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#67: Pregnancy Series | Telling His Family


Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys


“Mom can you come here for a second.” Luke requested as his eyes were glued to the screen in front of him. “Sure.” Liz answered grabbing the cup she had just poured coffee, in walking towards Luke and taking a seat next to him on the bed. ”Where’s Y/N?” She asked as she took a seat on the bed, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “She’s out with Michael and Ashton. They went for ice-cream or such thing as that.” Luke mumbled, fiddling with the duvet he was sitting on in his hand. “Okay then. What’s up?” She watched him as Luke opened his laptop and went straight on Skype, calling his brother Ben. Liz looked at the screen curiously as they waited for Ben to pick up, the sound of the beeping disappearing and Ben, Jack and Andy’s faces appeared on the screen. “Hey you guys.” Luke smiled with a wave, the boys returning it but Liz still looked frozen in spot. “What is going on, a family reunion?” She questioned as a smile came to her lips. “You can call it that I guess.” Luke mumbled as questions started to fill the conversation such as how things were going back at home and stuff. “So I heard Y/N is pregnant?” Andy asked breaking the otherwise silence that had felt between the Hemmings family, making Luke tense up in his seat, his mouth going into a straight line. “She is.” Liz answered for him. “So who’s the father?” Ben asked, raising an eyebrow. Everyone in his family knew who you were due to being childhood best friends with Luke. You had shared everything when you were together as children. “Yeah, you see, that’s what I actually wanted to talk about.” Luke managed to stammer out. He had repeated the words in his head for a week now, wanting tell his mom the most but every time he tried, it failed. “You know?” Liz asked him with wide eyes. “I do.” Luke fumbled with his hands again, looking between them, his mom and on the screen. “You’re the father, am I right Luke?” Andy asked, making Luke’s eyes wide in shock, Liz doing the same. Luke didn’t say another word, just looked down whilst he nodded his head. “Oh my god.” Was the only thing that came out of Liz’s mouth. She was shocked to say at least but a small smile yet formed onto her lips. Throughout her whole life both her and your mom had tried to set you guys up as a couple even from when you were babies and finally all of the sudden you guys had been together. “So you’re dating?” Jack asked breaking the silence. “No.” Luke answered fast, almost breaking Liz’s heart by the news. “So you’re just best friends who’s gonna have a baby?” Ben asked, wanting conformation. “Yes, we are. I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed you guys.” He mumbled the last part making Liz pull him instantly in for a hug. “You know how supportive we are for what you do. Just remember that it’s not us you should be afraid to disappoint, it’s her.” Luke’s brothers and dad nodded their head by Liz’s words, making Luke form a very small smile. “Thank you.” He breathed pulling back. “For helping Y/N and stuff.” “Well now I have a very good reason to do it, she’s carrying my grandson.” Liz formed a small smile as well afterwards with a sigh.


Calum gave your hand a slight squeeze under the table making you look up at him in confusion. “Is it time already?” You asked almost in a fear, looking around in the not so small local, your family on the left side from where you were sitting and Calum and the boys on the other side. “I feel like it needs to be said now.” He mumbled in your ear, giving Joy a smile next to him. “You do it.” You mumbled back making Calum’s eyes go wide. “Hell no.” He answered, looking around. “You will.” You warned, starting to pinch his thigh making him let out a squeal before he suddenly stood up from the stair to try to avoid the pain you were giving him, his eyes going wide as the crowd suddenly quieted down by his sudden raise. “You forgot to knock on the glass for god sake Calum.” Calum’s dad commented making Michael stand up instantly. “I’ll do it then.” He hiccupped grabbing his glass and fork, lazily knocking on it before he took a seat fast again. It was clear that after what could be 3 glasses of red wine, he was tipsy. “Well thank you for that.” Calum commented towards Michael making him give him a smile and thumbs up. “Okay so first of all me and Y/N wanna thank you guys for coming to our pre wedding rehearsal.” Calum started out, Michael already starting to clap his hands. “Thank you Michael.” He chuckled, Michael leaning back in his seat with yet another glass of wine in his hand, showing it up towards Calum in a cheer. “But uhm- We actually have some kind of sad news for you guys.” Calum’s statement made worry appear on people’s faces, even Michael looked up suspicious now, almost trying to be sober. Calum looked down at you for help, but you only shrugged your shoulders. “We’re going to cancel the wedding.” A loud gasp came from your mother by the words, you almost winching by the reaction. “Why?” Calum’s dad asked fast, everyone having shocked expression on their faces. “Because,” Calum started, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Y/N does not want to be married whilst she’s walking around with a fat belly.” His words made people look around in confusion, trying to figure out the indication of it. “You’re pregnant?” Mali-Koa blurted, making both you and Calum’s eyes wide. “Pregnant?” Your dad asked fast, looking up at you. Calum let out a small sigh before removing the hand that was resting on your hip, moving it towards your still flat belly. “Y/N’s pregnant yes.” Silence felt over the whole area as people tried to register the sudden news. “That’s great!” Ashton cheered, trying to zone everyone out of their frozen state. He could sense that the both of you felt really nervous so after his statement he clapped his hands together, Luke and Michael joining along and after a while, your families started to join as well, a whole crowd of people clapping now. It eased Calum’s nerves so he mouthed out a “Thanks man.” Towards Ashton before he gave everyone a smile, you doing the same. “With these news I think we should all cheer together.” Your uncle said, raising himself from his chair. “Everyone expect for Y/N of course.” He added, you letting out a small giggle. Everyone pushed their chairs out, grabbing their glasses in their hands before your uncle yelled, “To Y/N and Calum.” People yelling it in unison afterwards.


Michael’s mom was walking around with a tray with glasses of red wine as she was hosting a family party for basically 80% of Michael’s family members, being gathered around the small living room. You watched her closely as she came closer and closer to you, trying to figure out a way to deny it, knowing that you guys hadn’t mentioned anything about the pregnancy yet. And there was no doubt that you couldn’t deny it, his parents knew you too well to know that you never would deny offering of alcohol, especially wine. “Thanks.” You smiled taking the glass from Karen as she reached out for you to take one, now rotating your hand to let the wine float around in the glass, the lingering smell from the wine starting to go through your nostrils, sending out an amount of nausea through your body. “Dear god.” You mumbled to yourself, a grimace crossing your face as the nausea didn’t go away, having to place the wine on the coffee table in front of you. “You don’t have to pretend, I think it’s time to tell.” Michael tried to reassure but his face showed otherwise, looking like a teenage boy trying to tell his parents that he got the neighbor’s girl pregnant. “You don’t look like someone who’s ready.” You stated, giving him a skeptical look. Michael hesitated for a second before he stood up from the couch, announcing that he was going to the bathroom, leaving you behind alone. You eyed him as he disappeared into the hallway, looking back at his family members. “its good right Y/N, I choose it in a hope of you being satisfied with it.” His dad winked making your eyes go wide before you looked down at the wine, grabbing it fast and placing it in front of your mouth, taking a zip to his satisfaction. When he looked away, you rotated your head so they couldn’t see, spitting the wine back into the glass. You placed the glass back onto the coffee table when the sudden sound of Michael whistling from behind, filing the whole living room. “Guys I have an announcement.” He said aloud making your eyes go wide, staring at him. He gave you a small glare before he cleared his throat. “As some of you may know, Y/N has been looking a bit pale lately, not only tonight.” Some of his family members looked over at you for a second before their eyes went back to his. “The reason for that is.. Well.. She’s pregnant, carrying my baby..” Silence felt over the room as everyone stared in shock at each other before Michael’s dad’s face turned into a massive grin, standing up to pull his son in for a hug. The before thick tension changed, everyone starting either cheer or laugh, walking in line to hug either Michael or you. Karen was the last one to hug Michael before she realized something. ”But Y/N just drank alcohol!” Karen exclaimed looking weirdly at you now. “No I technically didn’t. I spitted it out in the drink.” You said in a apologizing tone, giving his dad a sad smile. “It’s fine Y/N, you’ll taste it in about 9 months then.” He winked making you relax more in your seat, having Michael take a seat next to you.


Ashton was shifting in his seat with excitement but also nervousness , his shoulder repeatedly puffing into yours as he changed position, his hand going through his hair every third second as you him, Lauren, Anne and Harry was having a meal at your house, an arrangement you had made right after you had found out about the pregnancy. “I hope it tastes great.” Anne purred as she started to collect the now empty plates, you helping along with it. “It sure was mum.” Ashton said with a dazed smile, him leaning back in his seat as he rubbed his now full stomach.  Anne and you carried the rest of the stuff from the table out into the kitchen as Ashton talked with Lauren and Harry, catching up time from when the last time they’d seen each other. When the last object from the table was removed, Anne gave you a bowl of candy to place on the table as she grabbed some soda from the fridge. “So tell me you guys, why all this dinner, what’s the occasion?” She asked as she took a seat, grabbing a jelly from the bowl. “We actually had something from you guys.” You smiled standing up from your seat and walked towards the back of the couch, reaching out for a wrapped present before you walked back and placed it in front of the three of them. ”What is it?” Lauren asked, furrowing her eyebrows as she looked at the present. “How about you open it.” Ashton pushed on, pulling you further into his side as he motioned Harry to wrap it up. Harry did as he said, unwrapping the paper from the bag, throwing it towards Anne. “A brown box?” He asked confused, but you only wiggled your eyebrows at him. Harry opened the box before pulling out the content, all of their eyebrows now furrowing as Harry was holding a bundle of pacifiers attached to a note. “What’s this?” Lauren asked confused, “Pacifiers, are you blind?” Harry questioned, looking weirdly at her. “I know what it is dumbass, but why?” Lauren groaned, giving Harry a light hit on the back of his head. “You two!” Anne warned, looking daring at them. “How about you go read the note?” You suggested, Anne immediately removing the note from the pacifiers, squeezing his eyes to read the small letters.  “Dear Grandma, uncle and auntie. Please hold this for me in case I need it when I come to visit. Knowing my mom and dad, they’ll probably forget it. See you in September, Love, Baby Irwin.” When Anne had finished the sentence, with pressure on baby Irwin, a single tear ran down her now reddish cheeks, holding the palm of her hand against her mouth to try to muffle a sob. “Pacifiers for baby Irwin?” Harry asked confused, his thumb running over one of them.” “As in Y/N’s pregnant, and they’re expecting a baby.” Lauren explained with a massive smile, making Harry’s mouth open wide in surprise, his eyes lit up in excitement. “Congrats.” He cheered, reaching his arms out to hug the both of you. “Do you know the gender?” Lauren asked a little bit too fast, earning a weird look from Ashton. “She’s not even showing yet!” He exclaimed yet with a smile. “Hah, now it was your turn to play the dumb card.” Harry chuckled, giving his big sister a puff with his shoulder.  

Questo non è un qualcosa che forse vi interesserà, ma segnarlo nero su bianco aiuterà me.
Ci siamo detti addio.
Ho appena stretto per l'ultima volta l'amore della mia vita piangendogli addosso.
—  Il mare d'inverno, solo per sta sera, “Anne”