anne watches disney

Seriously? There’s people with Disneyblogs that are like 50% personal rants and they have thousands of followers and here I am, dutifully posting Disney every day, watching a Disneymovie and posting 3 to 4 things about it and I’ve already lost 5 followers! O_o

That’s it. I’m gonna liveblog the entire thing. Because screw you.

S-U-G-A-R Jump into your racing car! It’s Sugar Rush, Sugar Rush!

I gotta admit, that was one of the most original stories I’ve seen in a long time. The animation was awesome, I’m loving the songs (The Wreck-It Ralph song from the credits is great as well! :D Fix It Fix-It Felix as fast as you can. Use that magic hammer you got from your old man!) and just yes. It was fun to see all the inside jokes and easter eggs I’d seen on Tumblr already ^^


I gotta know, when can I see you again?

Aaaah, now I remember why I love this movie so much! ^^ I’m all kinds of happy right now. And I only lost like 19 followers. I get it guys, I’m not as fun as the other blogs. Or maybe they just can’t stand so much proper interpunction, who knows? 0:)

Anyway, I’m going to set up my dash and after that I’m going to bed. I’m tired and if I watch Brother Bear now as well I’ll just end up annoying more followers :P

Thanks for sticking with me! :D