anne was such a loser

@sunlewis: happy late birthday!! (only by two hours in my time zone, i’ll have you know.) my life is much, much better for having known you, and you deserve the world. unfortunately the world costs a lot (who knew?) so until i can afford that, here’s my present to you. 

be the man that walked a thousand miles || jace/simon, 3k+, wedding fic || (ao3 link soon!)

“Tell me you’re standing in my bedroom at the crack of dawn because it’s just hit you that I’m getting married and you’re emotionally compromised now.” Simon groans out when he wakes up to see Clary standing over him, her expression firm and no-nonsense.

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Love Chug ❤️ (18+) (Expansion)

A short story based on a RP,

By @jacker-vizkon

“Did that go well?” She asked nervously to her companion next to her as they walked down the hallway.
“It went amazing. Thanks so much for taking me out, Anne-Marie.” Jennifer replied happily, reaching her hand out for Anne’s. They clasped their hands in one another’s.
“Good..good, that’s good. I was nervous at first but by the end I felt really comfortable around you.” Anne smiled, brushing her hair back over her ear.
“I feel really relaxed when I’m around you.” Jennifer said, staring up at the ceiling lights while they walked together.
“You’re so cute when you do that.” Anne giggles before unlocking the front door and ushering Jennifer into the dark apartment.
“See, I was thinking…” Anne mumbles while guiding Jennifer towards the bedroom. “Since we have such great chemistry, what if we challenged it? You know, had a bit of a competition?” She smiled, pushing open her bedroom door and flicking on the light. 7 of those blue gallon drums of water you see in offices were laying on the floor around her bed. “Drinking contest!” Anne shouted excitedly, scuttling towards her bed. Jennifer stood in the doorway, staring in like an outsider.
“So what do ya think?” Anne asked smiling as she unscrewed the top of one of the gallons. Jennifer’s eyes focused on the funnel and hose that laid on the bed.
“Hehe…I uh, I don’t think I can drink all that!” She awkwardly joked, picking at the loose string on her jeans. She steps into the room, closing the door behind her politely.
“The loser is whoever taps out, whoever can’t drink anymore and can barely move. The winner gets to do whatever they please to the loser. Sound fair? Yeah? Good? Cool.” Anne stumbled over her words.
“I uh–” Jennifer paused, failing to find the right words. She walked over and sat on one corner of the bed while Anne sat on the other.
“You ready to lose?” She teases
“I-I won’t lose!” She replies with a cute determination as she sits there visibly shaking, nerves shooting through her limbs. Anne picks up her gallon and tips it back into her mouth, gulp after gulp of water. Jennifer watches anne’s belly rise and fall with each swallow, already testing her jean’s belt button. Jennifer’s face goes red, her eyes darting back and forth with embarrassment. Anne lifts her gallon higher in the air, her shirt rising and exposing her slowly bloating stomach. She puts the jug down, catching her breath.
“Not a bad start, eh?” Anne chuckles wiping water from her mouth. She lifts the jug back up to her mouth, chugging once more. The rushing water went straight to her stomach, distending as it pushed against the waist of her pants. Her jean clasp came undone, allowing her taut belly to slowly force her zipper down. Jennifer sat there in awe, watching her date fill herself with water. She snaps out of her anxious funk and grabs the nearest jug, cracking it open and beginning to drink as well. Anne puts her gallon down and watches Jennifer put away liters of the water straight down her throat. She watched as Jen’s chubby belly began to make an imprint against her tight white blouse.
“This is love at first sight” she thought to herself. Jennifer doesn’t stop chugging. Her belly pulling her blouse down farther, tugging a few of her shirt buttons undone as well as her pants zipper. Anne sat there admiring the girl, forgetting all about the competition. She scoots over closer to Jennifer to get a closer look. In less than a minute her stomach is already growing rounder.
“Man, this is amazing.” Anne reaches out and places a soft hand on Jennifer’s seemingly pregnant tum. She recoils in shock and rips the bottle from her lips, her eyes wide.
“Oh, I’m sorry did I scare you?” Anne giggles.
“U-uh, yeah! Rule number one, don’t tease your opponent.” She pouts as her cheeks blush.
“Yeah, You’re right my mistake.” Anne said as she pretended to scoot away. She turned around quickly and groped her belly with both hands and squeezed twice. Jennifer squeals in surprise.
“Stoooop!!” She yells back playfully, trying to hit Anne. They both pick up their gallons and start chugging again. Anne finishes the last sip and throws the bottle to the side.
“That’s one down.” She boasts.
“To be fair, you got a head start!” Jennifer yelled back.
“Yeah, only cause you were busy gawking at my smoking hot bod.” She laughed, shaking her hips at Jen while she opened her next bottle. Anne took a breather and unbuttoned the first 4 buttons of her shirt and rolled it up so that her water-baby bump could breathe. Jennifer stared out of the corner of her eye at Anne’s round belly.
“God, I’m so tight.” Anne belched, pulling her pants beneath her waist line for more room. She undoes the rest of the buttons and tosses the shirt aside, standing only in her jeans and a pink victoria’s secret bra. Jennifer timidly turns her eyes away before looking back and then focusing on her drink. She begins to chug the last of the gallon. Swallowing, swallowing, swallowing. The holes in her old white blouse began to multiply as it was stretched and pulled in every direction. The neck of her shirt was pulled down far enough to see her black, lace, ‘special-occasion’ bra. She readjusts her sitting position on the bed, creating an audible water sloshing sound.
“Gosh, I’m *belch* Huge.” Jennifer says casually as she tosses her first empty bottle to the ground. Anne starts to drink hers again. The water dribbles down her chin and runs down her neck and directly down the middle of her round belly, straight across her belly button before absorbing into her jeans. She keeps chugging, not showing any signs of stopping. Her perky tits rest on top of her belly, growing bigger with the rest of her. Her jeans start digging into her thighs as they get thicker with every gulp. She carefully stands up from the bed and walks over to the mirror and spins around.
“Does my ass look fatter to you?” She asks Jennifer, caught off guard.
“Y-yes *belch*” She groans as she leans over and drops her second empty gallon, picking up her third.
“Is that a thing? Does that happen? A lot of water makes the rest of you grow as well?” Anne asks curiously.
“Hell if I know.” She says dismissively. “But…now that you mention it I do feel like my boobs are a little bit bigger.” Jennifer says looking down and weighing her boobs delicately with each hand.
“Let me see, you know, for hands on analysis.” Anne says walking towards Jen.
“Uhm, I’d rather you not.” She scoffs, re-adjusting her position and revealing a giant hole in her crotch to Anne.
Anne wouldn’t mention it.
“Oh, come on. Don’t be a prude now, we’re chugging gallons of water half naked on a Saturday night. How much more personal can we get.” Anne prodded. Jennifer crossed her arms over her chest and stared her down playfully. Anne walks back over to her side of the room, staring at herself in the mirror and slapping her new and enhanced ass. It jiggled like a waterbed. She slid off her jeans, with a good bit of difficulty, and revealed she was wearing sport shorts underneath. Jennifer’s gaze locked onto Anne’s deep wedgie before she focused herself and kept chugging. Anne spun around while Jen was distracted and grabbed the funnel and hose off the bed. In one smooth motion she pulled the water jug out of her mouth and put the hose with the funnel at the end of it. Jennifer replied with a confused and muffled groan.
“Don’t worry, you can do it to me in a minute. Well, that’s if you can move in a minute.” She smiles deviously. She begins pouring the cold water down the funnel and down her throat. She starts fighting it but then accepts it and continues to swallow at the will of Anne-Marie. Jennifer’s belly swells and pushes outwards, aching with pressure. Jennifer places her fingers into a hole in her blouse and pulls until the seams tear to shreds and she tosses it aside. Jennifer looks up into Anne’s eyes while she swallows, her gaze focusing on the full belly in front of her face. She slowly reaches her hands out and begins slowly stroking Anne’s stomach. Then she suddenly slaps it, causing it to jiggle like a bowl of Jello, and causing Anne to yelp out in pain. Anne laughs off the pain and stares back down at Jennifer, submissive, and swallowing every drop that is sent down to her. Anne begins to feel excited, and begins pouring faster. She wants to fill her up, watch her grow bigger and heavier. Jennifer looks down as her belly inches further and her tits grow ever so bigger.
“You don’t seem to be the one winning now!” Anne teases. She tries to take a step back and loses her balance. She falls to the ground, the wind knocked out of her. The impact causes the open gallon on the counter above her to topple over and begin pouring directly into Anne’s open mouth. The force is so strong she can’t help but swallow as the torrent of icy water pours down her gullet, filling her up. Jennifer jumps from her seat, removing the funnel from her mouth. She hops down to her level.
“Are you okay Anne-Marie?!” Jennifer asks worriedly as she tips the water back upright
“Yeah, yeah. I’m fine.” Anne says rubbing the back of her head. “I just need some help getting up, I’m full of water if you didn’t know.” she jokes.
“Oh….oh, okay.” Jennifer says with a certain level of suspicion in her voice. She quickly takes the funnel and places it in Anne’s mouth. Her eyes shoot open in surprise as Jennifer immediately begins pouring in the cold water. She feels it run down her throat. Jennifer stands above, her right foot gently resting on Anne’s wrist to suggest restraint. Anne begins uncontrollably swallowing.
*Mmppphhh!!!* Anne tries to yell out in a panic. She’s only been the dominating one in every relationship she’s had. Now she is being dominated by her submissive partner. She squirms, trapped under the weight of her own full belly. She wants to get away, but the sensation of being forced to expand, being forced to bend to the will of her master? The sensation is unrivaled.
Jennifer let’s up on the pouring of the water.
“Who’s losing now?” She laughs, giggling as she continues to pour water down Anne’s throat. She tries to get up again to no avail, tears begin to well up in her eyes while she moans. Arousal begins to take control of her body.
“Want more?” Jennifer asks while she props up Anne’s head with a pillow. Anne shakes her head no and moans in disapproval as Jennifer begins to pour again. Anne watches as her belly grounds rounder, bigger, and more tight. Her breasts continuing to grow cup sizes, her thighs thickening. She just doesn’t stop filling with water, like she will never reach capacity. She’s completely helpless. Jennifer has total control over her. The underwire of anne’s bra is the last thing holding it in place. Jennifer reaches in oh so delicately and snaps the wire, allowing Anne’s giant breasts to fall onto her chest. Jennifer leans in, massaging Anne’s breasts and playing with them while she laughs.
“Tell me, do you know how great your tits are?” Jennifer asks, taking on this whole new dominating personality. She removes the funnel from Anne’s mouth.
“…Y-Yeah, I’ve been told they’re pretty great.” Anne mutters while catching her breath. She reaches out towards Jen’s chest to try and cop a squeeze. Jennifer slaps her hand away,
“Hey, be careful! This bra is on the breaking point right now!” She jokes.
“Now, do me a favor and roll onto your belly.” Jen smiles. Anne-Marie does her best to roll on her own but needs the help of Jennifer to push her side and roll her like she’s a plump Violet Beauregard. Anne burps, the gas forced out of her by her own weight.
“Excuse me, sorry about that. You know…I think I like being forcefully dominated. I’ve always thought I was the dom, but maybe I want to be the sub.” She thinks out loud. “Especially by you, Jen.” She looks into her eyes, her gaze drifting up and down her thick, round body.
“Would it be a problem if I, the winner, took advantage of you, the loser, anyway I see fit?” Jennifer smiles down at Anne.
“It wouldn’t be an issue at all, baby.” Anne smiles back. Jen grabs the hose and connects it to the end of a gallon. She shoves the other end up Anne’s ass, and gives it a nice smack to make it jiggle.
“Ooh!…” Anne moans as the cold water rushes in through her ass, she can feel it making its way to her belly. Her nipples become erect as she fills with more and more water and grows.
“Oh fuck, it’s so good!” She cries out.
“Someone’s a bit excited.” Jennifer teases, her gaze on Anne’s soaking wet panties.
“Please, please, please. Please touch my pussy. I’m so horny I can’t stand it. Please baby.” Anne pleads with Jennifer as she’s pumped full of water.
“You want me to play with your pussy?” She teases. She hovers her fingers delicately over her pink pussy lips, barely stroking her clit, before slowly sliding in and then out again.
“Oh, god please. Play with me, finger me, anything, treat me like your balloon girl. I can’t wait any longer!” She cries out
“Uh-uh-uh,” Jennifer replies. “I choose to do as I please.” She circles around to Anne’s front and tells her to open. She places a second hose in her mouth, attached to a second gallon jug. She begins pouring that one as well. The sensation of the cold water entering her both directions is almost orgasmic. Her entire body bloats out further, she rapidly begins to rise from the floor as her belly grows bigger. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she moans in pleasure. After a minute both gallons are empty and Anne’s legs are entirely lifted off the ground, resting on her own stomach as if it were a waterbed. Jennifer slowly walks around Anne’s helpless mass, stroking her naked body with her index finger. She crouches down and buries her face into Anne’s exposed, wet, pink pussy.
“OH GOD YES!!” She screams out in ecstasy. The sound of Jennifer eating her out is mixed with the sound of the water inside both of them sloshing back and forth. Anne’s knuckles go white as she grips the carpet. Jennifer leans in closer, face between anne’s chubby thighs. Face to face with her fat ass. Jennifer’s tight belly presses against every inch of Anne’s soft body. She recoils in pleasure as Jen continues to vivaciously eat her out. Anne begins to let out quiet rhythmic moans, she’s getting close. Jennifer grabs on tight to Anne’s ballooning ass, circling her sensitive clit with her tongue.
“OH GOD YES!” Anne cries out, her legs quaking, shivering, and jiggling in ecstasy.
“I’M GONNA…I-I’M GONNA!!..” Anne gasps for air. “OoOoOhhhoh GOD!” She moans through clenched teeth, her body convulsing as endorphins run through her. Jennifer slows down, delicately and meticulously licking anne’s cunt. Jennifer lets out moans between licks and sucks. Anne’s body releases all her tension, going limp, resting her face on her own inflated breasts to catch her breath.
“That was amazing.” Anne says exasperatedly. “I love you Jennifer, especially that tongue of yours.” She teases. Jennifer kneels down as best as she can, placing her arms under each of Anne’s arm pits, struggling to lift her up. Jennifer barely manages to stand to her feet, the weight of her body too much to stand. Jennifer quickly guides her to the bed and has her lay down on the right side, the bed creaking and groaning under Anne’s sloshing mass.
“Jen, do me a favor and grab that gallon right there, the last one.” Anne says, pointing at the last gallon jug that’s filled with a purple bubbling liquid. Jennifer walks over, eyeing the peeling sticker on the side of the bottle. She runs her hand over it, sticking it back into place. It reveals a cartoon purple grape. She picks up the jug and walks back over to the bed, crawling next to Anne to the best of her ability. They’re really testing the limits of the bed now.
“What is this one?” Jen asks as she unscrews the cap, a *hiss* of carbonation into the air. The room fills with a sweet scent.
“It’s one I saved just for you, the last one, blueberry flavored.” Anne smiles, tracing her finger down Jennifer’s exposed back as she talks. It sends chills up Jen’s spine.
“Now…Chug.” Anne says demandingly.
“I love blueberry!” Jennifer yells optimistically, tilting the jug back into her mouth. The flavor hits her tongue, releasing euphoria. She chugs and chugs, her already stretched belly extends to new limits. Her flesh around her belly button begins to turn a dark blue hue, spreading outwards encompassing her torso. Anne watches the color run up Jennifer’s body, unbeknownst to her. Jennifer’s cleavage turning a dark purple. She puts the bottle down, letting out a cute burp. A loud gurgling sound can be heard from her stomach. The bed begins to creak and groan.
“Wow, that actually tastes really good.” Jennifer says, genuine honesty in her voice. She notices a blurry blue dot in the center of her vision where the tip of her nose would usually be.
“I’M BLUE? AND GROWING?!” Jennifer freaks out at the rapid growth of her body. Anne sits back, biting her lip watching the dominatrix become helpless. The rapid expansion of her body, faster than ever before. Her ballooning belly and tit’s begin to push her back farther into the bed pillows. The creaking of the bed only grows louder. Her swollen thighs and arms grow chubbier as they fill with juice. The whites of her eyes become more vibrant in contrast to her skin color, the panic on her face more visible as she is smothered by her own body. She’s gaining pounds of weight by the second, growing wider and thicker. Her black bra seconds from snapping as her once modest sized tits now pass an F-cup.
“This is just the beginning, darling.” Anne teases, grabbing ahold of one of Jennifer’s breasts and squeezing. Jennifer cries out in pain and ecstasy, her groaning and bubbling body creates a cacophony with the creaking and bending bed. Anne manages to get to her knees, her entire body wobbling as she does. She straddles on top of jennifer’s wide, round, expanding tummy.
“See you got too comfortable in the domination position. Someone’s gotta put you back in your place.” Anne smiles, staring into Jen’s terrified and helpless eyes as her cheeks fill with juice. Anne reaches her hand back, her middle and ring finger together and slowly glides them over Jen’s pussy, perfectly spreading her lips and grazing her clit. As Jennifer gets aroused a dark purple juice leaks out of her nipples, wetting her bra.
“You’ve sprung a leak my big blueberry girl.” Anne chuckles. *Mmmphhh!!* Jennifer tries to call out through her chubby cheeks. Anne reaches out and grabs a hold of the black bra, pulling back with all her force until the straps snap. Jennifer moans as her tits bounce and rest on top of her growing belly, the liquid running down her body. Anne leans in, placing her entire mouth over her titty. She sucks hard, swallowing gulps of the tasty juice. Jen moans again, her toes curling in ecstasy. Unknown to Anne, her belly begins to adorn the same blue hue. It rapidly spreads across her whole body as she continues to suck and down the juice, her right hand still going to work on Jen’s cunt.
“Mmmmpph!! Mmmmph Mmph!” Jen calls out between moans. Anne looks up at her pet, noticing the same blurry blue dot in the center of her vision. Anne leans back, eyeing her body, watching the juice re-tone every inch of her flesh. She hears the familiar loud gurgling, and looks down watching her belly rapidly expand outwards. Jennifer continues to grow, her vision obscured by her bulbous breasts and full belly. As she grows rounder, her body pushes off the headboard, she’s standing upright on the bed nearly spherical and immobile. Her arms and legs are engulfed into her ballooning frame. “Mmmmphh!!” She tries to yell, her cheeks puffier and puffier. Through her moans you can hear her sobs, she thinks she’s going to pop if she doesn’t stop growing. Anne begins to catch up as her thighs and midsection become rounder and rounder, losing all definition as she fills with juice. Two giant naked blueberries next to each other on top of the bed, leaking blue juice all over the white linens and carpet. They wobble back and forth.
“N-No! This, this is too much! I didn’t plan for this–” Anne cries out, her voice cut off by the muffling of her chubby cheeks. “Mmmmph!” She tries to add, but it’s no use. Jennifer begins to reach the ceiling, her hands and feet wiggling in a panic. What used to be her shoulders begin to press into the ceiling, the pressure terrifies her. She feels like a balloon in a trash compactor. Anne is about ⅔ the size of Jennifer when the bed begins to creak loudly. *Snap!*
The bed crashes to the ground, both of their bodies jiggling and recoiling. “I camt take anymooohhh!” Anne tries with all her might to yell through her bloated cheeks. Anne’s barefoot makes contact with Jen’s exposed pussy. Anne begins to leak more and more of the juice out of her cunt and her ass. Jennifer follows suit but despite how much she leaks she continues to grow, squashed against the ceiling. Her muffled screams can be heard, getting quicker and quicker, louder and louder. Jennifer’s belly creaks like an overinflated balloon, reaching capacity.
“MmmmMMPHHH!!!” Jen cries.
Juice rains to the floor, along with Jennifer falling to the ground, gasping for air. She’s down to around her normal size except for some left over bloating around her belly ass and tit’s.
“Wh-what happened? I-I’m okay?!” Jen cries out in joy. Anne’s wobbling from side to side, her support now missing. She moans out in fear, her hands flailing. A loud creaking is coming from within her. The juice that rained down from jennifer’s explosion pools on the floor and is soaked up by Anne’s ass.
“We have to pop you to get you back to normal size!” Jen yells up to Anne.
“Mmmph!” She replies.
A sequencing sound, like pumping an air balloon with air can be heard from Anne.
*PHSSST* with each sound, Anne grows out quickly in diameter.
*PHSSST* “Mmph!” She moans as she’s pressed further into the ceiling
*PHSSST* Bigger and bigger she grows, filling nearly half the room, leaking a river of purple juice. Jennifer slides open the patio door and grabs the garden hose wrapped up outside. She pushes it into Anne’s ass and turns it onto max. She then runs into the corner and ducks for cover.
Creaking, Groaning, louder and louder, quicker pace. She’s so big, she has a much more intense capacity than little Jennifer.
“POP YOU BIG BEAUTIFUL BLUEBERRY!” Jennifer calls out to Anne. The ecstasy builds within Anne, the pressure so intense. She feels her skin tighten, the familiar creak and groan she heard not a minute ago.
Purple juice rains from the ceiling and covers the whole room. Anne falls onto the soaking wet carpet, a thicker and more curvaceous version of her previous self. Jennifer runs over without saying a word and wraps her arms around her.
“I thought I was going to lose you.” She whispered into Anne’s ear. They pull their heads back, look deep into each other’s eyes, and lean in locking lips onto one another and passionately kiss.
Jennifer pulls away and smacks her lips.
“Uh, do you taste that?” She asks Anne nervously.
“Oh no…” Anne says, fear in her voice as she scans the room looking at the dripping purple liquid. “it’s like an endless fucking cycle! We’ll never get out of here!” Anne breaks down, sobbing. Jennifer places her hands gently on both sides of Anne’s face, forcing her to look at her.
“Look at me…I don’t care how long this lasts as long as I’m doing it with you.” Jennifer smiles sweetly, wrapping her arms around Anne’s chubby blue waist feeling it bubble and expand in her hands. She places her lips back on Anne’s.
“After we pop, let’s take a hot shower and head back to my place.” Jennifer says reassuringly, Anne nods the tears on her cheek drying as her skin grows a deep shade of blue.
“I’d really…really like that.” Anne chuckles, tears of joy down in her face.
They lean in again, kissing passionately as they expand and balloon together once again. As their second time, the experience is more pleasurable and fascinating. Their bellies grow outwards, meeting in the middle. Anne’s ass grows the opposite direction of her belly, Jennifer’s tits perking up and ballooning. Anne reaches her hands out and sensually massages Jen’s tits. Both their bodies expand outwards, both of them reaching capacity at the same time.
Jennifer helps Anne up from the ground and they run into the shower together, turning on the hot water. The purple juice running off their bodies. They passionately hold one another, bonding and loving each other.
They get dressed, gather what’s left of their things, and leave the apartment hand in hand.

*1 Hour Later…*

“Hellooo?” A voice enters the dark apartment, setting down their keys and bag on the kitchen counter.
“Anybody home? Anne-Marie?” The roommate calls out, carefully walking through the pitch black hallway. She pushes open the bedroom door and turns on the light. She’s hit with the fresh scent of blueberries and sees the shredded bed frame and blue soaked sheets.
“What the fuck happened her-” She asks before slipping and falling into a pool of juice on the ground.

“…Oops” she whimpers as the puddle instantly begins to grow smaller as it’s absorbed into her.

The End.

okay but why didn’t jack and silver interact more?


Showdown of the Century

PRIORITIES  RATTLED,  EVERYTHING  NEEDING  DOING  WITHOUT    any grace of any god to gift him with  REMOTELY  SUFFICIENT  TIME  to lie in his own metaphorical blood for a bit,  regroup,  rethink   ;   shite that’d let any sane man close fingers around a glass without eventually  smashing  it straight into the wall.   it’s melodrama he veils particularly well,  well enough to pinch through barren smiles without the drawn attention,  without turning the Barbra Streisand effect  on  himself  ——-  it’s having seated himself for a minute of cold vacancy  &  pushing a brandy glass hard enough to  spin  dangerously  ( fuck did he care if the treasured things cracked  )   that a shuffle of footsteps prickle his ire,  leaves him folding a hand across his face with a wearied mutter,  “ yes,  what do you need.  ”

origin:  STARTER CALL  /    @raisedthishell

anonymous asked:

do you have like a recommend reading list or anything? I trust your taste

tender buttons (gertrude stein) ; the complete plays of sarah kane ; our lady of the flowers (jean genet) ; NODS. (carrie lorig) ; autobiography of red (anne carson) ; equus (peter schaffer) ; beautiful losers (leonard cohen) ; sara or the existence of fire (sara june woods) ; visions of excess (georges bataille) ; one hour of television (kristina born) ; the celluloid closet (vito russo) ; in watermelon sugar (richard brautigan) ; as i lay dying (william faulkner), cruising utopia (jose esteban munoz) ; the animal that therefore i am (jacques derrida) ; a lover’s discourse (roland barthes) ; animacies (mel y. chen) ; scary no scary (zachary schomburg) ; the complete poems of frank o’hara ; a season in hell (arthur rimbaud) ; ulysses (james joyce) ; times square red times square blue (samuel r. delaney) ; giovanni’s room (james baldwin) ; kiss painting (sandra jeppesen) ; frisk (dennis cooper) ; twenty love poems (pablo neruda)

also i haven’t read BEAR by marian engel yet, but i have a feeling that once i do it will probably become my favourite book of all time.

Beware Uncle Sam

Summary: Reader is Dean’s 15 y/o daughter, and she sneaks out and drinks. She is then sexually assaulted and Dean breaks it up.

Word Count: 1800 ish

Pairing: none

Warning: Slight language, sexual assault

A/N: This was a lot of fun to write ! I Hope you like it! Love y’all, thank you for reading. Goodnight.


                “Y/N, it’s 11:30 at night; go to bed!” your dad yelled through your door.

                “Not tired,” you sassed back.

                “Y/N, I’m your dad, and I swear if you don’t turn those lights off and at least pretend to go to bed,” your knob was being wiggled. Jokes on him, the door is locked. “I will get your Uncle Sam to deal with you.”

                “Yeah, whatever,” you continue to disobey. Suddenly, your door is wide open and there’s a pissed off dad standing in the frame. His neck twitched a little, and that’s how you knew there was no messing around with him tonight. You probably wouldn’t live to tell the tale if you attempted to. “How did you get-“

                “Seriously, Y/N? We’re hunters. We pick locks,” and with those words, you had suddenly felt like your intelligence had reduced to the size of a peanut.

                “Oh, uh, yeah,” you whisper and the “eh” in yeah trailed off. You hadn’t really been thinking today. You were planning on sneaking out for the first time as soon as your dad falls asleep. It had your nerves wracked all day, and you were hoping you weren’t being too obviously suspicious.

                “Go to bed,” you could tell he was gritting his teeth. “Goodnight.”

                “G’night, Dad,” he flicked your lights off and slammed your door behind him before you even climbed into bed.

                You knew the routine. Dad checks on you, tells you to go to bed, you “go to bed”, ten minutes later he checks on you to make sure you’re sleeping, he goes to sleep, and you wake up and he’s already up. It’s foolproof; it never ever changes unless Dad and Uncle Sam are on a hunt. Then they have Cas take Dad’s place. Same routine, different person.

                Those ten minutes were agonizing. Your heart was pounding, and you couldn’t focus on anything. Staring at the ceiling in the dark wasn’t cutting it for you; you distract yourself with your phone.  be out in 10 mins u know where to wait

                The  next five minutes passed rather quickly, and before you knew it your door was creeping open. You heard your dad whisper “she’s out” to your uncle.  As soon as their footsteps weren’t audible, you climbed out of bed and turned your light on.

                Shuffling around, you managed to find your purse and get dressed without waking anyone. A tight dress and heels is what you decided to wear.

                Getting out of the bunker was challenging, but thankfully, you knew where every creak and crack to be had in it. It only took you a little over a minute to successfully make it out of the bunker.

                On my way to your car. You walked down the road and around a bend, and there was a car parked on the side of the road. “Heyyy! Y/N! Join the party!” some dude from your STEM class called out of the window of the back seat. The driver’s back door flew open for you, and you climbed into the car.

                The smell of alcohol and smoke filled the car. You were smooshed between the door and that kid that yelled out of the window.

                “Bryan, give her a drink,” your friend, Anne, slurred to the kid. Bryan; you made a mental note of his name. Suddenly, a beer was tossed into your lap. You popped the top and took a swig. The taste of beer has never appealed to you, but the feeling it gave you did.

                You and the four teenagers rode to a house in the middle of nowhere. You could hear the music thumping from down the road, and the smell of smoke was everywhere.

                “Time to party!” a kid from the front seat was screaming. You were regretting ever planning to come to this party. You had this awful feeling looming in the pit of your stomach. At times like these, you wished your dad would teach you how to fight, just in case. He always said if you knew how to fight, you’d get cocky and hunt without his permission. He always used the “when you turn 16” excuse.

                “Y/N, come on, this party looks, like, super totally awesome!” Anne grabbed your arm and drug you through the door. Inside the house was absolutely crazy. It was so crowded that you had to physically push your way through, the music was so loud that you couldn’t hear anything, and there was so much alcohol, you didn’t know where to start!

                You decided to do shots. You and Anne made your way to the kitchen where the alcohol was most concentrated. There was rows of drinks- beer, whiskey, tequila, vodka, wines, an array of fruity drinks, and even more things you’d never even seen.

                “Bet I can take five shots of whiskey before you can,” Anne challenges you. No way you were going to chicken out. You weren’t a bitch.

                “Ay, five shots of whiskey for me, five for her,” you instruct the person manning the drinks. Before you knew it, shots were lined up and ready for you two.

                “On three, one, two, three,” and with that, the shot glasses flew to your mouth. The first one burned your throat and left a warm feeling in your chest. The second intensified the burn. The third didn’t really do anything. The fourth and fifth ones left your mouth numb for a few seconds. You slammed your fifth and final glass down just seconds before Anne slammed hers down.

                “Beat you! Bam, in your face, loser!” you joked with her.

                “Hey, he’s totally checking me out,” Anne smiles and bites her lip at a tall guy a few feet away. He waved to her, signaling for her to come to him. She slapped your butt and strode over to him.

                “Great,” you muttered to yourself. Your one and only friend just ditched you to go make out with a guy.

                “Hey, I can keep you company,” Bryan comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you. Normally you would’ve never given him a second thought, but the alcohol was really getting to you. You thought you could handle five shots and not do anything stupid, but clearly you were wrong.

                You spun around and smiled. “Not here, though. It’s too crowded,” you grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs and into some bedroom. You weren’t sure whose it was or even if you were allowed to be in there, but you went anyway.

                Suddenly you two were kissing and you were all over eachother. He managed to back you up against a wall. You didn’t mind; you thought he was just being dominant. Then his hands found their way to your breasts. You didn’t mind that; it was acceptable. What wasn’t acceptable is when he tried taking your clothes off. His hands tugged on your dress.

                “Hey, hey. I don’t wanna sleep with you,” you told him. His lips slammed against yours again, and you were virtually powerless. Your arms were pinned, as well as the rest of your body, against the wall.

                He ripped your dress off of you, and you cursed yourself for wearing such a thin, short, tight dress. You almost ripped it just putting it on before sneaking out.

                There you were in your underwear and bra, pinned against a wall, powerless against this huge dude. You freed your arms and attempted to push him away. He continued kissing and groping you, and you couldn’t get him off of you; you just weren’t strong enough.

                Suddenly, you were free, and he was no longer on you. He was on the floor and you couldn’t believe who was on top of him, punching the mess out of him.

                “Dad!” your dad had yanked him off of you.. “Stop! That’s enough!” you knew what your dad was capable of and you sure as hell didn’t want him to go full force on Bryan.

                “Don’t you ever come near my daughter again, or so help me, God,” your dad threatened him.

                “Yes sir. Yes sir. I’m sorry Mr. Winchester,” Bryan was frantically apologizing, trying to free himself from your dad’s wrath. Finally your dad stood up and Bryan practically ran out of the room.

                Your dad yanked his sweatshirt off. He covered his eyes with one hand and tossed you the sweatshirt with the other. “Here, I’m not looking. Put that on.”

                “Dad, I’m so so sorry,” you slipped the huge sweatshirt over your head. It swallowed you whole and went down mid thigh. “I shouldn’t have gone out, and I’m so sorry. Thank you, daddy for saving me; I never wanted to, to,” by this point, tears had formed and you were broken down. You were sobbing so hard you couldn’t finish your sentence. Your dad stepped forward and embraced you.

                “Shh…shh.. It’s okay. You’re okay. Let’s get out to the car, okay?” you shook your head, agreeing with him.

                He slung his arm over your shoulders and guided you through the crowd and out to the car. Every single person moved out of the way when you two came through. You didn’t even want to think how they knew to move out of his way- what he had done before he got to you.

                “Dry it up, we got some talkin to do,” he told you matter-of-factly. Once the initial shock was gone, you were able to pull yourself together. “Are you good?”

                “I’m good.”

                “What the hell were you thinking, Y/N? A party? This party? Seriously?”

                “I’m- I’m sorry, Dad, I really am. I’ll never sneak out again.”

                “If you do, so help me god, I will have your head on a stick. Try me and see,” he gave you that look that you knew so well. It was an ‘I dare you’ kind of look.

                “I won’t. Umm, does, uh, does Un-“

                “Yes. Uncle Sam knows, and yes, Uncle Sam is more pissed off than I am. He was worried about you, you know that? He wanted to come, but I told him he needed to cool off. You know, he loves you; you’re his only neice. So, yes, absolutely, he knows, and yes, he is pissed. Good luck,” your dad was smirking. That’s why he hadn’t yelled at you; he was leaving Uncle Sam to do the dirty work.


I can describe it as a pain in the head, some central point, a wound which, somehow, had always been there – something slowly and steadily deforming all hope in me; something that forces me to cling to the past and cling and cling – I cling to the blood, I cling to my own ache, I cling to the past and it gets to a point when I can’t even remember without hurting. I do feed off it, do you understand? It’s not the disease anymore, Anne, it is me, I’m telling you it is me! I blindly follow it because I want to know it and it drives me inward, each time all the most inward, and yet I can only use abstract terms to refer to it and then I get mad at myself. Or I am mad. Probably both. Anne, I am not a loser and I am not weak and I have been battling this ever since I can remember myself. And every single time I try to describe it to someone I love, I only end up sounding like a self-centered asshole who is so damn arrogant in her pain. And then I cannot describe it – I fail, I always fail so forgive me […]
—  Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters

I saw an amazing video (and shared it on here) with this song. Needless to say this song then proceeded to get stuck in my head, and I decided to make my own video

Sherlock - This is Gospel