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Written and directed by Anne Hamilton, American Fable is one of the finest films I have ever seen and there are few films closer to my heart. I saw this film last October at the Savannah Film Festival and was completely dumbfounded by its tender nuance and electric shock. 

If you want to support women screenwriters and directors, please watch this film. If you like Richard Schiff, please watch this film. If you like fascinating explorations of the disillusionment inherent in growing up, please watch this film. If you like me, please watch this film. I cannot shut up about how much I treasure this film. As a writer, this is the kind of work I aspire to create. 

Murder Of Riley Ann Sawyer 

On the 29th of July 2007 in Texas, fisherman at Galveston Bay found a body of a little girl in a container. 

The body was that of 2 year old Riley Ann Sawyer, who was murdered days before on 24th of July. The infant’s mother Kimberly Trenor and her stepfather Royce Ziegler beat the girl with leather belts, Ziegler chucked the defenceless infant against the wall and they watched her struggle to stand. During the brutal attack Riley cried “I Love You” for them to stop. Sawyer later died from her injuries, a coroner claimed her injuries were similar to someone who fell from a rooftop. 

The trial was delayed due to Kimberly being pregnant again 

In February 2009, Kimberly Sawyer was sentenced to life and in November 2009 so was Royce Ziegler

Dance Moms Season 1 Groups: Ranked by Izzy

Season 1

Okay, so here’s the first one. Let me know what ya’ guys think. :D

10. Party Party Party
I don’t think anyone will disagree with me at least the first two. The only reason this is number ten is because Abby’s voice overs, the fake applause, and the stupid camera angles. You can hardly even SEE the dance.

9. Electricity
And once again, I don’t think anyone will disagree. This dance was completely unnecessary. I feel bad for the girls, having to dance like that, on television in those costumes.

8. Sugar Daddies
The song was pretty inappropriate but I get that the dance was based off the candy, Sugar Daddies…or at least I hope. But it was kind of a sloppy number on top of that, with really ugly props.

7. Snapshot
I have never seen the girls look so bored in a dance routine together. And Kelly was right—Brooke and Brandon could not have been more disconnected.

6. Make You Mine
Not necessarily their worst, but I always forget about this dance. And it’s not really one of those underrated gems—it’s just really, really forgettable.

5. Ups and Downs
Very pretty, and you gotta love Brooke as the lead. She was so good in this style of dance. And all the other girls did really well too, especially considering they don’t do just straight acro a lot.

4. Sinful
I would like to see this dance again without the shitty camera angles. BUT from what you can see, it looks like the girls did a good job portraying their characters.

3. My Pumps
Cute, sassy jazz and yay Nia gets featured! The wigs were awful though. The dance would have been so much better without it lol.

2. This is my Beauty
This dance is lovely, and aside from a few timing issues, it’s very clean and just easy to watch.  Like the props—not too extra like sometimes the ALDC has a habit of.

1. Where have All the Children Gone
I don’t think this will surprise anyone. I always loved this number, ever since I saw it for the first time. I love the numbers that feature all of the girls’ strengths individually and this did—aside from Kenzie and Vivi because they didn’t really dance. The only thing I didn’t like were all the girls’ exits besides Brooke and Paige. They were a little too cheesy and when Chloe ‘got shot’ she wasn’t completely off stage before she stopped really…pretending she had gotten shot. Lol.