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iwtv headcanon(s)

ok am i the only one who finds the beginning of IWTV so shady?? 

lol i know im not, so imma just go ahead and speculate–if you’d like to read, you may go ahead and do so c: same goes for sharing thoughts! id love to hear what you all have to say <3 but, beware, it gets pretty long, sorry folks >//<

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Why I love Yoo Youngjae

Why do I love him? How do I even start? I love his voice, it’s so unique and soothing, it’s like dark chocolate for your ears. I love his warmth and his compassion, how he was voted the most caring member by the others and how he always takes care of them in his own little ways. I love his bond with his members. I love his talent. I love how when he laughs really hard, he hits anyone who sits next to him, I love his whole hearted and genuine and loud laughs, his screaming and his meme faces. I love his squishy apple cheeks that appear anytime he smiles that amazingly blinding smile of his. I love his beautiful eyes that you can get lost in. I love the mole on his neck and his collarbones. I love his fluffy hair and his cute boop nose. I love how he’s sassy and cocky in one moment but can be very sensitive and emotional in the next. I love his genuine passion and commitment for music and B.A.P, I love his love for babyz. I love his bare face, I love his lips, I love his smile, I love when he’s drowning in sweaters, I love his aesthetic Insta and self-proclaimed inability to take Selfies (honestly though all of his Selfies are beautiful?? How??). I love his dedication and his weird ass hairstyles during their debut. I love how every jae Stan knows not to trust him whenever he teases something (like dying his hair) and that he can be a little shit and a little tease but also one of the most emotional and empathical people I’ve ever seen. I love everything about him, his personality, his looks, his voice, his loudness, his emotions and just Youngjae in general.


I think you know what this will provoke. I think you know how dangerous the consequences promise to be, and I think you knew that before you took up the knife. I think I know why you did it, and I don’t think it had anything to do with him or with her or with gold. I think it had to do with something entirely different and I understand. So I will not let those consequences touch you.

Most definitely not ink, but my pens need a break and I miss my pencil! But, there is ink there, so, technically, yes—inktober. 

Louis and Lestat stargazing, because this one scene in Queen of the Damned as narrated by Lestat never fails to hurt me— it’s actually very easy to hurt me but

“When [Louis] saw the stars, I felt him tense against me; his face was perfectly smooth and serene; and if he was weeping the wind was carrying it away. Whatever fear he’d felt was gone now, utterly; he was lost as he looked upward; as the dome of heaven came down around us, and the moon shone full on the endless thickening plain of whiteness below.”

InktoberVC—Day 12: Your OTP on a date!

anonymous asked:

What did you think of the interviewers comment "I've seen all the episodes of the entire Netflix Marvel catalog and I had to like, start thinking, was like, did they get together in Daredevil ?  With like, how the layers if their relationship was, and I was trying to remember their chemistry together...." to Jon and Deb?

I AM SO EMOTIONAL! ABOUT IT! *deep breath* 

Okay, I went back just to double-check, too, and at the ~2 minutes mark, the interviewer does preface that he’s seen the first 6 episodes. So he saw about the first half of TP and actually had to wonder “did they get together in Daredevil?” 

That’s…amazing, and I think it’s really promising for the kind of emotional depth we can expect to see in TP between them. The waterfront clip confirms how much Frank cares about Karen, of course, but IMO that little comment also cements that it’s as consistently present between them in their interactions, from the both of them, as we’ve been hoping. I also think that’s a bit promising for how much interaction we’ll get between them (and with each other related to each other, such as what Karen’s willing to do to help Frank and vice versa) in at least said first half of the season.

I want to give massive kudos to the interviewer for asking that, as well, because he seems like he tries the best he can with this question to keep it as neutral and respectful as possible. And he brings this up only after getting an opening when Deb talks about how messy characters/relationships can be and how they’re too complicated to boil down into questions like ‘describe X in 3 words’. He sounded like a passionate fan that got the darkness of Frank and Frank’s world and loves it…which I think makes it that much more telling that even though he fumbles with it, he does push to low-key bring up that romantic angle/layer anyway in what comes off like a genuinely unprepared, non-generic, fan perspective question.

If someone that loves all the shows, and clearly didn’t come away from DDS2 with that obvious slant for them, then got confused by the uptick of intensity between them in TP…just how obvious is it? How intentional was it – how much of that is in the script, and how much is just because of Jon and Deb’s wonderful chemistry, as he mentions?

And not to sound like a broken record, lol, but Jon and Deb’s answer is everything! Because they don’t dismiss that! They acknowledge the chemistry, how unexpected and amazing it is, and still give us that “it’s completely unnamed and unlabeled” and “it can be whatever we feel in the moment”. The chemistry part could be kind of an opening to gently dismiss anything more, but they don’t. Absolutely nothing is ruled out.

So, yeah, I think that’s really telling for the emotion we can expect for them to show for/about each other on-screen and that it’s hinting at that angsty first meeting we’ve all been expecting, tbh!!


icarus is flying too close to the sun | an Anne Boleyn mix

01. I’m only the face of every woman, just a heartbeat in a man / 02. I don’t need blue blood running through my veins, because like a queen, like a queen, I can make you say you love me / 03. no one ever died from wanting too much / 04. as long as there’s a light, my shadow’s over you, ‘cause I, I am the opposite of amnesia / 05. standing on the cliff face, highest fall you’ll ever grace, it scares me half to death / 06. I’m just an angel that’s fallen from grace, in a weak moment I doubted my faith, I danced with the devil, and I’m so ashamed, he never mentioned that I’d have to pay / 07. as darkness quickly steals the light that shined within her eyes, she slowly swallows all her fear, and soothes her mind with lies / 08. let no voice falter, let die no flame, let all remember your every name / 09. you may kill me now, and you may hurt me so, but I will haunt you ‘til the end is nigh

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