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The “Anne With an E” Netflix series isn’t as much of a “daring” or “modern” children’s lit adaptation as the Netflix hype wants us to believe. It’s just like the ‘70s “Little House on the Prairie” series: pretty much ignores the books after the first episode so the 1870s characters can suffer traumas and grapple with the issues of Current Year. The only real difference is the lack of perms and of shirtless Michael Landon.


I’m really glad you’re back, Anne.


I think you know what this will provoke. I think you know how dangerous the consequences promise to be, and I think you knew that before you took up the knife. I think I know why you did it, and I don’t think it had anything to do with him or with her or with gold. I think it had to do with something entirely different and I understand. So I will not let those consequences touch you.


icarus is flying too close to the sun | an Anne Boleyn mix

01. I’m only the face of every woman, just a heartbeat in a man / 02. I don’t need blue blood running through my veins, because like a queen, like a queen, I can make you say you love me / 03. no one ever died from wanting too much / 04. as long as there’s a light, my shadow’s over you, ‘cause I, I am the opposite of amnesia / 05. standing on the cliff face, highest fall you’ll ever grace, it scares me half to death / 06. I’m just an angel that’s fallen from grace, in a weak moment I doubted my faith, I danced with the devil, and I’m so ashamed, he never mentioned that I’d have to pay / 07. as darkness quickly steals the light that shined within her eyes, she slowly swallows all her fear, and soothes her mind with lies / 08. let no voice falter, let die no flame, let all remember your every name / 09. you may kill me now, and you may hurt me so, but I will haunt you ‘til the end is nigh

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inkycompass  asked:

I found your blog yesterday and have been reading through it since, and I have to say I love the notion that if Harville knew about The History, he'd just tow Wentworth over to Anne to make them sort things out. I love Persuasion and Wentworth but the mental image of his brother captain forcing him to Get Over Himself Already is quite delightful (even though that would shorten the story considerably).

Best AU ever. Or take it even further and go back six years when Wentworth was back in England again and Harville just frog-marches him over to Kellynch like “HE WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT ANNE ELLIOT AND HE IS RICH NOW SO PLEASE MARRY HIM AND PUT US ALL OUT OF OUR MISERY SO WE CAN TALK OF SOMETHING ELSE.” And Wentworth is all “but my pride!” And Harville goes “YOU TALK TO ANNE IN YOUR SLEEP DUDE YOU HAVE NONE.”


Make Me Choose

octoberinflorence asked: Octavia/Lincoln or Anne Neville/Richard III

the future flowering like a ruptured vessel -

An Imperial Radch fanmix, featuring mostly folk/americana/singer-songwriter tunes that could maybe be heard hummed by an ancillary on Justice of Toren listen

  • i dear wormwood (the fall of justice of toren)
  • ii grendel’s mother (”if you’re going to do something that crazy, save it for when it’ll make a difference”)
  • iii flowers and blood (it’s an adjustment from ancillary unity to solitude)
  • iv dim star of the palisades (despite herself, breq can’t give up on seivarden)
  • v little wheel spin and spin (the lord of the radch’s machinations have been in place for thousands of years)
  • vi the body electric (“you take what you want at the end of a gun…and you call it bringing civilization.”)
  • vii devil’s waitin’ (mery of kalr has seen much)
  • viii crippled farms (”luxury always comes at someone else’s expense”)
  • ix slow walk (“she hasn’t learned quite as much as she thinks she has”)
  • x history book (it is because she knows the past that breq can build a better future)
  • xi one voice (breq, seivarden, and mercy of kalr reach an accord)
  • xii build that wall (aanander’s hold can’t last forever, and they all know it)
  • xiii black pear tree (”the problem is knowing when what you are about to do will make a difference”)
  • xiv what we become (an ending, a beginning)

I just spent the night chatting with a straight man online. 😮

I felt much more comfortable after telling him I was a bi-demi where the demi is the main thing over the bi thing. (And then I explained what that meant.) and after that it was just all fun and bonding over rugby thighs and video games.

I am thou… Thou Art I….

(a small note: Carmen and Anzu are NOT the same characters, they may be aspects of Ann and such, but they are not the same and are thus treated as two different entities on this blog ^^)