shot Masterpost

They are listed under country. I was not about to try to get every city down. Some promos may be under different countries because the company may have used clips from other productions. So if a few seem out of place there is no need to send me a thousand asks about it being in the wrong place. Live performances (outdoor, etc.) are listed below the rest! This list took FOREVER to make and I plan on keeping updated! So if I missed some please submit them to me and I’ll add them! Thank you for being awesome! Enjoy!

UPDATED: July 30th 2015



Past the Point of No Return - Bravo Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightmen 1988

Tony Awards 1988

The Kennedy Center Honors - Davis Gaines and Tracy Shayne 1994

CVC Viagens 2006 - Howard McGilin, Sandra Joseph, and Tim Martin Gleason 2006

Tony Awards 2008 - John Cudia

Title Song - John Cudia and Marni Raab 2008

Theater Mania: Interview with John Cudia

Aol. Interview with Trista Moldovan and Hugh Panaro 2012

Audience Choice Awards 2013

Peter Jöback’s Broadway Debut 2013

Tony Awards 2013

Sierra Boggess’s Broadway Phantom Debut 2013

Title Song - Sierra Boggess and Norm Lewis 2014

Music of the Night - Sierra Boggess and Norm Lewis 2014

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I’m dressing up as Christine in the final lair and I was wondering if you had any advice as to how I kind either find or make a veil similar to hers for a relatively low price. Thank you!

Buy whatever cheap, soft tulle you can find by the yard, and use a full length of that attached to a hairband. The softer the tulle, the nicer it drapes. You can also pimp it by trim the ends with a lace trim, and for a hardcore detail you make a shorter, rounder top layer that you can drape over your face. This is often done in the stage versions, but never used. But you can see the top layer with lace trim well in this photo of Anne Görner in Essen:

If you are crafty, decorate a stiff hairband dressed in a white fabric with flowers at the crown. Think blossoming roses, orange flowers (I.E. the fruit), myrtle, cherry blossoms, pearls. You can gluegun them or stitch them in place.

For inspiration, here’s various closeups:

(from top: Sarah Brightman (West End), Sierra Boggess (RAH), Belinda Evans (West End), Elizabeth Loyacano (Vegas), Magdalene Minnaar (South Africa) )


Christines with auburn/reddish wigs (not a complete list by any means)

  1. Tabitha Webb, West End (u/s 2005-06 / alt. 2009-10)
  2. Robyn North, West End (u/s 2003-04, principal 2007-08)
  3. Katie Hall, West End (u/s 2008-09, alt. 2011)
  4. Anna O’Byrne, West End (alt. 2012-13)
  5. Harriet Jones, West End (principal 2013-15)
  6. Beatrix Reiterer, Essen (u/s 2005-06)
  7. Katy Treharne, West End (u/s 2009-10, alt. 2012)
  8. Anne Görner, Essen (principal 2005-06)
  9. Nicky Adams, West End (alt. 2003-04)

Nicky Adams appears to have been the first West End Christine to don the auburn wig. After her it’s surprisingly often been worn by the alternate Christine. Apart from West End, the Essen wigs were also very much on the reddish side.