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Stayed at Shibden Mill Inn in Halifax, a few weeks ago.

Here are a few scenes from Last Tango in Halifax - Christmas Special. 😊

So,i watched INTERSTELLAR…

And i recommend it to everyone,i’m even going to watch it several times. It was really good and it blew my mind. i didn’t notice how several hours passed while watching and now my mind is blowing up.


LTIH may be over but we’ve still got crack! Enjoy my lovelies (this was actually one of my favourite ever videos to make!)


30 Day Movie Challenge

Day 17: The Best Movie You Saw In The Last Year

Interstellar (2014)

As anyone who has seen my blog knows, I love Christopher Nolan's films passionately.  He can essentially do no wrong in my eyes.  His latest film was no exception.  It exceeded my expectations, honestly, which was pretty difficult.  I went with some friends to see it in IMAX, and when the credits began, the three of us sat in silence the entire time.  We wouldn’t have known where to start.  Interstellar is truly  one of the greatest film experiences I have ever had.  It was stunning beautiful and overwhelmingly emotional.  It was truly heartbreaking at times.  It was a wonder to behold, and it took me to another world entirely.  I have probably never been left in such awe by a movie.  Earlier in this challenge, I named The Dark Knight my favorite movie of all time, but ever since I watched this it creeps closer to claiming that title.  Maybe it already has.